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AMSOIL Dealer EXTRA - Covering Bases - Nov, 2011 Edition 2         

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Dealers Sales Tip of the week video by Steve LePage for November 14th 


AMSOIL Provides Complete Vehicle Cold Weather Performance (Helpful product summary)  

Featured Article/Video
More helpful videos to come!


This is a part II for November's topics. I thought having two seperate newsletters would be better than one long one as we tend to skip over long winded text. I can assure everything I put in these

Here are some short announcements I want to cover this greetings section.

Hydraulic Oil News:
Talking to one of AMSOIL's main formulators I got real strong hint that very soon AMSOIL will be releasing a new LOW Cost version of the AW Hydraulic oils!! This will open a great number of doors. Just like the OE, can now sell via price yet have a higher quality hydraulic fluid which reacts better with a wide range of pressures and temperatures. The problem with the high cost AW line is that in Europe synthetic hydraulic oils are the norm but in the US they never took off. Users never bothered to research the benefits so these products remain in a zone much like our motor oils did in the first 5 years of availability.

OTR Transmission Oil:
The new FTF SAE 50 Long Life synthetic transmission fluid is selling well. Many OEM applications call for synthetic only. We were missing out from what was already available from other vendors. Include the FTF SAE 50 in your discussions with truck drivers as well as consider making some website heavy presence about it.

There are many updates with literature, posters, signs, and other marketing paraphernalia. As you can keep up with this in the Amsoil Magazine (new dealers search the back issues) please join the Hotwire. There's a sign-up button upon entry into the dealer zone.
In particular I recommend keeping your accounts supplied with proper tools to reward them of their dedication. Rugs, OE and XL POS brochures, even the mechanics shirts if possible. The new A-Frame sign is great, I just got one myself but never under estimate the power of the simple AMSOIL decals and the oil change reminder stickers.

New sales brochureGet your hands on the new "Auto & Light Trucks" brochure. It's like the motorcycle one - thick and heavy card stock and a easy to read & follow guide on the core products - covers them well. Order the G2779.

Lastly, only a few dealers have visited the private dealer download area I made with all the AMSOIL U presentations ready to download and watch. Please visit and click on the AGGrand Site Access (Dealers Only) link. You will need the password and name so email me for that ( then when you enter a new link on the bottom left called "Dealer Information" will appear. You now have access to ALL 22 of the presentations given at the last AMSOIL U. I will post some older ones which are just as good or better soon!


AMSOIL Premium Zone - The only way to go!

Dealer Dashboard
Here are reasons I recommend all dealers take advantage of the Premium Zone!

  • Daily new dealer & customer reports. Contact them and say hello!
  • I see new catalog customers & what they bought. I also look to see if I have a dealer near them. Based on the purchase amount or type I can judge the frequency of a future order to make offers or further suggestions of accompanying items. CRs (catalog retail from online ordering) are not locked in so if you want to keep them you need to thank them at each order at the least or let them know you are there to help them with a newsletter or card in the mail.
  • The "Label" report will list out each customers buying history in cost, the last date of purchase and also email addresses for newsletter use!!  sample below 
  • My most depended on report is the group volume report. I have a dealer who is 15 CCs from 3000 points. Should we assume he knows?
  • I see preferred customers' purchases and literature items bought which often is a flag to discuss upgrading to a dealer.
  • I get plenty of prior warning when a dealer or PC's account is about to run out so I can administer strategies to keep them.
  • Now see hourly reports of who is buying through your website.
  • The Dealer Dashboard will rank customers according to order date or amount. Order detail is at a push of a button.
  • As a Direct Jobber the average order in commissions will pay  
    for three months of what AMSOIL charges for these reports.
  •  Commercial account sales reports help me expand those accounts as well as send free samples or sales material to keep them expanding. It works. Also know who purchased on credit and past due status.
  • It makes it easy to see a dealer downline a few levels if they are becoming successful but lacking help from their immediate upline. W/o the reports you have no idea who could use a little encouragement.
  • If you don't use the reports many customers just come and go, Many more appear but never buy - it's your job to attempt to work with them, simply say hello or create a thank you newsletter. 70% of all dealers didn't know they had PCs or CRs within their personal group.
  • You must identify your top CRs and PCs then set a plan to keep them or they may vanish. Many CRs who but over $1000 in product yearly (I have several). That CR needs to be either a personal wholesale customer of yours, a PC or some type of account. (Less work more income security)
  • If you have 20 dealers and none are T1 Certified the reports are the only way to know. Dealers taking part in the Co-Op system from being T1 are your best dealers to focus support.
  • Helps me separate my Aggrand customers for more focused support.
  • It's your business - you need to know what's going on!!  

Lubes N Greases Articles - Oiling The Old Dominon

Here's an important article to read and think about. After using and selling AMSOIL on its merits, attending AMSOIL U and as last year we had a upfront discussion with Jeff Foster trucking you will see the holes on the decision making process of the Virginia DOT.  I won't tell you what the article says other than they are tempting to use one (sub par) diesel oil for the entire fleet. The reason this is a good article is because it's written by AMSOIL friend David McFall who is one of the industries best interviewers when it comes to the issues we confront. From API licensing, trends and success in the field, I've learned to keep an eye open for his writings!

If you don't get the magazine you should but you can also read this back issue online right now! Here's the Lubes 'N' Greases link. It takes a minute to load. Once in choose the May 2011 issue then go to page 38 or look in the features.
In this article you should be able to see why we have an advantage with small and micro fleets. The information in this article may also help you get in the door with your city fleet for a test or simply our grease.

Then when you are done the following article on Valvolines "Recycled" oil on page 44. Your customers will be bringing this up.

In the most recent issue (November) on page 28 you should be pleased regarding the article about new PAO group IV base stock plants opening up. Supplies have been tight which is part of the increased costs over the last three years. Perhaps with more American plants coming on line we will see a decrease in cost. Page 6 covers updates you should understand about new emission standards being phased into diesel oils. Reading this will help you makes sense when it's covered at AMSOIL U. LNG delivers great information which relates to your business. Get these in hard copy! They are free!!
Local Ads

In the Part I of this newsletter I mentioned three things I attribute to local sales increases but a 4th is due to my local ads. I have had them run constantly for 8 months every week in our local shopper - The Shopping News.  

The below ads are 3" tall and are placed in the front "Announcements" classifieds section. Even today I got a call from someone who just moved to town looking for HDD 5W30 for his 2004 Duramax due to that ad.  




Speaking of local coverage I will finalize this section with photos of the display dealer Mitch Jurgens has at his popular Vacuum Shop. Amsoil fits in everywhere. Mitch averages 1000 cc's with sales from these shelves each month not counting any dealer or retail account activity. The shelf of filters is my basement supply. the cabinet to the left is full of cases of filters and a selection of air filters.

Amsoil Jambalaya - Four Products in Four Minutes - 1
Amsoil Jambalaya - Four Products in Four Minutes - 1

As always please call with your questions. It's best to reach me at 1 to 3PM then  7 to 9PM Central. If I don't answer just leave a message and I will call you back.

Thanks for reading and pass along to your dealers!!
I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Good Day,

Ches Cain
The Synthetic Warehouse