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AMSOIL's Coolant BOOST Coolant Additive  


Dealers Sales Tip of the week video by Steve LePage for November 14th 


AMSOIL Provides Complete Vehicle Cold Weather Performance (Helpful product summary)  

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The feature of this newsletter is for my dealers who have asked how to master a profitable website - without any prior experience. We'll get to that in a moment..

I haven't been issuing a dealer newsletter as often as I'd like however, several dealers in this group have and I'm pleased to see it has benefited them.
The reason is my local business seems to have doubled! I am having to place almost two chest high pallet orders each month. I am only limited by my location and the fact I work from the house. So I am excited to finally be moving into a retail store! Most of the sales are my own local dealers and a few who have oil change businesses at home but I'm also getting a number of car dealerships and service centers who have found out I have the product here at cost for them. As a direct jobber this makes for great business to have this flow.

But I want to motivate you to see the huge potential in any city working from your house. Customers come to me because I have everything they need but my sales are limited due to working conditions. In these cold climates - winter sales are difficult in a garage. But you have to start somewhere. It's not necessary to have everything in stock but try to establish a policy that you will have products in which you see a consistent trend. Identify your stronger customers and issue them a preferred customer account. Keep your downline dealers and retail shops cards there in your sales area to promote their businesses especially if they are on the other end of town. Together we have made AMSOIL a household name!!

My new shop is just over 2000 square feet and may split the space with a well known motorcycle mechanic operation. The building has one of the largest signs in town. I want to corner the market being known as the only place in town who knows diesel oils. It's all about choice. 

Three top reasons my sales are increasing are due to my new uncluttered garage display of all the chemical sprays, greases and additives. This along with the whole line of gear lubes at the top makes for interesting conversation. The store will have an entire front section dedicated to these maintenance products and a few demonstrators. #2 is AMSOIL's increased advertising especially to the trucking industry. I'm getting more sales to outfits who don't really have a lot of money to spend yet they know a good deal when they see one. #3 Local repair shops are being asked about Amsoil and it's easier for them to purchase locally as the price difference is no longer the factor. Many shops are charged just under retail on Mobil 1 or Castrol Syntec which is higher than what I charge.
Amsoil covers all small engine needs.

 At the time of the above photo the greases were not clearly shown but currently on a lower shelf in their boxes and a few on display have become fairly strong sellers. I do point them out to new customers as AMSOIL's most advanced product only 2nd to the Severe Gear. I always try to point out a few of the attributes for the power foam, Heavy Duty MP, coolant boost and power steering fluid. These products require you point them out. I have one of the nice G2576 extraction pumps on hand all the time which makes the power steering fluid an easy sale. 


T1 Certification Pays - Take advantage of the lack of usage

A couple newsletters back I mentioned I'll be sending out some free oil analysis kits as a reward for dealers who are T1 certified and get their downlines to do the same. I'll evaluate the change via the December newsletter. But I wanted to tell a story regarding this here.

I know Minnesota as probably the top state for AMSOIL notarity. Late September as I was heading back from the eastern part of Minnesota on my motorcycle. This particular bike needed crank to transmission seal replacement as it's more than 30 years old. Riding over 60 MPH caused a considerable amount of leakage and I was in need of a quart for topping off. I assumed I could find a dealer along I-90 between Albert Lee and the SD boarder.
I was wrong! Would you believe there was only one T1 certified dealer who showed up on the dealer locater alone the whole stretch? A dealer which was not one to answer the phone nor did he ever return the call.

This explains how I get so many calls from truckers and travelers 200 to even 500 miles away as I'm it. The customer will look up their destination and call every dealer on the map until they get a response.

If you are T1 certified you get all the Co-Op benefits so take advantage of that for literature at 1/2 price when you do even the most simple show or convention. Although the certification lasts as long as you are a active dealer, the dealer locater part as well as leads in your mailbox require that you check in weekly to the dealer zone and answer leads with a followup entry within 48 hours. Don't expect your downline to become T1 certified if you haven't set the pace.
If you don't have the business manual you only need to order the G700 to get the current T1 testing book.

#1 Question from Dealers - How do I get set up with my own website?

The common denominator between your business, business cards, retail sales, online listings and even the Amsoil Dealer Locater is your website.

The best websites are unique. The best AMSOIL websites aren't a college of cut and paste material from but written from the heart with your own ideas, product profiles with remarks and tech data. The website needs to rank high - not with a "Amsoil" search but through the back door such as a customer searching for grease, better mileage, a high zinc oil for their old Dodge or looking for a dealer who knows a little about the 100:1 2-cycle oil.  


A website like that doesn't need to look pretty but it does need to earn trust. It also needs to direct the customer to the store or find products w/o having to scroll down. It should have a phone #, some personality and be friendly with new devices such as  - well you know them better than I do most likely.. But one thing I know is the best way to achieve a income generating website is if you do it yourself.


You don't need to be a professional at web design. You don't need to take a class, you can build the most professional site which allows you to shape and design your own ideas as you go. Here is my suggestion based on my own experience using the latest updates


Dreamweaver CS5.5 is the newest version. It's not cheap but costs only pennies compared to having someone else build a site which will never suffice. Generally costs $300 to $400 that's nothing compared to the thousands to have one properly built and advertising costs to go beyond the web presence.


Here's what you do - Order Dreamweaver and at the same time or before get the best training and tutorial book on the market. Dreamweaver CS5.5 The Missing Manual  which is over 1200 pages!! Please read the comments. Even read the comments for the prior version. The results go beyond what you would expect from a continuing education course. Get the paperback and NOT the electronic version. This will get you started. Within a month you should have your first working template with a few products or maybe a couple product specific websites.  


Another reason to but this version is so that you can repair or modify a site built by another. If you should have some local develpoper build a site for you, tell them it must be accessable with Dreamweaver. There are other tutorials but the Missing Manual should cover all important areas incuding sites for small devices.


Here's a overview of some features on the latest Dreamweaver. (Kind of long but facts) 

Adobe's Dreamweaver CS5.5
Adobe's Dreamweaver CS5.5

One thing I need to press is that NO Prior Experience is NEEDED!! These tutorials will guide you and answer your questions. The book not only explains everything in several directions but it also gives links for more examples on the more advanced subject matter. Once you have a template made it's easy to start adding additional pages.


You may also want to get a book to help you understand SEO or Search Engine Optimization or more importantly a book regarding formulas to improve online results. It's not so much about having the top ranking website as much as a top converting site. There are some secretes you should know before you begin. The book I used a few years ago was "A Call To Action" It may be a little outdated but here's another which is the highest rated properly titled, "Convert!".  

This may seem complicated but its really not. A plan will start to come together as you dig into this material. Some of you may be looking for a winter hobby - well this one will earn you a great income. Take it from me. And my site is a mess, but it's the back doors where I get my daily sales..  


And by the way - As my local business crept up on me, I haven't been running ads, yet there are several pages on my site which no other dealer has any material to counter it. I was looking over 18 pages of CR or Catalog retail sales report pages for the past two months and the two products which are most consistent than any other are MTF and MTG transmission gear fluids. These are unique products with lots of demand yet are not on too many dealers radars. You learn this by watching your reports from the Premium Zone....... 



Shipping Rebate for our Dealers

Updated shipping rebate policy. (non-AMSOIL - my personal group of dealers and their downlines only)


As I encourage dealers to consolidate frequent orders into one making the shipping charges and purchase discounts more efficient and less frequent (you get 2% off from AMSOIL when you reach $1250 purchase - see the G2604) 

Before I only rewarded at a minimum of an $300 order  but I am now going to include smaller orders for those who need a emergency order to help a customer. Although small it should help. My goal is to encourage a minimum of 6-case order. The rates are adjusted to match popular freight collect rates. (other than UPS when you request Freight collect and provide Amsoil with a trucking company to pick up). I can order a FULL pallet which is an order of $2500 to $4800 in supplies for no more than $85 from Duluth to here in Sioux Falls.


Here's the update for the flat rate system for the rebate effective November 15th.
For orders that weigh 1 to 300 pounds I pay .10 cents. 300 to 400 pounds I pay .20, 401 to 600 pounds is 18 cents. 601 to 800 pounds will be .12 cents. 801 to 1600 is .08 and 1601 and higher is .04  


So a 3-case (Gallons) order you will get $9.75 back from me. And a 8 case order (quarts) will get back $20.00 but a order with a couple twin packs (5-gallons)  and 8 other cases would average $65 back. 


So any order for your own sales stock, snail mail me a copy of the invoice (email is ok as long as it a legible copy with order number and weight) and then I will figure the rebate and mail the check to you. 


  The nature of this benefit was to help dealers especially those getting started to carry more inventory with less of a burden of freight charges. So as commissions increase from repeat business our role is somewhat lessened. As you reach direct jobber your commission income increases making up for the costs.  Please encourage your own downline dealers to take advantage of our service!! We will rebate up to the point you reach Direct Jobber and then I hope you too do the same for your organization.
Amsoil Power Foam Intake Cleaner & Engine Degreaser Video
Amsoil Power Foam Intake Cleaner & Engine Degreaser Video

Top Personal Group Commissions for October went to Jim Williams in Phoenix, AZ with 2576 and a Group Volume of 4827 CCs. Michael Fehler in Ft. Worth was a close 2nd thanks to his busy quick lube account. Michael had 2240 CCs and his downline brought his group volume to just over 3000 commissions! Congratulations. I'll be sending you both something to help keep the momentum going.

So far for November George Maxwell in Mesa, AZ (In Jim WIlliams's group) is leading at 1636 CCs. Numbers are up across the board!

Thanks for reading and pass along to your dealers!!

Good Day,

Ches Cain
The Synthetic Warehouse