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November 2011 - Vol. 2 Issue 1
Thank you!
I would like to thank you for your recent AMSOIL purchase as well as your trust in this great product line. As full time Direct Jobber with AMSOIL we represent a growing American owned small business. I fully support and condone using lubricants which create less waste and allow vehicles, engines, yard equipment, motorcycles and what else you may have to outlast it's typical useful life. I have used AMSOIL to sustain the life of vehicles from the 1950's through today.

Through the fall our sales have been quite solid and have increased over last year. Of course AMSOIL is the leader in quality which it must be as the products aren't always as easy to find. Thanks to founder AL Amatuzio, quality always leads marketing. But AMSOIL's commitment to reach new customers have resulted in more service centers, retail establishments and local dealers carrying our products. As I have hundreds of dealers across the US they too have increased their inventories to better serve you.

If you wish to buy via the online store or phone ordering soon I want to offer you some savings. If you call me directly I can save you quite a bit; generally 25% plus additional specials. Please keep that in mind for your next orders or just call if you have questions. Ask me anything at all. Tough questions, easy ones, that's what I'm here for.
If the orders reach a certain threshold I can set you up with a free membership for full online access to do the same on your own time (no need to pay a membership fee). The number to call is 1-800-579-0580. We make ordering easy for customers wanting the best in their vehicles and equipment!! 

Remember - because of our matrix of warehouses across the US and Canada, Most orders are shipped at a rate of 38 cents per pound!

The number to call is 800-579-0580 to save you 20 to 30% off the catalog or online pricing shown at the
AMSOIL website.

Your Account # unique to you only with AMSOIL corporate is:
Pinnacle of Performance!
Signature Series 0W30
0W30 The Industry Benchmark
The Industry Benchmark
I have racked up more miles with this oil than any other. It makes you want to drive! Upgrades from any 10W30 or 5W30 known as the AMSOIL product for performance driving. All season it is unmatched under high summer stress and nothing beats it under winter conditions. I frequently sell this in our economical 4-gallon case.
for more information or visit our detailed page on the AZO 0W30 100% Synthetic. 1-Year or 25,000 miles.


When phoned in costs about $7.60 per quart in the 4-gallon case.


Amsoil My Garage
Want to track your maintenance in all vehicles & yard equipment?  You can now log them all in our My Garage Feature and track and be alerted of maintenance intervals and mileage records. Simple and flexible. Even lists your vehicle, mower, etc.. Match products and filters by visiting the online look up feature.
I sell a lot of these locally - our Fluid Extraction Pump. Sell locally for over $25. AMSOIL has them for $16.75 (or less if you call me directly to order.) These are great to get your power steering fluid replaced or to change out any other fluid in easy quantity without making a mess. High quality tool! (Order the G2576)
Amsoil Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid
Legendary Performance!

AMSOIL ATF and ATL offers solutions to the customer who live in cold climates, tows excessive weight, experiences fade in an older transmission or wishes to lengthen the useful life of any transmission. It's well known to solve and prevent failure from all sorts of issues. My reason for using it in my old AMC Eagle is that I want the transmission to outlast me.

Know that you are well taken care of here at Amsoil's top servicing dealer Ches Cain of The Synthetic Warehouse! We're #1 for technical help and experience with all of Amsoil's unique products including the popular Bypass Oil Filter kits and matching your equipment with the right products. Start saving money on fuel, save time and even rejuvenate performance in older heavily worn vehicles with AMSOIL! Call anytime - 1-800-579-0580

Cold Weather Readiness clipping from AMSOIL 's News Magazine.

The link to the left is our Winter Suggestions summary.

Also below enjoy the video I made on our AMSOIL Power Foam. I have more of these being made regarding the other non-motor oil products. See my youtube channel "Syntheticwarehouse".

Thanks again for using AMSOIL!!
Amsoil Power Foam Intake Cleaner & Engine Degreaser
Amsoil Power Foam Intake Cleaner & Engine Degreaser

 Ches Cain
Star Regency Platinum Direct Jobber
The Synthetic Warehouse
AMSOIL Star Regency Platinum Direct Jobber Ches Cain
1-800-579-0580 or 605-361-4075
Our 83 AMC Eagle Protected with AMSOIL!