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Mobile Drivetrain Fluids Training

New Training guide for transmission fluids  




This is a 2nd edition of the previous newsletter. I have added 170 additional email's from 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th downline dealers at the request of many.  If you have not seen this before I hope you will enjoy these! Also I can send you back issues (archives available).


If you have  seen this newsletter before or need it sent to a different email please alert me as I may have a duplicate or switch to your wrong email or older address. Setting all this up is quite time consuming but the feedback from these newsletters make it worth it! - Now back to the orgional material. Enjoy!

Here's a short but perhaps the most useful newsletters I have sent out in awhile. The subject here is presentations and videos. I have recently completed a few videos of my own which one is posted here in it's unedited form. I need to go back and do some cuts, add links and messages as well as stills and perhaps some background sounds/music.
 I will post a 2nd one as soon as I send this one out called 5 products in 5 minutes or something similar to that. These are easy to make once you practice a few times. Thanks to Dealer Clark Underberg of Sioux Falls for helping!

Ok - get ready to study! Power Presentations follow below!


AMSOIL U Training Courses & Presentations for 2011

I have posted all the large files from AMSOIL U in a secure section which you can log in to. My AGGRAND site has the secure dealer section.

To log in please email me now at requesting the name and password. Include your name because I will only send the password to those who I have in the group. These newsletters get passed around so I want to protect my site. You must be an active in my dealer group or a DJ in my group to have access.

As you review these you will be quite impressed with the material.

After I send you the name and passcode just go to and click on the AGGrand Site Access (Dealers Only) (or just click here) and enter the information!

Once you log in a new heading in the menu will appear called Site Access. Click on the menu line "Dealer Information" to enter the secure area.

Then enjoy any or all of the following presentations. Save and use for your own use! I put the Must See in Green and yes the AGGRAND one is absolutely fabulous!

None of these are available in the Dealer Zones - Only dealers who attended AMSOIL U got these CDs covering most but not all the presentations. The corporate statistical presentations and new product shows are not included. Please plan to come to the next AMSOIL U for the full benefit!

Ok, email me ASAP for the login name and password!

Amsoil Youtube Video topics

Here is the one I finished this last weekend. I have several more to post. Most will be shorter but generally on niche product subjects. I encourage you to make these and add them to your websites or if you don't have a website just start making a series to get your name out locally.
Rejuvinating Older Cars using Amsoil Bypass Filter Kits
Rejuvinating Older Cars using Amsoil Bypass Filter Kits
Youtube allows you to use keywords (tags) which cause your video to pop up when terms you enter are searched so it's another great way to have your video come up when someone searches for example, "Amsoil Coco Beach". How great is that??

I made this with a low cost Kodak PlayTouch camera and a remote mike.

Hopefully my edited version will replace this one shortly.
In Closing

To all first level dealers of mine - As I see you add more dealers of your own I will try to get them added to this newsletter for you. This is a long process so please forward when you receive these. Should any dealer get two copies please let your sponsoring dealer know.
If you are a DJ, I can't see your downlines so you are responsible to forward this HTML version or send you own newsletter!

Before I end I wanted to praise a couple dealers who are due for a little recognition. Bob Sherrill's ("Barefoot Bob") downline is really expanding. His Austin, TX dealer Kevin Kendall has been adding dealers too. I also see Frank & Lila Goodwin have also jumped on the fast track. I see five new dealers in the last couple months. Keep it up and stay in contact!

Thanks for reading and pass along to your dealers!!

Good Day,

Ches Cain
The Synthetic Warehouse
605-361-4075 or 800-579-0580 
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