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Summer Spotlight - AMSOIL Preferred Customer News 

Summer 2011 


One of the things I enjoy most about being a full time dealer is I get to talk to a large percentage of my preferred customers on the phone. They like to call and chat about the best AMSOIL selections for their cars, motorcycles, equipment or heavy duty diesel trucks. But I realize many don't know that they have a liaison or customer service representative fully qualified to direct you to our best values for your needs.

June's Pallet
While most of our sales are preferred customers out of state, our local sales require weekly shipments. Consider upgrading to a dealer.
If you are receiving this newsletter you are my most valued customer. You have either signed up as a preferred customer or ordered AMSOIL products in affiliation through my business within the last six months. Thank you for trusting AMSOIL products and most of all choosing us "The Synthetic Warehouse" as your AMSOIL Dealer.

This serves as a guide to provide you with our contact information and information to help you save valuable time in vehicle maintenance and money you won't have to spend on typical maintenance non-Amsoil users are accustomed to.. We offer far more than motor oils.
 Thank you and enjoy the material!




Ches Cain
The Synthetic Warehouse
AMSOIL's  Premier Direct Jobber
Sioux Falls, SD


Buy AMSOIL at the Lowest Price
Reduce Radiator Temperatures with Coolant Boost & compare to Redline
Change your own Transmission Fluid and Save
3 or our Favorite AMSOIL Products
Buying AMSOIL at the Lowest Price (And Aggrand)
Different sizes available
Larger containers offer better value.

You signed up as a preferred Customer to buy at Dealer Cost. You assumed that is the lowest possible price available for products. This is true and is the same price I pay. But there are ways to buy more efficiently. I will thoroughly go through that here.



There are five areas to effect your totals.
#1 - First is buying in cases rather than singles. This includes quarts, gallons, cans, etc. the case lot of the larger size will always reduce the product total. If you need an updated price list please drop me an email at
By the way - the Nanofiber EA oil filters in a case of 12 save you an additional 7%.

#2 - The second is knowing the shipping rates. If you need 4 quarts that's generally $9.10 to ship but did you know you could add six more pounds and the shipping stays the same? Did you know if you buy 12 quarts or slightly more the rate decreases significantly costing you about 1/4th of what it would cost you to ship products on your own? Currently the average 12 quart case costs about $11.60 to ship. My suggestion is to take advantage of our fuel additives, grease and filters to fill out the weight brackets to get more for your money. The shipping rate sheet is here in PDF form.

#3 - The third is one is one that only I offer to my customers. That is to help eliminate the sales tax on non-liquid products or high ticket items such as bypass kits, filters, billet adapters, Injen intake kits and our EA line of oil, air and the cold air intake filters. If you need several I can ship from my SD location which will save you the sales tax if it would be significant and I will also pass my purchase discounts along to you.
As I move a high volume of products I keep a lot of what my out of state customers use. Call me when you need a couple air filters, bypass kits or other non liquid items. Consider a case of oil filters (additional 7% off) for your car or motorcycle and save even more.

#4 - The fourth is a popular option which is to simply upgrade to a AMSOIL dealer. This way you not only get commissions back on your purchases, but you are rewarded when you sign up other dealers and preferred customers. Dealers signed up through me (only) are included in a offer where I rebate your shipping based on total weight and product total! What a deal huh?
As a dealer you can be the host of the Amsoil supply in your area but there are no requirements. Customers are looking for AMSOIL everywhere and my job is to help get you listed on the search engines and on Amsoil's dealer locater as well as my high ranking website so that they will find you (if you like).
AMSOIL dealers have the opportunity for an additional 10 to 20% off when they attend AMSOIL events. This is a good time to stock up!

#5 - The fifth option is not as common but that is Purchase Discounts. Orders over $1000 qualify for 2 to 10% off. Typically our Aggrand Fertilizer customers reach these as well as preferred customers who are using AMSOIL in their businesses. If you are ordering enough to reach the purchase discounts you really should call me to switch your account to a commercial account or a dealership to take advantage of shipping discounts and commissions.

There is one more way to save which is freight collect & group ship but this is more for dealers. I can ship 1400 pounds of products to my home which I do monthly at the least. That is 1,400 pounds shipped from 800 miles away costing me less than $90! That's how efficient an AMSOIL/AGGRAND business can be.


The most ideal order is a 40 pound order. Here you get shipping at .38 cents per pound. If you have a gasoline car, always order at least one bottle of PI. The amount of gas you save from the PI (which has a money back guarantee) will save you in gas the cost of shipping many times over and you prevent injector problems and expensive maintenance. Don't forget our SEMA product of 2010 - "Quickshot SE" for your small 2 and 4 stroke engines to do the same while returning valves and combustion cleanliness to a like new condition.

Preferred Customer Renewal Offer - Save the $20 - Here's how:
Here's an offer I have always offered. You can say it's your reward for reading this newsletter.
Any preferred customer who is up for renewal, if you call me with your order directly 1-800-579-0580  and order, if the order reaches a minimum of $110 I will extend your PC account for another year on me. You save the $20.
You may also make that order through AMSOIL ordering (1-800-777-7094), pay for the re-up then email or mail a copy of your invoice and I will send a rebate for the $20 renewal.
If you aren't ordering enough to justify being a preferred customer - call me direct to order (800-579-0580) and let me know you were a PC before and I will still give you the best deal out there.


AMSOIL Coolant Boost Drops Temps 19F
Coolant Booster - Water WetterI'm finding the new Coolant Boost to be one of the best eye openers to customers who walk into my local store. Almost every conversation involves the heat. The last customer was buying our 10W30 diesel oil for an old tractor which was having problems in the heat. When I showed him our Coolant Boost can drop coolant temperatures up to 19*F in tap water while adding corrosion protection for under $10 he was sold.
This product also reduces warm-up time in winter. I tested it in January here in SD in my AMC which stays outside and unlike last winter (this one was colder) it warmed up faster by the minutes.

If you have a car that idles a lot with the A/C on MAX, a liquid cooled motorcycle which is under too much load or a older car with a lot of engine wear or deposits holding in the heat this product will help give you a break. The product code for ordering is FLSH.

This will link you to the products page including a Redline Water Wetter comparison.

Do It Yourself Automatic Transmission Flush

One thing which has made AMSOIL's ATF and ATL (Multi Vehicle and Low Viscosity) Automatic Transmission Fluids popular is the ability to reduce operating temperatures by up to 50 degrees. In commercial circles the ATF is also known to extend the life of transmissions which are known to go out at a given mileage. This saves firms thousands in vehicle replacement costs and repairs. AMSOIL ATF & ATL are completely compatible with dozens of other transmission fluids. See Data Sheets Below. 



The technology in AMSOIL ATF and ATL are years ahead of our competition. The proof is in the performance but I've been to the lectures showing the limitations of the latest offerings required by GM, Ford and other manufactures. AMSOIL staffs a department of highly experienced industry chemists which only work with drivetrain fluids and attend all the industry transmission fluid and design workshops. Thousands of miles & trials have been done with partnering fleets before Mr Amatuzio puts the Amsoil name on their drivetrain products.

Basically you are using the torque converters own power to push out the old fluid while you add in the new. The new procedure also contains use of our new Transmission Flush additive.

Most people who change their own motor oil believe that changing transmission fluid is outside of their abilities. We're here to show you that is not true. The link below will provide you with a print out showing you how to do a complete flush in your own garage saving you money. Open, save and print this PDF to review the process you and a helper can do in a afternoon.  This procedure has been updated after years of questions and results. There are two options - Either change and top off or a torque converter flush. The flush not much more involved than draining the fluid, changing the filter (replacing the pan gasket), topping off then removing the transmission fluid line to the cooler to evacuate while adding.


There is no reason to suffer from a sluggish transmission due to an overheated transmission or due to a fluid which has lost it's frictional properties at high and extreme low operating temps.


 Read and Print: 

AMSOIL Automatic Transmission Change Procedure Technical Service Bulletin - PDF. 

 Data Sheet for AMSOIL ATF - Multi Vehicle (80% of all fluids American, European & Japanese)


Data Sheet for AMSOIL ATL (Low Viscosity for Mercon SP, Dexron VI and Toyota WS)  


3- Favorite Picks
Amsoil Power FoamI will end by highlighting the products which you get the most for your money with. These are the products which seldom get the mention in forums or on the street because they are not part of the main motor oil, gear or transmission oil lines. These products have applications in all 2 and 4-stroke catagories. Some are great on electrical motors or household use. Next time you order look over the information.

My 1st pick is the Amsoil Power Foam. Great to restore power through the intake. Also competes as a de-greaser - clean those nasty engine and transmission parts as well as that old mower. Great for abused 2-cycle engines as well. On my motorcycle one use restored the proper sound of the exhaust. These are LARGE cans and costs only $5.80 wholesale. I cringe when an order comes through and there's a pound left they could have added this or the P.I. for no extra shipping. Oh - I also use it to clean dirty parts - works better than a parts washer tank.


My 2nd pick would be the MP Metal Protector spray. So many uses I could make a newsletter for it alone. It's the best spray lubricant where you don't want a sticky film to develop. Cable ways, loosening rusty bolts, pressing out bearings, best known gun/bolt lubricant, displaces water, frees up old grease, great on electrical components when moisture is in the area and more..  


The third for today would be the new Truck Grease #2 (GPTR2CREA). This is one of the most technologically advanced products AMSOIL makes. Any non-highspeed surface, this grease will provide 50% more holding power than leading greases such as CAT and John Deere reducing the need for frequent maintenance. Another one where the list is endless. This one did wonders recently on some old stuck motorcycle brake drum pivots which were dangerously sticking.  Primary function is high pressure low-speed applications such as king pins, steering joints, U-joints,  tractors and trailer apps, snow removal equipment and any equipment exposed to the elements where washout is possible.  

The intention of this newsletter is to increase communications with our best customers. You spent the money to join and use AMSOIL (And Aggrand). I want to help you make the best use of the products to help with your equipment and vehicle maintenance. I am at your service every day of the week to answer your tough questions!

Call on me any time and if your membership runs out -  no worries! We'll give you the best price any time while keeping you up to date. I always look forward to your call!





Ches Cain - AMSOIL Direct Jobber
Top 5 in sales and dealer organization. 


The Synthetic Warehouse


Note: We do not spam. You can easily remove yourself from this newsletter list but rest assured - the last thing I want to do is fill your mailbox with more than you expect. We send these out no more than one per month or less.