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AMSOIL's Coolant BOOST Coolant Additive  


How about a comparison Redline's Water Wetter with Amsoil's Coolant Boost?   


 AMSOIL Protectant Sparys - MP and AMP. Penetrates, Seals, Lubricates and Evacuates.  

Featured Article

Mobile Drivetrain Fluids Training

New Training guide for transmission fluids  



This newsletter will continue on the short, simple and useful format. I want to start here now on the T1 Certification. I assumed 50% of my dealers were certified. I was wrong!
Let me start by saying at least twice each month I get a call from a traveling customer who used the dealer locater searching as far away as Minneapolis on their route looking for a stocking dealer. I always solve their problem and make the sale. Locally it's brought myself and other dealers business countless times. It's the start of word of mouth business for those w/o a ranking website.

I see that only 12% of my dealers are T1 Certified. That is 42 out of 358 dealers in my organization. This is not counting dealers in my downline direct Jobbers organizations which I cannot see which could add another 400 dealers.
If you are not T1 Certified you won't be listed on the dealer locater at . Amsoil's increased advertising has tens of thousands of new customers visiting the HQ website weekly so leads and dealer locater usage is on the rise.

I hate to say but I have two dealer groups with over 25 downline dealers (or more) and only their first two dealers and one way down the list are T1!!?? That means they are missing out on potentially 30% of monthly business which could grow beyond that. Dealers with little or no sales would start seeing the phone ring and may begin to become vested but you as their mentor should make the first move and certify yourself then help them.

I have dealers in key markets which may be missing out on a call per week as I know the locater is known to deliver in more frequency than that. Atlanta, Austin, Phoenix, Dallas, all over California, Virginia Beach, Jacksonville and more. A new dealer in Cody, WY is already getting calls from area businesses because he's the only T1 dealer in the area answering calls.

Remember - Retail stores carrying AMSOIL are not listed - only dealers. There's more business out there than all of us can handle, try to get a part of it that's easy.

What else does T1 Certification do?
You get 1/2 price literature when doing shows & fairs. You get 1/2 price oil analysis for your commercial accounts for every 10 gallons they buy. You also get leads from Amsoil (I don't get too many email's leads compared to the phone calls). Have a retail account? T1 dealers also get co-op credits for their purchases. I have one account who has over $500 in co-op credits for their motorcycle oil sales.
If you are T1 certified the ordering staff also makes suggestions to customers who call looking for dealers in their area. Some of the display products are also discounted.

How does one become T1 Certified?
Just order the G700 Dealer Business Manual and inside you will find the certification work book. It needs to be less than a year old as they have changed many policies. You must now score 90% so look up the questions in the various materials then mail it back to HQ. In a couple days you'll be listed. Then just check the settings and meet the minimum requirements and your on your way to Direct Jobber!

How do you see which of your dealers are T1 Certified?
Print out the "Personal Line of Sponsorship (PKG04)" report found in the premium zone. If you can't access it I can send you a copy.

The pool of receiving dealers is smaller than you think and may actually shrink. Only dealers who visit the dealer zone weekly and respond within 2 days to leads and follow-up keep their certification.

That competing dealer near your town is counting on you NOT getting your certification!! :)


If you are T1 Certified yourself and have at least 1 downline dealer, I will send you a free oil analysis kit if you can get them certified. If any dealer increases their downline certifications by 50% I will send at least one Oil Analysis kit and something in addition based on the # of first line dealers in your group which accomplished this. They too will receive a reward for their first line dealers. The real reward is being listed on AMSOIL's ever so popular site but I also want to send you something. My goal here is to help you reach Direct Jobber.


I recommend all Direct Jobbers to do the same with their downlines. Support them!!




How to increase your Automatic Transmission Fluid Sales

I started to notice customers who asked about our ATF and ATL (multi-vehicle and low viscosity auto trans fluids) were just inquiring about price as they were planning in the future to have it flushed. Many often say - well you can't get it all out so I'll just do half, etc.
 I do remind than we have a flushing procedure and urge them to try it on their own with the help of a friend. This is working. Customers are more apt to buy if you can help them learn something which is useful and saves them money.

AMSOIL's new updated details on how to change your own automatic transmission fluid is now full of detail and even gives a sharp clue on using the flush product. If you hand these out and discuss it with your customers you will be moving more ATF.

How to change your own Transmission Fluid PDF (Link)


Remember - Amsoil ATF can save a transmission and even extend the life of a bad one. My 57 Studebaker still has 1/2 of the old transmission fluid but before I used my extraction pump to replace that half with AMSOIL, it was shifting late, had a bad smell and made all sorts of noise. Just 1/2 the fluid solved that. For me a flush isn't needed as my Borg Warner torque converter actually has a drain but most don't.
AMSOIL ATF and ATL will lower operational temperatures by about 50F. It really is a problem solver and prevents problems caused by oxidation. Still today the one part which fails within warranty more often than anything else in some makes is the auto transmission. AMSOIL was designed to thwart this. It really shines under the big loads.

"You can do it yourself - sure you can. Read this over. Just coax a friend to assist when you are ready to add the fluid and they too will ant to change their ATF. Save gas in the summer and make starting easier in the winter."
Reinforce customer satisfaction - knowledge, tools, materials and testimonials.
Dealer Dashboard

I have TEN HOT Tips for you now!!


#1 Have you checked out the Dealer Dashboard in the dealer zone? I've ad the beta test version for about 7 months and here's what you can do.


It's full of handy and useful charts and graphs which reveal customer data on the spot.


 - daily you can see PC and CR (retail catalog) purchases from each customer, their yearly totals and right there in the box is their contact info. Makes it easy to click and send them a thank you and maybe a suggestion.


I personally like the feature which warns me when a preferred customer is up for renewal. I can now instantly start communications and do what's needed to not only keep them but make some product suggestions and expand on a sale.


This is how you grow your business, improve communications and better your sales.


#2 Power Foam:


My 1973 Moto Guzzi needed a lot of work. Brakes, wiring, fuse panel, relays, carburetors rebuilt, tuning and de-carbonizing. This has a high compression engine which was suffering from pre-ignition from too much advance, carbon buildup in quench area incluging an exhause valve not closing firm and heat soaking. Other than timing and rebuilding the carbs, AMSOIL Power Foam really solved the problem. As I used the power foam the exhaust immeadiately started to sound like it should. The amazing thing is someone else in the Moto Guzzi forum had experienced the exact improvement. Exhaust stronger and smoother ride.



#3 There's a new interval guide available.

Open and save with this link. Order hard copies in packs of 25. It's my favorite Amsoil literature to hand out. Get the G1491.

#4 "Tech Talk" article in June Amsoil Magazine. I urge you to read, copy and post on your website the article by Dan Peterson on the three primary factors responsible for oil failure. The first paragraph says what I have said all along to the question - my oil gets dark real quick - I need to get it out of there.. No!! That is not an indication that the oil needs to be changed.  

Also the first thing which comes to mind for me reading this article was how the oil in my AMC Eagle was made acidic quickly from years of sludge and contaminant build-up. The Bypass oil filter kits will protect you from these problems. By adding more oil to the sump the additive packages last a bit longer and through oil analysis you can monitor these problems. When it gets real bad (based on three samples I sent in) a bypass oil filter change and top off was all that was needed and a note told me when to sample again.  

(I just switched from AMO 10W40 to Z-Rod 10W30 to test the mileage capabilities on that high zinc oil)..


#5 Buell switched factory fill to AMSOIL. Motorcycle oil sales have become my #1 priority lately and when I mention to my customers that Buell has switched to AMSOIL it strikes up an interesting conversation. Most are shocked but happy to hear Buell is back in production but there are several articles floating around that they were not satisfied with Redline and AMSOIL better served them and performance quality improved. When a manufacturer chooses a product that is hard to get for many people that says a lot.  


#6 Amsoil's top 10 Best Selling Product List by region. This is the jewel of this newsletter! Study it to help you identify what products are moving coast to coast.  


#7 Check your Group Volume report weekly!! You would be shocked by how many dealers each month whose downline generated 900 to 2500 commission credits yet they didn't bother to look and make a purchase so 100% of the commissions they could have earned become bypassed. Of course they retain DJ bonus, catalog cash commissions, and commissions from other accounts but their dealer "CCs" are totally lost. Many times one purchase of a case will move you to the next percent. This report is in the Premium zone or you can call or email me for that info if you can't reach it.   


#8 Scan your area for local "green" fairs, conventions or trade shows. (call your local convention center or chamber of commerce) I use to not like to work classic car shows but these seem to keep my table busy now. Locals are looking for you.
Some high schools host local green business fairs now. Find out if they do this in your area.  


#9 Start a newsletter for your Preferred Customers. Want to see a 5 to 20% increase in activity - a short newsletter will do it. Can be as simple as a thank you, a testimonial and a little product data or story. Try it out!


#10 Plan ahead for AMSOIL U 2012 and bring some dealers with you. Hotel is cheap, many meals are included and you can park your car. Come learn and have fun on Lake Superior!  


Bonus section: Rumor says OE and XL will add a 0W20 while Signature series will be adding a 5W20 to end the confusion.
A low cost OE Hydraulic Oil is in the works.
Due to low sales the Spray Grease may be discontinued very soon. This is one product I don't use much but I need it on special sealed U-Joints and cable ways. I also use it where I have to grease something but don't have time to pack bearings properly - a quick fix.  

Amsoil says sales of the European oils are increasing drastically. Have you a page targeting local VW owners? Volkswagen owners have no other product to choose from. Small shops also have the same concern. Think about what you can do with the 5W40 AFL. What is the demographic of VW and Audi customers? 

Shipping Rebate for our Dealers

(Repeat from older newsletter) New shipping rebate policy. (non-AMSOIL - my personal group of dealers and their downlines only)


 Rather than end the process so many enjoy, to streamline the procedure and encourage dealers to consolidate frequent orders into one making the shipping charges and purchase discounts more efficient (you get 2% off from AMSOIL when you reach $1000 purchase) I am going to a flat rate system for the rebate. Starting with the rate of 30 cents per pound for orders that weigh 1 to 200 pounds, 200 to 500 pounds is 25 cents and over 500 pounds will be .15 cents. So a 3-case (12 qts) order you will get $22.50 back from me. And a 8 case order will get back $50.00


This system also encourages dealers to use "Freight Collect" whenever possible which can be 1/2 or less than the rates AMSOIL charges for shipping when 6 or more cases are ordered. Some states such as Montana it's impossible to get a better rate than AMSOIL's but if you have any questions let me know so I can help. 


Any order you make which is $300 or more and for your own sales stock, send me a copy of the invoice (email is ok as long as it a legible copy) and then I will figure the rebate and mail the check to you. 


  The nature of this benefit was to help dealers especially those getting started to carry more inventory w/o the burden of freight charges. So as commissions increase from repeat business our role is somewhat lessened. As you reach direct jobber your commission income increases making up for the costs.  Please encourage your own downline dealers to take advantage of our service!! We will rebate up to the point you reach Direct Jobber and then I hope you too do the same for your organization.
First I want to thank Direct Jobber Mile Lloyd from the Lincoln, NE area for keeping up with his dealers with a very well written newsletter. Mike has a solid plan for building and retaining business within his group. It's remarkable. His newsletter yesterday was the push for me to finish this one but I must say this was the quickest newsletter I have ever written so please try one yourself.
I do owe my better attitude and increase in sales to fitness and exercise. You are what you eat. Getting some outside activity and 30 minute to an hour workouts every day helps me focus and work smarter. I hope you can do the same.

Thanks for reading and pass along to your dealers!!

Good Day,

Ches Cain
The Synthetic Warehouse