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Dealer News June 2011

Pushing buttons today - Yes - that's what I'm doing today - pushing buttons. Playing catch up as trying to implement this new database while customizing it to work with our sort of business has been a bear but it will serve to save time and help customers. In fact I can now scan in and out products, email and post inventory lists and help you with your inventory problems.  


June's PalletWe've been seeing increased local sales and higher than average commissions for several dealers causing for a lot of interaction. This is good! Thus the delay in this newsletter.  

My personal commissions are up and at AMSOIL U I brought back over $17,000 in products which about $5000 was for other dealers (all 20% off). I have already sold most of the 50 cases of motorcycle oil I stocked so had to place another $5500 order yesterday (included photo with my new garage display). The 0W20 ASM and 5W20 OE and XL have also been selling at rates higher than normal for me. Of course the XL 5W30 has almost become my best seller and just about every customer leaves with a bottle of PI, AQS of Power Foam for maintenance AND a couple quarts of Severe Gear. I started running ads in the local shopper thus the increased sales.  


Ok - here we go but if anything - read the next section and visit the quick links on the right. There are some great videos to help your business. I will be completing some of my own very soon.



In This Issue
Price Increase - What to Order
Diesel Oil Choices
Amsoil U Follow-Up

Amsoil Price Increase - What To Look For

First subject is the price increase. You have until Thursday 3PM Central to get orders in online and 5PM Central over the phone.

If I were to make suggestions looking over the prices, don't loose time or sleep on the chemicals in the back of the price list - they aren't effected much or at all. Bypass kits and filters are untouched.

Don't stress the Saber 100:1. Hardly any increase. Interceptor which is one of my top sellers is only increasing $2 per 4-gallon case.


Focus on the gear and transmission fluids to hedge increased costs. The FGR Long Life 75W90 now becomes the best deal for differential gear oils. It's great for all purpose. For passenger cars the AGL 75W90 is also a great deal. The Severe Gear is going up $6 per case and after a lengthy discussion w/ TECH services I believe it's never used to it's full potential in most sales. Overkill yet a best seller. The FGR will result in a just as happy customer.


I would also max out your supply of DEO. Another good discussion with Darrin at TECH revealed the latest CJ4 DEO will best protect our older diesels, just in a different way. In most diesel engines with the exception of the 07 to 12 DPF engines, it is suggested for use up to 3X the manufacturer's interval or 1-year. Why not concentrate stock to one product which can make most happy?

Also the new OED 15W40 I would consider for those DPF owners (Diesel Particulate Filter). More on that in the next section.

For some odd reason the one motor oil which increased the most is the AFL 5W40 European. If that's a favorite of yours order that one now.
Get a pack of grease if you can. Sells pretty good for me.


Download the latest price guide from the dealer zone and distribute!!


Diesel Oils DEO and OED

I am on empty with my drum of AME 15W40 (Bulk Sales to local customers) and wanted to keep another drum of something which would move faster yet hedge the price increase so the decision was the DEO 5W40. I also have plenty of cases of 15W40 in the new low cost OED. See the Amsoil Magazine for details on that.


The DEO CJ4 was rumored (due to the industry not AMSOIL) that CJ4 wouldn't work well with older diesels or in older cars where a "Diesel Oil was desired for high zinc".  I find out that this may be true with Rotella or any other competitor but AMSOIL's base selection naturally solves the issues and their years of testing proves it.  

You can with confidence sell the AMSOIL DEO to all your diesel customers requiring the older CI4 or CI4+. There is an added benefit of increase fuel economy which I just got a detailed testimonial from a local dealer regarding his customers Cummings ISX. Delo roasted at 8K miles - loss in oil pressure yet with the DEO 50,000 miles w/ analysis, perfect pressure and better mileage while the oil was at max temp all the time. It could handle the stress. Also using the long life in the rear has reduced temps from 300 degrees to 150 to 200. Thanks Ron! Hands down an improvement!


For the newer light trucks changing oil at 6000 to 10000 miles could be costly but AMSOIL demonstrated the fuel savings and lower wear under fuel dilution was worth it. Still price of a synthetic under these limited conditions is a factor for us dealers to break into the larger population of buyers who buy strictly based on price and not value. Enter the new AMSOIL DEO which opens the door to these customers to learn about the rest of the lines. Please review the data sheets and article in the June Amsoil Magazine.


Did you know you can access the Preferred Customer version of the AMSOIL Magazine online?


I see there are some great testimonials monthly which don't appear in the dealer version. These are great to share with your customers and post on your website and social media outlets.


Check your Retail Account co-op points - some can accumulate a great amount of $ if gone unnoticed.


Look under the hood of your customers cars when they visit. Hand them a "Protected by AMSOIL" decal then suggest they first use Power Foam to clean the exterior of the engine and the intake as well. Show them the price as it's quite low for what you get. I can clean internally two V8 engines with one can easy. 


Order 7" Amsoil Decals & windshield change interval stickers. Find the order choices when you log in. Hand out the EZ pour spouts to customers when they buy cases. See Clothing/Promotional tab at


The small 4" Amsoil sticker is great for motorcycle helmets. 



AMSOIL U Follow-Up

Thanks to the 10 dealers in my group who attended AMSOIL U this year! It was packed!

I was back in the ADP course this year. There was an increase of information to be used to help newer dealers as well as sales philosophies. What makes people buy, how often is price a factor in buying motives, etc. I will cover this in the next newsletter.


Most importantly were the open forum classes on the future. I want to jump top new products. Relating to a hydraulic tech overview, AMSOIL will be announcing a new lower cost "OE Type" hydraulic fluid to compete on price.

Also look forward to ending the confusion of the 0W20 and 5W20's as the Signature Series will have a new 5W20 as the XL and OW will add 0W20's. More choice so your customers can get exactly what they want.

A new assembly lube is next. I've already found homes for the new "Break In SAE30" I'm finding that on that one all you have to do is find one good user and they will do the rest. Performance builders are looking for the ideal break in oil and we have it.  Order the G2881 for data sheets or look in the dealer zone.

The new Z-ROD oils will reach where AMSOIL was never able to go before in the vintage or classic car world. I bought a case to test in my AMC eagle as I want to see if I can gain more mileage over the AMO 10W40 (also high zinc).

At AMSOIL U they reported the new Dominator Coolant Boost and Quickshot SE are taking the market by storm. Sales are more than twice expected and will continue! Those prices are not increasing much at all.

Major emphasis including two segments on social media and AMSOIL apps to further help you brand your AMSOIL business were covered.


AGGRAND and ALTRUM were given more time than ever before as dealer focus increases. The new Altrum probiotic was seen as the answer to a trend of gastronomical problems which competing products cost three times the amount.


Two breakout sessions were done at remote locations at Foster Trucking and University of Minnesota regarding commercial account success and I was impressed in particular in facts regarding 2-cycle oils on college campus maintenance departments. More on that next!!


What did I learn most from AMSOIL U? The best part was chatting with other dealers at dinner or on breaks. I always learn a new application or user group for a particular product I wouldn't have ever thought about on my own. Also at the Factory BBQ, sitting with staff members you can often learn a bit more about our competitors, the future and how secure the demand will be for us.


I did promise Al that I would be responsible for 15 dealers attending next year. He said you better bring 20. I hope to see you in 2012! Plan now. Registration is open.


Good Day! 


Thanks for reading & please forward to your own dealers and prospects!




Ches Cain
The Synthetic Warehouse
Nissan Truck
From the June PC Amsoil Magazine


After reading March's article about gear oil,

I felt much more knowledgeable about it.

Coincidentally, I had a family member bring up how poor his gas mileage was in his

1999 Nissan Frontier V6 4x4 with a manual transmission (he was only getting 12 MPG highway). I asked him how many miles were on the vehicle, and he said "oh, only about

60,000, so there can't be much wrong with it." I proceeded to explain in many cases,

and likely his, time is a greater factor than mileage regarding fluid service life and drain

intervals. I explained just because there weren't that many miles didn't mean the 12-year-old lubricants weren't degraded.


I issued him a challenge, and he agreed to let me change his front and rear differential lubricant (MTG), transmission lubricant (MTG) and transfer case fluid (ATF), as

well as his engine oil (OEF). All still had the original fluids, except the engine of course,

where he was using Pennzoil conventional oil. I used AMSOIL Engine and Transmission

Flush in the motor, and poured a bottle of P.i. in his fuel to ensure his fuel system

was up to snuff. He immediately noticed smoother gear transitions and better speed

retention when coasting out of gear. He just reported to me after a 600-mile trip he

averaged 15.5 MPG. A rather incredible improvement, and a testimonial not only to

AMSOIL, but the necessity of proper fluid maintenance, especially in 4x4 vehicles.

As a second note, his rear differential only drained about a half quart of the original

gear lube, and it holds three quarts, illustrating the effect of volatility over time.

It's safe to say another year and he was probably looking at failure of that gearset; it was a miracle it hadn't already.


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