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Don't forget - Tomorrow (May 31st) - last day to register for AMSOIL U before the price changes!

Sales have picked up and I finally discovered the ultimate inventory software (use with a bar code scanner) to help my AMSOIL business. So between helping customers, dealers, some projects I must finish in the next week, my time is exhausted. Thus this will be a short newsletter.

This newsletter will briefly cover the new program you may also want to try, AGGRAND Updates, an AMSOIL U announcement and some info about what these newsletters have done for my business.

Sorry - no pictures to look at this time. Just typing to get the message through...
Ches Cain - AMSOIL Regency Platinum Direct Jobber
1-800-579-0580 - Tech Help and General Questions.
Amsoil Ordering 1-800-777-7094 or


The bulk of this section can be omitted assuming you are attending AMSOIL U as soil testing, learning the skill of making recommendations, commercial account success with AGGRAND making the Aggrand accounts the largest income generators for AMSOIL dealers and soil chemistry will be covered.

But real quick there are several new pieces of literature worth reviewing,
Then after AMSOIL is completed you can bet I will be devoting an entire newsletter to what was covered and possible a youtube video. With AGGRAND you really need to just start using it based on the soil test kit Amsoil has available (G1374) from Omaha's Midwestern Labs.
The new test summaries Walt at AGGRAND provides back are many time more user friendly than anything we had before.

Reviewing the latest AGGRAND News Amsoil sends out see page 3 for a list of the new documents along with a couple others I am listing. Read these then you should consider making your own crop specific AGGRAND page or some degree of self help guide as I have been working on my site.



  This material is all new and due to AMSOIL dealer requests. I certainly hope we see some dealers start their own yard and food plots and perhaps video tape a few short subject sales guides of your own. 
 Well now I forgot what else I was going to suggest but well cover that later. It's been a long day testing this new inventory software out so I can make a recommendation to AMSOIL and have them can that awful AMSWIN program. If you want to see what this is I'm working on search EZ Pro by Denver Research.

Thursday March 31 Last Day to Register before price increase
April 1st the price increases by $50 which is about the cost for one night stay in the several hotels available.

Several dealers have told me they are registering although only three so far I can verify.

(See the last newsletter for more detail)

With all the bad news, reduced incomes or inflation AMSOIL has become a great hedge for those who are initiated building their own diverse business.
I sure hope you can make it or if you had decided you couldn't go, perhaps you would reconsider. If I would have never made it to AMSOIL U, I certainly wouldn't be where I am now. It was the assurance that this company was going to reach into new grounds that gave me the determination. One example was a couple years back they launched the various gear lubes with the pretext to be known in the industry to meet proprietary OEM specifications which other lubricant companies would not be able to do. Now the gear lubes amount to 1/4 of my sales especially the SVG 75W90 and the famous MTG GL4. 

I personally like AMSOIL U due to the chats with dealers throughout the day not to mention all the good times seeing old friends you meet in the classes and dinners ( & free cocktails and drinks at the banquet, beer and BBQ at the AMSOIL Center).

Here are some other reasons to attend:

  1.  New Hydraulic products and industry training
  2. Learn and see first up the use of the Bypass kits and oil analysis
  3. Understand the quality control
  4. Answers all the questions you have had through the years on commissions and inner office issues. That alone will save you weeks of waiting and understanding some of the tough questions many have.
  5. $200 rebate on 10% off product from me just for showing up and up to 20% off to offset inventory costs. These products can be shipped from your warehouse or picked up.  
  6. Low Costs: Hotels are cheap. Most meals are covered. Flights to Minneapolis are reasonable and car rental from Minneapolis is the best way to go if you don't have time to drive your own car up. Many camp or make a vacation out of it. Duluth is w/o question one of the most interesting locations in the country.
  7. Thanks to AMSOIL U, I know how to read sales spikes ahead of time thus last month was my best since last summer. 58,000 Commissions. My preferred customers generated over 1/2 of my own personal group commissions which was due to ideas I learned from other dealers at AMSOIL U.
  8. We will find out where AMSOIL is heading next - Wind turbines or hydraulic battery hybrids may be discussed. New filters? New advrtising? Who knows but you will be the last to find out if you don't go.  
My Newsletter - Your Newsletter

I say "your newsletter" because you really need one. I can say due to this newsletter the group commissions are up 20,000 CCs. Whenever these newsletters go out there is a spike in activity. I am not only talking about the dealer one but the Preferred Customer and Retail Customer versions. I have also thought of doing a commercial account version as I can see individual contact does refresh and help retain those accounts. I am in a major growth mode just as I planned in October when I started what I called the "Dave Mann Initiative" which was a personal thing to get 2, 3 or 4 stars by the end of this year. Looks like I should hit 2-stars by AMSOIL U time.

My group (I'm pretty certain) of the top dealers, I have the lowest # of dealers and accounts but my dealers do more business on average. That's how I am the lowest ranking on the "Personal Group Sales" list for the last 5 years or more. I am generally ranked 5 or 6 but I say lowest ranking because I have not been around as long as the rest and most have had 2 or more stars. Two stars means 1,500,000 points. Roughly you get 27 points for 1CC from a Preferred customer order in your personal group.

These newsletters spawn ideas which rustle up action.
The newsletters are working so well that Now I get a call a week from a dealer who is in another dealer group (names you know) and they want to quit that other group and work with me only because they saw that I have these newsletters and #2 that I would (or one of you) work with them on the phone. They know I am not asleep at the wheel.
AMSOIL rules prohibit encouraging a dealer to jump groups but I just wanted you to know they are calling since I started to make my newsletters public. I will yank them (newsletters) from the website soon to remain ahead of the curve but that's the truth. The rumor is that some of the top dealers have totally stopped all communications with their downline. Perhaps they are burnt out or just don't give a damn. I don't know, maybe they are selling cars on the side or have a banjo gig on Saturday nights at the old folks home. 
I have a open policy though. I have let dealers go to another group as why would you want to hold someone if they wanted to work elsewhere? It may be geographical or because you weren't there to help when you should have been.
But when I get a call like that it's better to play it safe and tell that dealer he needs to just call his upline and discuss it with them. That's all you can do.

 I know I can't always be there to answer the phone so I tell every new prospect that they need to join under one of my existing dealers as that's how I work. That's your reward for joining my group. I share ALL leads and a downline dealer knows having two mentors are better than one. As for AGGRAND I have one dealer who calls me all the time for leads and really cares about what he is doing so he should be the next to break Direct Jobber almost solely thanks to AGGRAND. He calls asking if I have any new leads and I send them. He also works cold calls like mad. I have to give Pino full credit as he is one of those rare dealers not afraid to do cold calls and when something isn't working he improvises and tries it again. He rarely even complains. It's great so look for Pino Policelli as he works his way up in the ranks.
 Some dealers never respond to emails so I don't include them in lead sharing unless something comes up in their town but at least they know the offer is there if they want them.


So that's the lessen here - start a newsletter. I have dealers who bounce in and out of direct jobbership loosing out on the end of the year bonus because they don't keep in contact with their dealers so the dealer soon forgets there is a support line there for them or misunderstandings start to occur.    

Since making the newsletter public, I have also signed up another 10 dealers. One has just joined in time to get registered for AMSOIL U thus the reason for joining!! As for all of you, I'm am greatful to have you in my group! 

Thanks for going over this newsletter as always and be sure to #1 check the dealer zone a couple times each week and hand out those AMSOIL decals with orders. Customers really love those 7" and larger AMSOIL decals. I see them all over town here now. At AMSOIL U I will buy 400 or so along with 50 cases of motorcycle oil which will be gone by September.

Thank you again for your business and support!

Good Day,

Ches Cain
The Synthetic Warehouse