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Preferred Customer Updates - Issue #3 - Pricing and Income Opps.  

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Become a Amsoil Deal - Amsoil University May 15th.
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This newsletter edition features our Annual AMSOIL U for AMSOIL dealers. 90% of the dealers attending were reciently Preferred Customers. See the section below on the course material and why I think you would enjoy this unique & exciting event on the shores of Lake Superior!!

First, as you saw in the last AMSOIL Magazine - AMSOIL is forced to adjust the prices of many of the lubricant products I want to convey that our competition has already done what has amounted to larger percentages. As a AMSOIL dealer we are kept up to speed on the industry via a multitude of industry and training materials from both AMSOIL and independent industry publications.

As one of AMSOIL's top 10 dealers in total group sales, I want to promote the dealership option each one of you have. As there is a price increase on the lubricants one easy way to offset that is as a dealer. By upgrading to a dealer you can earn back $$ in the form of a commission on any qualifying order which is generally a month of ordering which totals about two cases of oil. 80% of dealers were ether retail customers for several years or Preferred Customers like yourself.
Lake Superior
Join us at the AMSOIL Dealer Event on Lake Superior

This newsletter I want to introduce the main event or the yearly training expo we dealers enjoy called AMSOIL University!!
Read the section below and look through the course descriptions. Join us in Duluth for an amazing time for a first class engagement where you are the focus!!

Yes, the price increase is effective March 1st so please phone in your order Friday (today) or send it in via online ordering this weekend (or call me) to beat the increase in price. If you have to, place your order by phone on Monday but thousands will be calling that day so it will be tough to get through.

Ches Cain - AMSOIL Regency Platinum Direct Jobber
1-800-579-0580 - Tech Help and General Questions.
Amsoil Ordering 1-800-777-7094 or

Your AMSOIL Account # is 
Need a side Income or even full time enjoyable money source?

Amsoil UI went full time as an AMSOIL dealer in 2003 and left a good paying job as an RF Engineer at ATT because with AMSOIL it was different every day and the year end bonuses were much better. I actually started using AMSOIL in 1995 and became a dealer in 1997.

ClassWhat launched me into the top 10 in sales was simply attendance at AMSOIL U in 2002. The chemistry of the corporate staff & relationship to their dealers expressed dedication to the industry & quality. Their outlook toward future trends is what makes it all worth the effort. You learn AMSOIL will always be ahead of the industry.

Come join us and enjoy your self this Spring at AMSOIL U!
AMSOIL University is the premier Dealer training event of the year. This five-day event is conducted at the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center in Duluth, Minnesota. AMSOIL University 2011 will be held May 15-19.

Diesel Talk
Diesel Talk Forum
Every year when I think of AMSOIL U two things flash in my mind - The senic beauty of the Duluth, Lake Superior area and the great conversations mingling with the dealers through various events, lunches and dinners.

Yes, It's about the training and technical knowledge but most dealers agree - the way Al treats the dealers in such a unique setting, that alone makes it worth going. (Al Amatuzio is the founder of AMSOIL, INC.)

Is AMSOIL's income opportunities for you? Is Ches Cain (me) the best dealer to work with?
Well to answer those questions I would recommend that you understand all the markets we cater to, where the demands are and why we need more dealers to handle the demands. There are also many many dealers out there who do not know how to serve customers or just aren't interested. Some simple tips will earn you good money part-time of full time. I offer many types of support from leads, internet listings and rebated shipping. To find out more just look over my past newsletters I make for dealers. I have the archives online temporarily. I may also have a dealer near you who could use the help and supply you with product already.

But once you make the decision about becoming an AMSOIL Dealer - just look at the topics covered in these three course offerings at the Duluth Entertainment Center and The AMSOIL Center in May - you won't want to miss it:


Core Technology Program

Prerequisites: None. This program is recommended for any first-time AMSOIL University attendee.

Click here to download a PDF with a complete list of Core Technology Program classes 


Business Development Program

Prerequisites: Must have previously attended an AMSOIL University Core Technology Program, a C&F or CAT school or have sufficient field experience.

 Click here to download a PDF with a complete list of Business Development Program classes 

Advanced Development Program

Prerequisites: Must have achieved Direct Jobber status and completed previous AMSOIL educational training.

 Click here to download a PDF with a complete list of Advanced Development Program classes  


Plus I rebate $200 on your product purchase at the event which you get an automatic 10% off anyway. Large orders get up to 20% off dealer price. In the Spring I move 20 to 50 cases of motorcycle oil locally. That means as a dealer I can make up to $19 more per case and still sell at a discount. Selling 20 cases makes $380 more earned on just one product.  

Duluth and Superior (AMSOIL HQ) is not only a beautiful area to vacation, but the hotel rates AMSOIL has set up are generally from $50 to $100 nightly. Call me for my personal recommendations. You can stay for less than $50 if you needed to. I have some rooms blocked right now on the Canal Park.
Welcome to the AMSOIL Center
Tour the AMSOIL Center 300,000 Sq/Ft Manufacturing Plant
As a Preferred Customer, to attend all you have to do is upgrade to a dealer then register. Before April 1st it's only $397.00 to attend and as low as $50 to add your spouse to the events or $196 for all the classes. The cost covers most meals, lunch every day and special event, banquet dinner, BBQ, Plant tour and more.
Quality Control Overview

To upgrade if you are a current PC just use this UPGRADE form and if your membership has or is running out use this New Dealer sign-up form.

There will generally be 400 dealers attending this event from the US and Canada. We hope to see you there!!
Alan Amatuzio
Alan Amatuzio

P.S. As a side note and a frequent question is, does AMSOIL protect territory from one dealer to the next? The answer is NO. Why? Because in any city if you had 100 dealers, 90 of those dealers only sell to their personal friends. The other 10 have their niche markets which if at all part time and one out of those ten have the skills to answer the phone or return calls. We try to help dealers get past those problems and our dealers are more successful as they know how to work with these customers as they aren't alone in this business. Certainly you can work at your pace and do what you want as there are no minimums. But Amsoil has a new system of "Certified Dealers" which if you can show you have a certain level of knowledge and you check in to the dealer zone weekly, they will send leads and offer Co-Op assistance. So you see, if you are determined to be there for the customer you will do well! But you choose the pace.
 At AMSOIL U you will see statistics showing that the dealers who attend have a higher level of success and satisfaction.

Hope you join us in this great adventure!

Please mark your calendars for the month of April. Mark down my APRIL Free Shipping Special.. We're going to help you enjoy more savings in your pocket once again.
Here is the deal: Any preferred customer who calls me with their orders during that month I will place your order saving you the shipping costs on any order of 2-cases or more. Two cases of anything, Oil, PI, filters, 12 quart, 6 bottle, 4-gallon, AGGRAND, as long as it is a case..
That's the special! What's the catch? Well you have to make it this far down the newsletter to see this and #2 you have to call me so I am putting in the order. Get what you need and you save $15 minimum on shipping which totally makes up for any price increase. But the dealer option will put more $ back into your pocket!

Thank you again for your business and support!


Ches Cain
The Synthetic Warehouse