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Winter - References and Tips Part II
AMSOIL Dealer Newsletter - A Web Based Business & a Little Training!

January 17th, 2011 - Part II

You're reading part II of my January issue of newsletters. This is quite a busy month and I certainly hope you will join me in making this the best on record for sales.

The purpose of this 2nd edition is to help you brainstorm marketing via applications. Keep notes of what can be done with these testimonials. I've listed Youtube videos, application and product specific web pages and web sites, keyword saturation, lead generating trade show display, donation to a particular user, fleet or offer to provide product for testing (commercial applications), creative low cost shopper classified advertising, craigslist ads, your business card, postings on local bulletin boards, and the best one - personal use story. As they say - No Story - NO SALE! It's true!

Many dealers are exploring website and web page design while several of my dealers have already started working on their own. The average accounts per each Direct Jobber (AMSOIL's report from the DJ Convention):
PC's = 52; RA's = 17; CA's = 16; CR's = 24; Dlr's = 37 & Group Dlr's = 72.
These are just averages so some DJ's have all commercial accounts while others may have a few downline dealers but all direct sales. A dealer in Dallas once made DJ in three months simply by offering mobile oil changes. You wouldn't believe where or how he got clients!!

 You can see the effort really pays off.
Bypass Display Stand - Demonstrator

Easy to put together Bypass Display - Eye catching for fair or trade show. (Just put together last night)

Technical Knowledge:

At AMSOIL U one of the technical sales courses Rob Stenberg makes a great point, "A measure of your success as an AMSOIL dealer is completely dependent on your technical knowledge. In summary, the duty of an AMSOIL Dealer is to be a problem solver."
I added that quote in here because in my own experience the attention given to a customers problem and asking questions in order to solve that problem sure has paid dividends. That's also one way to build customer relationships which is what a Direct Jobber does.

 If you really don't know too much about AMSOIL products please be patient and study the product data sheets, training modules, sales tools, attend any AMSOIL sales meeting and work with your dealers on trade shows. Other than direct personal use, encompassing yourself with others will help. The #1 reason to attend AMSOIL U is to mingle with various dealers from across the country to pick up on all the various sales techniques going on. My relationship with other dealers outside of my group has opened the door to many ideas and methods of doing things. There are thousands of ways to make a living with this if you want to do it.


Quick Tips!!


Failed Bearings due to Poor Grease is a Problem at the City Shop!



I've heard enough testimonials AND requests for our new polymeric grease based on what others had been hearing that I can tell you that

The Grease that Sticks!

you wouldn't be wasting your time to take a tube of the GPTR1 or 2 (depending on climate) and a tube of the Off-Road grease GPOR1 or 2 up to the city shop of your municipality. I actually got a call from one of the workers last year who wanted it for a particular snow removal apparatus which they had heard through the grapevine that it solved a problem of an expensive bearing. I sold them a case.  

They are due for another and could use a couple barrels if not for a little ongoing problem with the purchasing dept. I hope to get this resolved. The word is getting out and what better way to advertise within a city shop using a low cost sample which they can benefit from immediately, especially up here in snow country.

Some of these guys want their jobs to be easier. AMSOIL can certainly help with that.


I heard of one dealer using the grease to lock in an account regarding their street sweepers. The impacts with curbs caused grease lost and failure once every three weeks. After switching to the Off Road grease, no failures have been reported within a 6-month period.    


Don't forget about your fire dept, street crews, public garbage truck fleets, and other emergency road crews - a sample of that can be powerful. Don't forget that video of the grease impact simulator.


It worked for me - Dominator Coolant Boost Aids in Winter Warm-up



Coolant Booster - Water Wetter

Just as the AMSOIL Magazine comes out with the story, I too was pleased regarding the performance of this product for two reasons. Today while shoveling snow I timed the engine warmup. I believe it was 5F (It's 1F now) at that time. On my AMC Eagle has a good analog gauge with a new sending unit. The car stays outside. Last year it would take st least 5 minutes from a cold start n 5F temps to just get the engine running stable and 10 minutes to get any reading at all on the gauge at idle. The AMC I6 is famous for being a cold tempered block.

This winter I tested the coolant (which needs flushing) and wasn't planning to add the Dominator as it would also lower the overall max operating  temperatures. The reason I went ahead and added it to my antifreeze mix was the PH was a little low and the Dominator has strong anti corrosive properties. The old fluid had obviously lost it's PH indicated by AMSOIL's PH test strips G1156. Prior I only partially drained the radiator filling it back up with AMSOIL's ANT antifreeze but being a high capacity engine it wasn't enough to dilute out the old low PH fluid.


Well, today I measured just under 6 minutes for the temperature gauge to move! The thermostat measures water temps near the area where the water exits the intake manifold which is off to the side. Exactly where you need the heat. I'm impressed! The Dominator gave me the boost I needed in PH and warm-up and I'm no longer embarrased with a car that goes chug'a'lug stumbling for 10 minutes out there.

How 'bout that? A product for all markets!

AMSOIL Just Learning their Diesel Fuel Recovery may have more broad appeal.


Seems sales were slow for the De-Geller Diesel Fuel Recovery. While a superior product on the market, AMSOIL's staff says it's just a boring one and never expected it to take off thus the reduction of the drum and gallon sizes - but WAIT!


Diesel Fuel RecoveryWe just learned the city of Richardson, TX is using it as a cheaper anti-gel pre-diesel fuel treatment and it works! They have been testing the product and found with nothing at all it just took 40 degree mornings to gel up fuel filters halting city work trucks and school buses.

The fuel quality is going down and they don't have access to #1 Diesel. Other additives were too expensive or just didn't work as advertised so they have ordered several drums to fill all diesel storage tanks right away!! How's that?


Diesel Recovery could also be for that southern driver who may get 50 miles to a gallon in their VW, take a drive to the north and still on a 1/2 tank of diesel forget to use a cold flow additive - Amsoil to the rescue. So not only is it cheap insurance for 40 and below diesel clouding issues, it can be used as a pretreatment in storage tanks.  


According to Ron and Sandra Ward of Richardson, AMSOIL is rethinking the marketing of this product.


EA15K oil Filters


Some have expressed concern on the EA15K oil filters creating confusion with customers. Here's my thoughts on the situation:

Most of the customers who buy these in the past said they though the filter was rather small for 25K and that they drive less than 15K anyway. Only the lower capacity cans were converted to the EA15K series.

The filter is still a Beta 75 rating which no one else can match at 15 microns (See Filtration Training Module). The problem was that there is a large enough segment of vehicles with sludging issues due to fuel dilution and higher operating temperatures. But the EA15K will put that issue to rest.

Personally I am happy we have a better product than the Mann and Wix once again but now for about $1 less that the older EAO version.


 Metal ProtectorI'm compiling all the uses for the two MP products. I recently sold a can for Ham Radio Antenna construction and another for front end steering parts as a preservative (newly replaced steering and suspension). The radio station customer tried it based on my suggestion to prevent aluminum oxide around clamped segments and to lock out moisture from the coax feedline connectors. I believe this will protect better than the rubberized weather tape they normally use as the product's solvent works its way in deep within the spaces while. Same story for trailer hitch wiring - always open to the elements and corroded.


The big can!Look at the data on the MP products then search those applications in Google. What you will see is other competing products and their shortcomings as well as additional applications which could possibly generate more ideas for marketing angles. Take a look at the prices of several of these. We beat them in price and the size of the can. The same goes for the si licone and multipurpose grease spray. 




Related Product: Silicone Spray - As Amsoil suggested I started waterproofing my boots and shoes with this one. I also used it to prevent ice from sticking on the car door weather stripping. Silicone works really well on any rubber to other material surface. And for winter keeps ice from sticking all over the wheel wells but be cautious around brake disks!!


Silicone SprayAlso great for sleds, skis, wooden drawer slides, curtain tracks and it's USDA H1 rated so OK to use it on refrigerator door seals (cleans) and other items in the kitchen. Someone recommended using it on paper shredder blades to clean off the bits of build-up then lubricate using the bar & chain oil. Other uses: fishing line and apparatus, cleaning and preventing dirt buildup on bike frames, tools, preserving wood handles on tools and anywhere water repellant is needed.


Basically I'm asking all dealers if you could send in a list of suggested uses for these products then I will post the list on the next newsletter. Add that information to a page for the purpose of more keywords and search results. I believe the MP & MPHD are under-rated and those two products alone could make a great income at trade show booths and online.


AMSOIL Video Suggestion:

How about this? Anyone who is talented with a video camera I would suggest ma king some application videos regarding the uses of MP & MPHD. If you notice on many AMSOIL searches a dealers youtube video now pops up leading the customer to their pages. Definitely some worthwhile fun!


AMSOIL & Synthetics - Wide Support in Periodicals!
A few dealers and customers have been providing me with links for articles where they saw AMSOIL being praised. Two of these targeted a major customer base which till now momentum has been slow in the conversion to synthetics.
Trucking Mag Article

Click on Photo for link to story.

Look at the above article Dealer Mike Barry in Louisiana passed along. Mike found this in Heavy Duty Trucking regarding increasing costs of conventional vs. more steady costs of synthetics causing a significant and expanding percentage of owner operators to suddenly switch. Please read the article and pass along. You'll find a platter of useful points for your dealers and customers. It's a great article, which also includes quotes from Ed Newman of AMSOIL's advertising dept.

It also made the point that drivetrain companies such as Eaton (which I quoted 8 or so years ago) extend warranties should the owner continue to use synthetics after the factory fill. This was during a time when the attitude towards synthetics was not favorable in the OTR trucking industry. That is changing rapidly!


I also got a call today from the owner of this car, a 61 Studebaker Hawk. I met him at the Studebaker regional meet in Rapid City just over a year ago.

New Customer - Studebaker Hawk

Well it just so happens in the Club's magazine "Turning Wheels" which goes out to 16,000 members had an article which promoted AMSOIL's MTG as being about the only true GL4 only on the market and how it is also the only product one can find to correct rough shifting in the famous Studebaker 3-speed & overdrive units. That's something I knew all along but for many, they have to see it in print from their trusted source before they will buy the product..


The first article mentioned above also referenced "Lubes N Greases". I had spent many hours last week going over articles from 2010 issues of LNG for website material. Flipping through I found tons of material which I thought would bring anybody up to speed on the industry. There were some regarding lighter viscosities being tested such as new 0W10's.

Both March and December had stories on 5, 10 and 15 weight oils now being mapped out for use in your automobiles.

Also there were several relevant fluid power articles and something closer to home - the industry reporting a drop in lubrication experts or salesmen due to salary reductions, making the connection with customers. The field remains wide open for you.


View the updated magazine ads at under the advertising tab in the Company Info section. 

Important Reference Materials -


I wanted to high-lite a few of the most useful brochures. I often get asked this with all the items available which are the best.  

For shows keep things simple. You don't want to have to dig for brochures if someone has a question. These are also great to start a conversation or to add to the subject at hand.


Sales Brochures 


G-2334 - Save Money with AMSOIL Brochure. I keep more of these on hand than any other. 

G-2752 - Maximum Shear Stability Brochure (For diesel requiring CJ-4) Sets the pace for the future.


G-2695 - Field Study: Refuse Hauler Fleet -  Great colorful tool to show AMSOIL diesel's resistance to failure 3X longer than Rotella or other typical brands. Enlightening.


G1489 - Diesel Power - Contains a summary of all the diesel products for AMSOIL's #1 customer base.


G391 - Motorcycle Products Brochure - Best looking! New! - thick paper and clean presentation. Worth paying for.


G2202 - Ea Filtration Products Brochure - This guide is a MUST to introduce all the unique concepts of the EA series oil and air filters to your customers. You can never have enough of these.


G52 - Motor Oil An Engine Filter Information: An oldie; My favorite for introducing lubrication facts as well as basic filtration info to newcomers.


G-1490 - Product Selection and Interval Guide - The key handout to include with all literature. Very significant to the growth of your business and retaining customers. Worth EVERY PENNY! Better than catalog. This can sell add on items. Comes in a pack of 25.


Fair Brochures - (tri-folds) which come in packs of 25 to 100 -
G1053 -
All-Purpose Fair Handout (100)

G359 - Questions & Answers Fair Handout (25)

G2509 - Motorcycle Products Handout (100)

G2510 - Marine Products Handout (100)

G2508 - Lawn and Garden Products Handout (100)

G3406 - XL Synthetic Motor Oils Fair Handouts (25)

G3407 - OE Synthetic Motor Oils Fair Handouts (25)



G2244 - Great! case study of a gasoline fleet. Youtube video posted with owner as well. Amsoil saves them $60,000. A must for all dealers!

Don't forget about decals!! Customers want them, show them and at your booth will pay for them. 


G-3000 Filter and Cross reference guide. If you did not get the AMSOIL Business manual you need to order this. It is a MUST. Costs $6.50 and is 900 pages of reference material. You may be lost without this if you plan to service several customers. (Updated for 2010) - Has several benefits over the online look-up and helps dealers know what filter fits what - reverse look-up and more.

G-3500  AMSOIL Dealer/PC & Wholesale price lists. These cost very little and you always need a spare. I use them to market new Preferred Customers. Great if you keep a good local stock of products. Good as the catalogs and good to write notes in.



Start Planning Now for AMSOIL U!

I'm looking forward to seeing you there this year! I'll have some goodies for everyone who shows up plus the normal $200 product rebate I give on top of the 10% off you get on your orders. Two hundred dollar rebate so when you get home the first product you sell helps pay for the trip and if you haven't gone, most meals are included (and good food I must say). Many of you have the chance to make it a 2nd and third year. You really need to establish a relationship with the people in Superior and the dealers you get to visit with every year. It makes the difference and it's a lot of fun!

Ches Cain - Regency Platinum Direct Jobber



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