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I know your time is valuable so I will keep these newsletters as short as possible. Our sales have been on the increase again, partially due to more interest in higher quality lubricants and the legendary name AMSOIL which earns us business through word of mouth. But also because of the extream cold this winter.

Snowed in
Amsoil 0W30 is great in South Dakota Winter
The new Amsoil Coolant Boost also reduces warm up times. Both my 83 AMC Eagle 4X4 and 02 Mini Cooper love it.
January is always a good month and our cold weather products are seeing a higher than normal demand such as the high performance 0W30, the ATF which was mentioned in the Amsoil Magazine, the power steering fluid with it's low Brookfield Voscosity in freezing temps and the best seller of all - Interceptor 2-cycle oil for Snowmobiles.

AMSOIL has made a name for its self in the power sports industry and we dominate in the 2-cycle oil sales for snowmobiles. That's quite a feat for a company who specializes in the passenger car and fleet market!
Triumph gains 30 more miles per tank

Got a testimonial? Send it to me and I'll forward to AMSOIL for possible publishing in the Magazine.

The purpose of this newsletter is to inform our customers of the more interesting sides of AMSOIL and to provide a technical liasion (myself) for you. As a full time dealer who attends AMSOIL events (Amsoil U and regional sales meetings), keeps up with technology through lubrication journals as well as hours daily discussing problems & solutions with our customers and dealers, we're eager to help!

As a full time dealer for AMSOIL you can call anytime with your questions generally 10AM to 10PM central. I can't always answer but I will call you back and I respond to all emails.

Ches Cain - AMSOIL Regency Platinum Direct Jobber
1-800-579-0580 - Tech Help and General Questions.
Amsoil Ordering 1-800-777-7094 or

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Membership up for Renewal? Here's my offer:
Our 83 AMC Eagle Protected with AMSOIL! The reward for skimming over my newsletter is this - I will offer to take care of your membership $20 renewal.
 Here are the two simple options available to you.
When you call to order and the membership is ended or will be ending that same month the order staff will ask if you would like to renew your membership for $20. If you order online you will be prompted to "Re-Up" before you can order at dealer cost again. When or before this happens just call me directly with your order of a one case of oil minimum (any 12 quarts, gallon case or any mix of products) and I will process the order and at the same time renew the PC membership at no cost to you.

If you prefer to order online the minimum is still 12 quarts of any combination or single case of oil. Order and pay for the membership renewal, then notify me that you have ordered and renewed your membership and I will send a rebate check for the $20.

If you become a Dealer:
Of course many Preferred Customers upgrade to a Dealer so this offer doesn't apply for that but I do have many more offers for you once you become a dealer such as rebated shipping on orders over $300 if you follow a couple guidelines.
If you would like to subscribe to my dealer newsletter just let me know. It helps former Preferred Customers earn money while spreading the word about AMSOIL.
Beta 75 Air Filter Ratings
Amsoil Cold Air Induction Fliter w/ Prefilter
One of our models w/ Prefilter
It's natural to scoff at some of the filter claims we hear about but while ours seem too good to be true - there's one reason it works out - proprietary construction and the nanofiber process regarding our filtration line.
I often hear folks say, "Well, everybody claims to have the best filter." or "There's only two companies who make all the filters out there and they just put different labels on them." then there's "It's just marketing - open it up and you will see they are lying." (that's for the oil filters).
"If they were really that good, then the factory would have put them in from the factory"
A perfectly reasonable one is, "You filter too much or make the holes too small it will clog up fast and choke off the air in no time."

AMSOIL's oil and air filters under the Ea nameplate are the exception to the rule. They are made up from parts from several companies and assembled by Donaldson. Donaldson makes state of the art filter media for all sorts of industries such as NASA, the semiconductor industry and as for vehicles - that was limited to class 6,7 and 8 and military veihicles. The Nanofiber material is exclusive to Abrahms Tanks and their "endurance" series.

In a joint effort Donaldson & AMSOIL created the first nanofiber passenger car and motorcycle series of air and oil filters. The media portion is Donaldson's Nanofiber made to AMSOIL's specifications.

To wrap this up here's a link to a 60 page training guide regarding AMSOIL filtration for dealers. But the key to proving that our filters are superior is that only AMSOIL publishes both sides of the equation - which is the precentage of the smallest particle AND the size of that particle.
It's called Beta Rate of 75 which means AMSOIL has given orders to Donaldson that the filter must hold back 98% of contaminants of a given size - in the case of the oil filters it's 15 micron and for the air, it's 2 micron (while standing up to 4-years or 100,000 miles with periodic cleaning).

Many "We have the best oil filter" only publish the percentage and/or they use fancy terminology which has no absolute meaning. We know what the other guys are up to because AMSOIL too used to sell a synthetic/Celluose media oil filter which was the same as the what Mobil 1 or Royal Purple is selling now yet we offered those in 2002.

So with that information, how about your air filter? It could be a OEM style, aftermarket drop in, cold air intake system or one of the filters you have to wash and oil. Know that our air filter never requires oil. Flow is improved and they can take on more loading with dirt before air flow capacity is hampred due to the top loading qualities of the nanofiber. All that for a low to moderate cost. Many of our air filters are under $30.

Filtration Links from my site (Use your G-3500 Price List found in the upper left row of this newsletter):

OEM Replacement Air Filters
Absolute Efficiency - Oil Filters
Cold Air "Cone" type Intake Filters
Injen Intake Kits
Bypass (partial Flow) Oil Filtration Kits (We're #1 in Bypass sales thanks to you!!)
Motorcycle Oil Filters
Motorcycle Air Filters - (Being discontinued due to higher costs of production - 50% off while supplies last)
New Customer - Studebaker Hawk

A new gear oil customer I dropped a card with a year ago - 1961 Studebaker Hawk from Scottsbluff, NE. AMSOIL's GL4 is about the only one now which correctly shifts synchronizers.

Word is spreading!

Thank you again for your business and support! More testimonials, product reviews, tech topics and a special on Bypass Filtration coming soon!


Ches Cain
The Synthetic