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Ches Cain - AMSOIL Regency Platinum Direct Jobber

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Preserve & Restore Performance
Our 83 AMC Eagle Protected with AMSOIL! One of the benefits of AMSOIL Lubricants and Filters which often gets overlooked is its usefulness in older vehicles.  I discovered AMSOIL while trying to maximize performance in a 1964 Chevy Corvair. Currently I have a 1983 AMC Eagle 4X4 Wagon I use as a test car to prove AMSOIL product to my local customers. This low mileage car suffered from fuel problems, engine sludging from short trips & idling and sat for a number for years. Using the AMSOIL Power Foam, PI Performance Improver, low viscosity power steering fluid, Severe Gear 75W90, 10W40 high zinc oil in the 258 inline six & ATF in the transmission after using our flush product not only restored the performance, it allowed the engine and transmission to regain their efficiency. I recently added the legendary AMSOIL Bypass Oil Filtration Kit to further reduce deposits & add capacity.
The AMSOIL Detergents & Despersants last longer so when it comes time to drain the oil, it doesnt leave deposits behind like other brands. The normal interval for this condition and oil is 15,000 miles or 1-year. With the bypass filter we can go 4-times longer monitoring with oil analysis. You could however take out the guesswork and use our lower cost XL series and change more often.

In summary the Eagle gets good mileage now, starts up on the first try, idles smooth, no longer suffers on hills, the transmission shifts smooth and runs cool and the power steering works perfect even in freezing temperatures. I can keep the exterior of the car clean w/ AMSOIL Miracle Wash while on the road (photo taken near a Wichita, KS rest area last week).

Did you know many older vehicles need anti-wear additives and longer lasting detergents no longer found in most on the shelf products due to the GF-4 engine test rating per the API? Did you know that AMSOIL has several motor oils specifically for older vehicles?
What's New at AMSOIL?
Seems lately just about every month a new product is made available at These products are made available to you thanks to your demands. AMSOIL Founder AJ Amatuzio wants you to know that these products must be tested to out perform any other product on the market before he puts his name on them. AMSOIL's unique quality control department backs these new products with the only guarantee of its type in the industry.

Please take a look at "Product News" to see the new products.

New AMSOIL OE Low priced Fully Synthetic OilNew Products in the Last Six Months:
  • Synthetic Polymeric Greases
  • Biodegradable Hydraulic oil
  • 60 wt Motorcycle oil
  • QuickShot Fuel Additive
  • Coolant Boost
  • 5W-30 European oil (November)
  • AMSOIL OE - API Rated OEM Synthetic oil for 3000 to 10,000 Mile Change intervals - lower price than Mobil 1! (November)
  • Natural Gas Engine Oils for both stationary and vehicle engines.
Useful tip - NEW - AMSOIL My Garage Feature.
You can store all your vehicles and equipment product and maintenance interval information in one place. Customize your own garage to alert you when you need to change oil or even check the dipstick! Everything and it's free!!
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Ches Cain
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