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July 2010: Get Ready for the Best Possible Month - New Products and More!

For July I want to offer some tools and suggestions for new dealers. Please forward this to your downlines! We also have a list of new products as well as several updated ones to bulldoze the competition! As there is an announced price increase for August, past sales show when this happens the preceding months sales have skyrocketed. We will remain more competitive due to our competition already increasing their prices and are not positioned to buffer prices as well AMSOIL can.
Amsoil U was another success. I am pleased to have 7 dealers attend & one already is on his 3rd month to qualify as Direct Jobber! I took the 2nd level business course which was intensive regarding feature selling and target marketing techniques. If I had the time to continue building product pages relating to what I learned on the website I know I could easily triple my monthly sales but I would rather get this information to you and help you achieve these levels.
I'm going to give you some tools here today to do just that.
Recall the last newsletter regarding the Raffle for $50 rebate on literature. Just send me a email that you are interested. Any dealer with over 300 CC's each month will be in the drawing for a $50 check from your Lit. order.
Following are some tips then we get to the new products.
Knowledge Base - Surround YourselfLubes N Greases
In the last three months I believe we have gained 20 new dealers. I need to stress the resources you need to forward to them. The dealers who are doing the best with AMSOIL do well due to their technical knowledge. The rest of the needed skill comes by default.
To try to keep this short - you NEED to subscribe to several of the free lubricant industry magazines. The best is Lubes 'N' Greases. What do you get?  Understanding of  future EPA requirements, additive packages, new industry standards, new transmissions, new trends, automotive and manufacturing lubricant needs, how prices are determined, what American and European engine test, API, & ACEA are requiring for past and future engine specs, and more.
There are several more magazines but get the Noria ones and Diesel Progress. You can easily become a lubrication expert!
Next I put a lot of weight into the daily announcements to articles found in the "What's New in the Dealer Zone". Be sure you are checking the What's New in the dealer zone section and understand the one in the main menu of the website (above menu) is entirely different. It's critical you search this daily. Any Amsoil publication in industry magazines will be found here. The updates are useful and help inform your customers. There is also the Hotwire which I will send out the new one today. Only Direct Jobbers get this automatically unless the dealer takes the time to subscribe. You can do this too via the links in the Dealer Zone. Their are now several AMSOIL Blogs which you should thumb over weekly. There are several ways to subscribe to the feeds, RSS etc.
Let's see what is in the "What's New" in the  dealer zone now:
  • Introducing the Redesigned Dealer Zone "Training" Tab
  • NEW AMSOIL Information Series Video - "52/52 Performance Tuning"
  • G1294 - GVC - High Viscosity Industrial Grease (155k PDF)
  • G1329 - Get T-1 Certified (info) (319k PDF)
  • New AGGRAND Wildlife Food Plot Formula
  • Experts Predict Continued Growth For Synthetics
  • Attend the Dominator Coolant Boost Webinar
 Of course all the above combines with your own Amsoil experiences such as oil analysis, bypass kits, the spray lubricants and fuel additives. Help your customers and ask questions!
Suggested Literature On Hand
The top question from new dealers is often which literature is the best to have around without breaking the bank. There are many pieces to overwhelm you and the prospect so to keep it simple I have narrowed down my usual order to a few. I'll list what I like and what AMSOIL suggests.
My travel folder contains several copies of the following:
  • Save Money with Amsoil G2334
  • Refuse Hauler Fleet G2695
  • Diesel Power G1489
  • The Worlds Most Advanced Filtration Line G2202 (my fave)
  • A Study of Motorcycle Oils G2156
  • Income Opportunities  G85
  • Product Recommendation & Interval Chart G1490
AMSOIL Suggests
  •  Comparative Motor Oil Testing Brochure G1971
  • Motor Oil and Engine Filter Information G52
  • Gasoline Engine Case Study - Guardian Pest Control G2244
  • AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils G1053 (pack of 100)
Another I would consider is the new Maximum Shear Stability Brochure G2752 which makes the case for the fuel dilution problems light duty diesel trucks 2006 and newer are having. (but don't call your customer's truck a light duty truck!!
As for technical data sheets they don't cost a whole lot. I keep about 20 or so varieties. They come in packs of 25. I think the ones I hand out most are the sheets which cross over to all customers such as the fuel additives, MP, Greases, bypass filter kits (I give the G1092 to everyone) and the Power Foam. I also like to sell the EAA air filters so everyone gets one of those. The air filters are a easy add on sale.  
Corvair convention Amsoil BoothDon't forget, if you are T1 Certified you get literature at 1/2 price when you fill out and fax in a COOP Trade show form. I just did the Corvair Convention which cost me about $90 for two tables for a week and I made some sales, many new prospects and demonstrated the bypass kits to several dozen customers. I bought about $300 in literature for only $150 and also go the new compact display show banner for 1/2 price. The literature I will use for other show.
My Garage
Amsoil My GarageWe all want to be the main Amsoil Dealer in town. One way to do that is to build relationships with your customers. The one tool which will help solidify this is the AMSOIL My Garage.
There was great discussion on this at AMSOIL U so we can't afford to underestimate the power of this tool! 
Here's an opportunity to help your customers track vehicle maintenance, have access to product data and receive reminders when to check oil levels. This is the tool which will increase your name recognition and support more word of mouth sales. Let your customers know about the AMSOIL Garage, explain it, secure their email address and send the link today.
Some points to review:
  • Save and Retrieve Your Auto/Light Truck Lookups
  • Record Specific Vehicle Information
  • Store Information Records for All of Your Vehicles
  • Track Vehicle Maintenance
  • Automatic Oil Change Email Reminders
 One caution; be sure to get permission of your customer if you fill these out for them and activate the oil level check emails otherwise they may feel they are getting spammed by you.

Be sure to get on it yourself and any cars older than 1980 there's a link where the staff will get that added manually for you.
New Color Lables from AMSOILAMSOIL Print Center Now Offers Labels
This is great! Now we have available matching address labels for literature, catalogs and mailings.

Just go to the "What's New" in the dealer zone or in the online forms section to get with AMSOIL's printer - Service Printers to custom your order. These only take a couple days and allows you to get several types to advertise several different products with your handouts..

At the time of writing their website was down (strange as it worked earlier) so I was unable to post the pricing but if they are similar to the business card deal, it will be worth getting some made today.

saves you moneySolution Selling and Commercial Accounts
How do you know who is the best customer for a Commercial Account? Well the Amsoil sales team would answer "The undeserved segments". 
The big lubricant companies  never call on businesses with 35 or less vehicles. Why not become a resource for these fleets? Do you know there are significant costs with waste oil which we reduce?
Sell the benefits. Find solutions outside of the lubricant end. Start having business level discussions with the owner. Engage yourself with learning about your customer
Benefits vs. Features. - Features do not persuade. If you had 15 minutes for a meeting they don't care about your product knowledge. Resist the temptation to overwhelm with product knowledge. They just want to know what you and your product will do for them. AMSOIL history and viscosity sheer features will loose the account.
 If I was to sell a shop on our compressor oils (PCI) I would rattle off:
  • 50% reduction in lube costs
  • 10% reduction in electricity cost
  • 25% reduction in maintenance costs
  • 10% capital expense reduction
  • 25% increased product output
  • 15% increased profit
Understand your customer. What motivates them to buy? Don't confuse wants with needs.
Anyone have a 15 sec elevator speech? You know, the one where you can confidently impress with the full scope of your product in just 15 seconds? We'll have some examples in the next issue. 
In a sales presentation tell them what you are going to tell them. Don't be afraid to repeat yourself. You can say the same thing three different ways. Work on a Bray Book - a list of customers & direct testimonials. Seek recommendation letters. These are valuable for locking account after account.
This is key - Listen and watch body language. If you want to become a great conversationalist learn to ask the difficult and great questions. Find out what their #1 maintenance issue is.
Can you deal with a hostile prospect? 1. Align yourself with the questioner. 2. Respond to their concern. 3. Transition back to the presentation. How do you align (diffuses hostility)? Probing - questions - acknowledging frustration.
on #2 you need to respond with benefits and provide a solution. Then #3 go back where you started - erase the memory and use positive statements..
Do your homework!!
Don't give too many choices.
Give what you feel is the best product choice and one or two alternatives. Good, better, best is a good approach.
What might you present on a fleet?
  • Improve fuel economy
  • less downtime
  • less inventory
  • less waste oil
  • longer lasting equipment
Complement your contact - you want them to remember you and they will remember you based on your LAST COMMENT!! 
Commercial accounts are severe duty.
Out on the road look for newer - clean - frequently washed heavy-duty work trucks. These will be the best prospects not wasting your time.
Practicing powerful presentations will give you that professional edge you may not even realize you have.
AMC Eagle Bypass Filter InstallBypass Filters
I discovered that up until last week I was the only dealer website which had the current bypass kit instructions while even AMSOIL's was the old kits. No wonder I would get calls saying my site had more info than any other. I do sell at least one Bypass Oil Filter kit each week and sometimes up to 5.
We'll talk about features later but go to my site and take a look for yourself of the benefits. My Bypass Page
Having a car you can use to display the bypass kits is a must and it works. They're impressive, they look good and they give you something to strike up conversation for new prospects.
Rampside Pickup using AmsoilHaving a bypass kit is one thing but having a car which would 100% of the time attract attention in the parking lot or gas station is a big plus in this business. Consider a low cost but not often seen car to grab attention? Why not a AMC, Corvair, Nash, Micro car (early mini, Triumph, etc)? There are a number of low cost cars you can demonstrate AMSOIL products to impress. My AMC Eagle was not bought for that purpose but almost everywhere I go I get stopped and I keep 50 or so business cards handy now. Even at the Corvair convention they were interested in the Eagle. Several said at the booth, "Oh, that's your car! I used to have one". Which was an easy invitation to walk out back to show under the hood.
(The photo above was a Corvair Rampside pick-up from British Columbia. I found he was using AMSOIL and interviewed him on the benefits he enjoys. hope to get that to the Action News)
57 Studebaker Hawk Amsoil CarI'm finishing up my 57 Studebaker Hawk now which will really do the trick but as I've been in with Corvairs forever, I often find good $2000 cars I am tempted for a good Amsoil test car then sell it to make another fan of Amsoil.
On the AMC I can also say the ATF has saved my transmission already!
New Amsoil Coolant AdditiveNew Products Available Today!
Wow! Look at this. Just as I started this newsletter AMSOIL releases the one product I get asked about all the time. Something to compete with Redline's Water Wetter. New AMSOIL Dominator® Coolant Boost (RDCB).
 New AMSOIL Dominator® Coolant Boost (RDCB) provides racers and motorists with significantly lower engine operating temperatures, quicker engine warm-up times and advanced corrosion protection.
And the next one I told you would be coming - the improved and highly demanded New AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil (BHO). I already have a drum sold.
Our competition for the biodegradable hydraulic oils is poor. I know Royal Purple's version isn't even legally biodegradable although it's labeled that way and others do not perform well.  It's simply because AMSOIL selects additives based on performance - Not Price.
The New Quickshot - Keeps the ethanol additives from splitting the water out from the fuel. Not an emulsifier like the competition. It also works as a fuel stabilizer and cleans injectors, carburetors and intake valves just like the PI. Treats 6-gallons first time use and up to 12 for routine maintenance. (I'm selling a lot of this locally)
The new greases including the Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis & Equipment Grease. Use NLGI #1 for all season in cooler climates and NLGI #2 in warmer climates. I've already sold two cases locally.
The new FLSH Engine and Transmission Flush is a totally different formula based on detergents rather than the solvent type. It's easier on the parts and works well without contaminating the transmission fluid.
Study these data sheets, webinars and One Voice publishing found in the dealer zone on all of these. Get them out there and they do sell themselves. Amsoil is the talk here locally. How about you?