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Launching Forward: Major Updates & Growing Demand

I leave next week for my 7th Amsoil U and look forward to meeting several new dealers for the first time as well as some old friends. I'm excited for the new ones as they are going to be overly impressed with the number of opportunities coming along. With the economy troubles we are right where you would want to be. Not only is AMSOIL positioning it's self for future trends in transmission oil requirements but the market is moving toward you and I from all directions.
This week there are an abundance of useful tools and messages in the "What's New in the Dealer Zone". Let's mention the new advanced hydraulic (bio-degradable formula) oil, the solution for the Toyota oil filters (larger for longer life), low cost high quality choices for personal business cards and new webinars (voice over presentations).
When I get back from AMSOIL U I will be expanding on all these subjects. But first I want to make you a new offer.
saves you moneyLiterature Raffle
Become part of the $50 dealer literature raffle. All downline dealers and dealers of my direct jobbers qualify for this deal subject to the rules below.
Every month I will randomly select from a pool of dealers with a minimum of 300 cc's. There are three requirements. #1, you must email me that you want to be on the list so that only dealers who pay attention and read this newsletter qualify. #2, all dealers for the month with over 300cc's which is easy will be added to the finalist list. At that point all dealers on the list will be assigned a # which a random number generator will select the winner. The third qualification demands that you send me a copy of the order with the literature or clothing $50 or more then I will mail you a rebate check for the $50 you earned! To help as many dealers as possible you can only win once within 6-months thus if you win, your name will be added back to the list following 6-months.
Amsoil literature is very useful. There are 5 or 6 core brochures you always need to have on hand. I also suggest making sure your local downline dealers have a supply of decals, oil change reminders and other display advertising on the vehicles they use. Under the hood decals are especially useful when you open the hood to show off your bypass system or intake kit.
Enzymes for MetabolismWant to save up to 20% even if you can't make it to Amsoil U?
Want to save 20% plus sales tax even if you can't make it to AMSOIL U?
I would be more than glad to ship directly from here any item you need but one item which is light weight and is easy for me to handle are the ALTRUM products. Although they are not cheap, they do cost 80% less than if you were to buy the individual products retail at the health supplement stores. Also the commission value is at the highest level.
 There is so much to learn about ALTRUM you need to watch the two voice over presentations. AT the very least I suggest the ALTRUM Multis, the Enzymes for proper digestion and metabolism, the garlic formula and the Omega 3. Look at the dealer price and imagine 20% off. I will have to charge shipping but that will be minimal. No sales tax outside of south Dakota. I can add any other single AMSOIL product but just know my UPS rates are not as good as AMSOIL so oil cases may not be as advantageous but ALTRUM is a no brainer and I see on the reports there are a lot of dealers using them anyhow. They are in the top 2% of all supplements and meet all FDA and national quality control measures. All natural & no synthetics.
 Prevent illness and aging naturally with the help of ALTRUM. I get incredible energy from the Multi w/o Iron.

I need your list ASAP - before the weekend so I can get it on my order sheet!
New CardsNew Business Cards!

Just go to the "What's New" in the dealer zone or in the online forms section to get with AMSOIL's printer - Service Printers to custom your order. These only take a couple days and allows you to get several types in hand to get out in your town.

For $33 + shipping you get 1000 cards.I wouldn't waste a minute. Order now and get your card in everyones hand all over the city. They work!