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AMSOIL U - Sign Up today!

Today is the last day to register before the cost increases for AMSOIL U. I hope you decide to go. There are many reasons but most of all to see for yourself what makes the product you represent the best in the industry and what AMSOIL is planning for future markets. Hope you can join us at beautiful Lake Superior!
I have a couple offers but first please visit the AMSOIL U area in the dealer zone to see the updated course structure. This event is critical as the 2nd year you attend really digs into more technical detail so no better time to get started!! Everyone goes home with a stacked full binder which is great for website technical detail.
My March business is up almost twice what its been since August. My personal group commissions are above 10,000 and the group volume should be near 50,000. Several dealers have currently 2500 or more commission in their group volume.
If I had never been to AMSOIL this would have been impossible. That's what the others you see each month in the Action news say too.
 More people are switching to AMSOIL by the tens of thousands and you need to know how to address their concerns for each product application. More customers are gravitating towards local dealers who stock product and AGGRAND is moving so many drums more expansion is needed.  I believe I have eight dealers on the roster presently. By the way - Here in Sioux Falls I have ordered two pallets of product this month and I am currently out of several products! Bypass filters are my niche.
The dates are May 16th through the 20th. It starts late that day and ends at approx 5PM on the 20th.
The course instructors have worked most their lives all over the lubricants industry so you will hear first hand how to make things work.
Offer #1
As in the past, I am offering a $200 product rebate for showing up. You already get 10% off and if you have your order ready before the event you may combine with mine to get up to 20% off. That alone will return you $300 at least when those products are sold.
Hotel prices are more than reasonable and for campers onsite facilities are available.
Go to Amsoil U for your future.Save Money
I'll be traveling alone this time so if you are in this area or you find it easier to get to Sioux Falls you may ride with me to Duluth and split the gas and hotel as the rooms are large with two beds so that option is open to one person. Not a bad deal at all. Most meals are part of the entry fee. Breakfast and lunches are provided as well as a couple dinners. Call me ASAP if you are interested. Flying into Sioux Falls can be cheap if you go though one of the hubs such as Denver, Phoenix, LA, Chicago and Orlando.