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March 1st, 2010 Issue #7 
Winterfest of Wheels Car Show Amsoil Booth
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AMSOIL U - You Need It
Bypass Filters - High Ticket Sales
Know abt the BEST Oil Filters
XL Oils sell.
Direct Jobber Awards and Bonus
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Welcome! February several new dealers have joined our dealer group. More than usual so this newsletter will serve as a primer with tips to help new dealers get a taste of how to prepare. This time of year is generally emerging from slow sales but is the busiest for us.
The bulk of advertising, trade shows, car shows, setting the schedule, selling off inventory for the yearly AMSOIL U 20% off purchase, AGGRAND calls and remedial training all occurs now. Mid summer is the best for sales and sales only.
Display SectionAs you see in the above photo we just finished a very simple and low cost indoor classic car show called Winterfest of Wheels here in Sioux Falls. We did very well with this one. Best exposure I ever recall. We had the lick of having our booth out in the lobby and used a micro car belonging to a neighbor to be the eye catcher to lure people to the booth. It worked. The car is a 57 Nash Metropolitan.
In the booth I used a business card collection case (drawing box which you can see in the photo above) and visitors put their contact information on index cards with their vehicle information. Emails will go out with a letter and corresponding AMSOIL Application lists for each vehicle listed. All were interested in the wide array of products but primarily we discussed EAA, EAAR and EAAU air filters and transmission fluids. Being a old car show I also handed out materials regarding the high zinc nature of the AMO and racing oils.
I also promoted the MP Metal Protector with a free can with any case purchase. The Snowmobile Oil (AIT) was the most known product at this meet which I run a constant ad for in our Shopping News free paper.
 We have two additional shows before summer which are swap meet types ($75 booth) connected to associated car shows to further reinforce the fact that AMSOIL is the product to serve in this area. 1000's of business cards are getting out there.
New dealers need to know this is just one reason to be a T1 Certified Dealer as this show cost me $300 and Amsoil sent back to me a check for $100 which is 1/3 the cost for the Co-Op benefit and all my literature was 1/2 price. I now have enough excess catalogs and brochures for other local ventures and postings throughout the year.
AMSOIL U and Webinars
Let's talk about AMSOIL U but first make note of the "Voice Over PowerPoint Presentations found in the dealer zone training section. You will find both recent Voice Over P. Points and some Live Webinar replays.
2010 Racing and Advertising Preview
2010 AMSOIL University Preview
Synthetic Polymeric Grease from November 24, 2009
Diesel Engines Emissions Technology & Fuel Dilution
from November 10, 2009

PowerSports Storage from October 20, 2009
Focus on Retention/Save 10 Program
Increase Your Income with the G85 Income Opportunities Brochure
Motorcycle Oil White Paper Comparison
**and more**

It's always amazing to walk into that big 50,000 SQ Ft. banquet room every morning for the continental breakfast. You get to choose from 400 or so people to visit with and learn how they are expanding their sales. The knowledge from those conversations alone are worth the fee. For a long time I spent what the AMSOIL U fee is in local advertising in a single day. It's a small investment for one of the best income opportunities in the USA.
Definitely a LOT for your money if you use what you learned. AMSOIL U becomes more useful the 2nd and 3rd year as the course material advances. The Business Development Program was really the one which advanced my dealership. How? On return from the 2003 AMSOIL U I spent the entire month of July creating pages on my website for the industrial products and product descriptions in my own words. By the end of that year I had totally replaced my day job income due to that work and the 400 page binder from AMSOIL U, transferring only part of that knowledge to the website. Take the course and then re-read the material. Apply it to your own sales knowledge or research sales books (as recommended at AMSOIL U). You will succeed! More on websites later..
The Offer:
This year anyone who shows up for AMSOIL U (register now before the price increases) you automatically get 10% off all product purchased. You may also transfer to the warehouse near you or arrange freight collect to lower that cost.
I make this my main stock purchase for the year (which I always run out of AME 15W40, ASL 5W30 and MCV 20W50 by August) but doing so I save 20% as I order to get the full additional 10% purchase discount.
For the 2010 AMSOIL U I will rebate $200 of your product purchase which puts more than $200 back in your pocket plus we do plan to have a nice dinner get together.
When people know you have the product, they see your inventory and you show them you have the technical knowledge (AGGRAND or AMSOIL) they tell their friends and pass your card around. Get started now.
When figuring costs know that your AMSOIL U registration covers lunch daily a banquet and the annual BBQ at the AMSOIL Center.
The hotel I recommend is the Best Western. While 6-miles from the convention center, it's on the same street of the AMSOIL Center. It's very clean, nice and a wonderful breakfast of it's own. I would secure that reservation first as it's small and the rooms are only $59.00. Will sell out by the end of this month. You can also camp in area campgrounds or RV parking at the convention center.
Learn what works, see where dealers are having success in the local markets. Get the tips you will not find elsewhere and see how and where your product is made. If there is one thing worth going for it's to understand the quality control process at the HQ and to see the vision of the main staff. The results speak for themselves. Hope you sign up today and we'll see you in Duluth!
BMK-120 Bypass kit with Filter & Popularity of Ford 6.0 Owners
  I've actually sold a number of BMK-30's recently along with several other downline dealers. Truckers recognize the simplicity and usefulness of these low cost time saving devices. It's really the best value we offer to the small OTR Trucking Business. If I had a pick-up I would surely have one of these mounted externally for view.
If you have a use for a BMK-30 with the filter I bought a spare from a dealer locally for $20 less than cost so I'd be glad to pass that along of you need one. I can box it up and save you the sales tax too. Keep that in mind for your next sale to a trucker.
I do sell at least one bypass kit every week with oil thanks to my high ranking (#1) Amsoil Bypass page. You don't have a bypass kit on your car? Why?? They work, they last, they allow you to keep your engine like new virtually forever and most importantly it advertises your business.
In the links section above there are some popular 6.0 air and fuel filter parts you should review. I sell a good # of those as the Donaldson fuel filter set and fluted air filters we have are identical to the ones FORD sells but through AMSOIL they can save $20 or so. Always remember to mention this as they need to have a spare fuel filter set at all times. More great items to get your monthly commissions up to help you reach Direct Jobber and get your year end bonus for those who are Direct Jobbers currently.
Ford 6.0 Bypass Kit
The most common call here regarding bypass purchases are for the Ford 6.0 Power Stroke. Lately I can say I'm selling two sets per week complete with oil due to my search results. (Most weren't intending to buy AMSOIL diesel but I convince them on intervals and mileage overall.) All most all calls are intending to buy. Here's a list of parts for a complete order. Total cost for the below items are $350.55. I also have complete brackets for the 6.0 ready to ship for $75.00. These were built locally and sell well.
Here's what you need:
BMK-21 main single kit
BK-1101 - Oil Filter Cap
BK-1102 - Oil Fill Cap (optional)
2-BP242 - elbows needed
SDF-88 Full flow filter (suggest 4 per bypass oil filter)
EABP-100 2-Micron bypass filter
BP-67 oil petcock valve for BMK-21
The HDD 5W30 is my personal choice but the AME 15W40 is the best seller mainly due to price. 
Quick facts on the Ea Oil Filters
As there are a lot of new dealers in the group I want to go over the EA Series oil filters which I believe we have had now for at least 5 years. They still are the only Nanofiber oil filter available for light trucks and cars.
These are not built by the same company which makes all the other filters as some believe. These are totally unique built by Donaldson per AMSOIL's specs using Donaldson's nanofiber found in their Endurance Series filters.
I suggest you read the material on the Endurance oil filters. Knowing the oil filters will account for 1/2 of your return business. If they are only partially impressed with the oil it takes a filter to being them back. The filters are rumored to be more than 1/2 of the total AMSOIL sales.
These filters contain parts from five different filter companies. They selected the best items then assembled them into one. Even the anti-drain back valve is unique and because of the quality cost .50c alone for just that piece.
The labeling on the box is unique. We have the only filter with BOTH parts of the equation on the box. 98% efficient at 15 microns. We could do like Mobil 1's filter - 98% efficient per the whatever test but 98% at what microns? They want you to assume you figure the test denotes that which it doesn't. We know the Mobil 1 filter because we used to sell the same thing built by Hastings. It was a synthetic cellulose with about 65 to 80% efficiency @ 15 microns and your Fram about 40%.  All other filters use resins to hold the media together. When a filter is heat cycled a number of times these resins brake down clogging the filter and eventually the media comes apart. Not good for that vehicle coming out from storage.
The AMSOIL EA Series oil filter uses a wire screen to support the media and is tested for failure beyond 125,000 miles! And AMSOIL backs the filter for 25,000 miles or 1-year.
Please see the G1491 Interval guide for specific warnings on Toyota.
Also study the filtration brochures to see how the other EA Series filters stand up to the OEM and other types.
XL Synthetic Oil Line
If you have a location where AMSOIL is stocked to the general public I firmly suggest having the XL Series on display. We have done this in one location which has increased sales. An unfamiliar customer generally won't pay our retail price as they are not willing to go to 1-year intervals when they drive more than 10,000 miles. Here is why you need AMSOIL XL.
 The price is right and the product has all the API specs and licenses they expect. It's an easy sell for a 6-month oil change with any filter. The 5W20 and 5W30 fits the bill. I can sell a case locally for every 5 or so cases of the 100% ASL 5W30 or 0W20.
Don't argue with your customer. Present the product that meshes with their current beliefs and way of thinking. More return customers are great. Again, study the data sheets.
Direct Jobber Awards and Incentives
  Partially repeated from older newsletter..
As this could take up an entire newsletter I'll add in parts trying to answer the most frequent questions but think of Direct Jobber status as the cornerstone to full efficiency for all the dynamic ways to earn income from AMSOIL. Direct Jobbers are the top. No commissions in the group go any higher. The higher up DJ's only earn a performance bonus at that point which also has a sliding scale. This is why this is NOT a pyramid scheme.
 Lets start by listing the bonuses and programs available individually or simultaneously.
  • Sponsorship Program
  • Growth Bonus programs
  • Golden Key
  • Direct Jobber Convention
The Sponsorship Bonus adds an additional 1 or 2% to your 23% level in your monthly commissions. Having a minimum of 4000 CCs and one qualified account you earn an additional 1%. Having 5000 CCs and 2-qualified gets you an additional 2%. AMSOIL tracks your monthly qualified dealers and PC and accounts. Your part is to just make sure you are sponsoring and selling!
A balanced dealership will ensure you remain a DJ and continue to grow. I do this by keeping close contact with my commercial accounts and dealers. Sales come in via updates on my website but you still need to expand mainly through dealer sponsorship and by helping your dealers reach direct jobber. This provides you with more stable income twelve months out of the year. AMSOIL U covers this subject with years of stats to take advantage of.
You do need a certain number of points to be qualified to the main bonus but you can do that by getting that business card out there and having the technical knowledge of the product. Really in my opinion the rest comes naturally as long as you are determined to make something with your AMSOIL business. I did that years ago with the need to get away from credit cards and I did it. I think commercial accounts are the best way to get to DJ.. Please study those presentations I sent out on the CDs as they list the types of accounts which no one else is calling on. Use your yellow pages.

Incentive Qualified means, you have a new dealer, PC or Account for the month with the required accumulated activity. This means:
Dealer/PC - 50 CCs in 12 months
Accounts - $100 in paid product in 12 months.
The Growth Bonus Program
  • The primary goal of this program is to incentivize DJs in continuing and enhancing the sales and sponsorship efforts they have already begun.  
  • AMSOIL's motivation for this is simple - when you grow - AMSOIL grows.
  • A DJ can earn a growth bonus at three different levels, 10% 3% and 2% and all overlapping! That 10% back on yearly growth over a set base. 3% on downline DJ commissions and 2% on 2nd line new DJ's! My first year as a DJ i grew my business enough so my 10% bonus was $15,000. the next year I think it was $12,000.
  • Golden Key program - up to 13% bonus on monthly PG Dealer Commissions.
  • Direct Jobber Convention - Earn $ for sponsorship to pay for trip over and above in resort style settings.

Pointers, Odds and Ends
Second hand tips:
When a customer calls you to order his time is valuable. You also know people are also short of money more these days so you want to know how to get them the most for their money. I always suggest cases over quarts and gallons and stick a copy of the freight rates right on the side of your computer monitor screen or desk. If they need 6-quarts tell them that a case is only $2.50 more in shipping than the six quarts. A 4-gallon case saves another .44c/qt over the quarts out of the case. The best deal is a fully rounded order over 40 pounds so they get the .38c/lb rate.
Always mention the Engine Flush, PI, and gear lube for each order. Although I am not pushy on air filters I usually say, "I'm not trying to sell you an air filter now but please consider these for later as one of our air filters lasts as long as 8 OEM types and costs 1/2 of competing washable filters. Ours offer better air flow and clean without oil." 1/3rd of the time they add one of those. I always thank them then I end noting we also are the source for NGK and TRICO products. I am selling a good # of wiper blades. The Neoform are a great product and most of the customers seem to know something about them.
Last, if you can remember - start a conversation with them and find out what they do for a living. 3 out of 5 times your customer will be in a position for a commercial account or preferred customer. I sign up nearly all my bypass customers as preferred customers because I want them with that fresh AMSOIL material in their hands monthly when I call them for a follow-up 5 months later.
Alright, let's go have some fun.
Rest Stop Photos make the best shots!
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