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Summer, 2009 Issue #6 
Amsoil plant central mixing & combining station
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Local Compressor Oil Test
Garbage Trucks - leads for more sales
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I can see August as being one of the best months in sales and an exploding overall interest in your Amsoil marketing plans. Not only are more dealers hitting new highs, they are increasing at higher than normal rates for this time of year.

1950 Studebaker at the Studebaker Convention - painted like a P51It's astonishing because the rest of the economy says different. People are looking to AMSOIL. More than ever I am gaining sales from the decals on my car and Amsoil clothing. I'm getting more bypass kit sales and more diesel oil sales to truckers and large marine use.
The #1 item I am moving at this moment is the AMV 20W50 Motorcycle - Have you ordered the new updated test study (G-2156)?. Please read it and save!! Send to everyone!
I will have a 2nd newsletter for Aggrand shortly. I have some great information for those getting started relating to soil analysis. There is an indicator, which easily gives one an idea to the amount of 4-3-3 to use on the soil. More on that soon.
Last, I have a better-detailed report on the Direct Jobber Growth bonus qualification for those who asked. Want to recognize two recent accomplishments - Gene and Betty Pyeatt who attended AMSOIL U and are very busy with public events with their Amsoil Business with aid of their Mini Cooper and teardrop trailer. They are in the current Action News as new direct dealers. As a DD you can start banking points for DJ. Gene and Betty both have great personal marketing skills.
Lets also recognize Mike & Tracie Lloyd for reaching the major stage of Direct Jobber! They are now eligible for all the great bonuses and full commissions, which is the reward for putting your AMSOIL business first. A Direct Jobber is the first level where you see the proof of your efforts. Mike's commitment included attending a past AMSOIL U and working closely with several other egar dealers in his group. Mike is a real pro with the trade shows. See his site at
Final Call to get T1 Certified while it's easy.
T1 Certified Dealers get twice the business.
Time to get it done. Amsoil is going to change the approval requirements soon but the the requirement to REMAIN a certified dealer changes now.
To get lead generated from, random retail profits and your own listing in the directory the rules are about to change as well as requirements to get into the system. Please establish your T1 Certification this month!
New Requirement: Internet Access, Dealer Zone use meaning any dealer who hasn't log into the dealer zone within 3 months will be automatically ejected from the system. Business and leads will be funneled to dealers who are active in their businesses.
This will mean more leads as there will be significantly less dealers in the system. There are a LOT of dealers who never visit the dealer zone and AMSOIL doesnt want to reward dealers who arent active in their busines as they dont have the technical knowlege and very likely a stump in the mud a customer wouldnt want to deal with any way.
Order the business manual to get the workbook needed to get established ASAP. Your activity increases leads sent to you.

AMSOIL Air Compressor Oil & Service Results in Money Saved.
Amsoil Compressor Oil PCKLower cost of Ownership!
The AMSOIL compressor oil line is a genuine problem solver but to get the sale you have to impact the decision maker. The features or benefits? How about the customer benefit? Here's what the PCI can do:
  • 50% reduction in lube costs
  • 5% reduction in energy costs
  • 25% reduction in maintenance expense
  • 10% reduction in capital expense for replacement
  • 25% increase in product output
  • Resulting in a 15% increase in profit.

Hard working compressor - little air circulationA good friend in Tea, SD, Bill Stegmeier runs quite the elaborate machine shop which runs 7 days per week for the production of grain/corn roller mills. In trade for some shop work and use of tools I've been helping him with his lubricant needs. The shop's pneumatic needs are operated via a 25 HP Leroi/Dresser compressor 3-phase piston type.
We took initial currant and temperature readings before changing the oil. The compressor also has a significant oil leak at the base of the cylinders so we selected the PCK 40WT compressor oil. This compressor like many is placed out of the way because of noise but suffers from lack of airflow. This adds to the load. This unit has external oil lines used to cool at the head. With the existing oil (unknown) we measured an average of 34.2 AMPS.  The peak head temperature for cyl #1 was 212F and #2 was 218F.
Peak temperature readings using infared After draining the oil and adding about 6 quarts we let the unit run for several cycles to get the oil thoroughly circulated before taking readings.
The results:
Improved AMP draw - 33.2 amps with an average of 32.7! A full 1-AMP decrease.
Various temperature readings showed increased efficiency. Head #1 was found to be at 179F and #2 was 181 average and reached a peak of 200F.
We also inspected the lined for leaks and found one significant one and alerted the owner.
Potential savings?
Amp reading after oil change - AverageThe one amp reduction is right on with Amsoil's quoted 5%. With a 25HP electric motor and electrical rate of  .07/kWh, a compressor operating at the typical 40-hour workweek the savings is approximately $130 annually.
As this could be considered a service call we also inspected the lines and found a 1/8th" leak in a PVC line.  Correcting this leak could save the owner over $2300 yearly. If there are more cracks we can reduce operating costs even more.
Don't forget to look over the Compressor oil white paper which shows not only is our synthetic fluid less in cost compared to most the competition, the fluid has a 8000 hour life and resists viscosity and change due to sheer better than all the rest.
Consider your self as the synthetic oil pro as primarily a problem solver!!
Next issue - in the same shop we will be testing two of AMSOIL's high speed greases (racing & water resistant) vs. the brand name the roller mill manufacture uses on their finished goods. We will be running the units at full speed/load while monitoring temperature! Should be fun!

Garbage Trucks - Absolute most stressful work truck on the road.
  Nordic Waste + Heavy Duty Trials 
You should have seen by now the AMSOIL Technical Services performance tests with a severe service refuse truck in the Nordic Waste fleet. One key factor which must be pointed out is that Duluth not only has the steepest roads of any city its size but there are virtually hundreds of the. This creates an extreem environment excellent to show just how durable AMSOIL really is.
I was at the initial presentation with the fleet owner and the Amsoil staff during AMSOIL U. Here I sum up the highlights plus some notes not included in the study.
First please enjoy this video covering the facts applied to this fleet. 
 Open video - Enjoy!

  • After 200 hours the 100*C required sheer viscosity failed on the used Rotella 15W40 and 3 quarts were required for top off.
  • The AMSOIL AME 15W40 was still at 12 centistokes after 983 hours and only 1-quart added.
  • Main performance was hydraulic system improvement.
  • Significantly better wear protection. Wear rates at 983 hrs. were lower than international allows at 300 hrs.
  • International/Navistar DT466 creates severe conditions on motor oil due to HEUI fuel injection system - raises oil pressure as high as 21,000 psi.
  • Full redline to operate hydraulics from 90*F to -30*F.
  • Operating environment includes large steep hills, 70-90 pick ups daily, up to 40,000 pound loads, undersized engine.
  • Starts every time in winter temps as low as -40F.
  • Exceptional TBN retention over the Rotella product.
  • In 7800 hours routine teardown engine parts within limits for new components.
  • Top piston ring only 1/1000th inch of wear! Rings moved freely. Wrist pin near perfect condition.
  • Engine bearings were in near perfect condition. Dan Lee Mechanic stated, "What little wear was evident was not due to oil contaminants." - referring to light scratched likely due to assembly debris.
  • AME low oxidation resistance provided to exceptional valvetrain cleanliness after 8000 hours in high sludge area.
  • $397.50 savings per truck in oil cost (using retail cost) - does not include filter savings, reduced downtime and labor associated.
  • Owner states the savings in downtime is considerable as overlapping in schedules for oil maintenance causes significant stress on vehicles and scheduling.
You now have more material for the presentation.Largest savings is in the reduction in necessary overhauls or other projected non-warranty failures.
conclusion to study - trials sell! 

Here's my suggestion for presenting the material on your own website. Take a look at one of three discussion areas on my website. (scroll down on opened page)

More Newsletters - More short subjects.
I am dedicated to crank more of these newsletters out especially now as my website has dropped in rank so I don't have to be tied to the phone all the time. It's a blessing in disguise for me. I'd rather help you. And I have so much material you can use. As long as you take the time to look over these newsletters your business will grow.
I'm gaining more information for the Aggrand side and am now seeing the demand with ALTRUM. Many Amsoil dealers have no interest in vitamins but I can attest that #1, they work and #2 I know personally how they come to be through Al, Greg and their consultant Gordy down in Minneapolis.  ALTRUM is not affiliated with any other supplement company. They hand pick the superfood and ingredients and it's all manufactured per AMSOIL's quality needs.
 You have many tools here to make life better for others. One sentence - I've proven results on the Stress Formula, Roborant Energy & Digestive Enzymes. The vision formula works as advertised. I can see better in lower light conditions and am using an older pair of glasses now.

Direct Jobber Awards and Incentives
As this could take up an entire newsletter I'll add in parts trying to answer the most frequent questions but think of Direct Jobber status as the cornerstone to full efficiency for all the dynamic ways to earn income from AMSOIL. Direct Jobbers are the top. No comissions in the group go any higher. The higher up DJ's only earn a performance bonus at that point which also has a sliding scale.
 Lets start by listing the bonuses and programs available individually or simultaneously.
  • Sponsorship Program
  • Growth Bonus programs
  • Golden Key
  • Direct Jobber Convention

The Sponsorship Bonus adds an additional 1 or 2% to your 23% level in your monthly commissions. Having a minimum of 4000 CCs and one qualified account you earn an additional 1%. Having 5000 CCs and 2-qualified gets you an additional 2%. AMSOIL tracks your monthly qualified dealers and PC and accounts. Your part is to just make sure you are sponsoring and selling!
Incentive Qualified means, you have a new dealer, PC or Account for the month with the required accumulated activity. This means:
Dealer/PC - 50 CCs in 12 months
Accounts - $100 in paid product in 12 months.
The Growth Bonus Program

  • The primary goal of this program is to incentivize DJs in continuing and enhancing the sales and sponsorship efforts they have already begun.
  • AMSOIL's motivation for this is simple - when you grow - AMSOIL grows.
  • A DJ can earn a growth bonus at three different levels, 10% 3% and 2% and all overlapping! That 10% back on yearly growth over a set base. 3% on downline DJ commissions and 2% on 2nd line new DJ's!
  • Golden Key program - up to 13% bonus on monthly PG Dealer Commissions.
  • Direct Jobber Convention - Earn $ for sponsorship to pay for trip over and above in resort style settings.

Pointers, Odds and Ends
Second hand tips:
AMSOIL is more widely recognized than ever before. About 30% of my customers in the past month say they recently just heard about Amsoil through a friend. I was lucky to earn their business because I was easy to find. If you search "Amsoil Sioux Falls" in any of the search engines I appear in several of the listings (free local listings, paid listings, search result, stories and quotes, etc.) The best way to get out there are the free local listings every search engine offers.
Get your business cards out to everyone, catalogs out there, back window info on your car or truck and wear Amsoil clothing. My shirts have done more for local conversation and networking than even the decaled out Mini.
Rest Stop Photos make the best shots!
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More tips!
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Local grease load and temperature test

Ches Cain
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