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Winter, 2009 Issue #7 
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By now most of you should have received your requested copies of the CD presentations from the 2009 AMSOIL Direct Jobber Convention. I almost didn't go but Tim Golden called several times urging me to go because of sponsoring, new accounts, preferred customers and my dealers converting to Direct Jobbers we earned points which converted to cash as long as we showed up. All DJs who show up were given their Convention bonus checks which mine was ranked #3 out of 350 attendees. The purpose of this newsletter is to help you do the same.

Dedication to your AMSOIL business pays off when you do everything you can to promote the products and help your downlines. I'm sure glad I went because the bonus check paid for the whole trip plus more.
The magnitude of the information is very well represented in these CD presentations. I am now sending copies to dealers who have not requested them so if you are reading this and you are first level downline you will get one. 2nd level downline will get one from me if you ask but I recommend you making additional copies for your own downline. The disc has a lot of shortcuts. Especially the news on the new grease which I will cover briefly here but more to come when I get the demonstration unit. This has fixed my apathy for trade shows once again
Interesting Statistics
We'll be talking about hydraulics and grease to open the off hiway market so you need to know who your customers are.
51% of all lubricants in the US are consumed by Off-Highway purposes. 51% of that is Agriculture. 30% is construction.
The addition of the new Synthetic Polymeric off-road grease will lock you into that market for other Amsoil products.
Globally for 2008, grease makes up 3% of all finished lubricant consumption. Automotive lubricants are 7% while hydraulic oils amount to 11%!
Grease over the past 5 years is a 60 million gallon per year industry. Do you think there's room for you? 
Of all the greases our target group uses Lithium Complex greases which is 36% of the US grease market. Conventional Lithium is another 30% so we have over 60% on the grease industry right in our target group.
Average oil changes per year (U.S. Private-sector cars & lt. trucks) from 2003 to 2008 has decreased from 3.44 to 2.8. Extended changes is here to stay. Use the XL-Series for those who just have to channge thir oil at traditional intervals. 
How about some dealer stats:
There are 36% more direct jobbers than in 2005. Industry lubricant sales are down 11% while AMSOIL's sales are up 16%!
Commercial Trucking & Diesel Lubricants
Do you subscribe to Lubes N Greases Magazine? It's free you know.
Lubes N GreasesPage 36 in the October issue there's a great article explaining the new SCR-DEF fluid technology for 2010 diesel engines to stay in emissions compliance. Familiarize yourself with this. Although throughly covered at AMSOIL U, our CJ4 rated diesel oils comply with these new systems. The DEO 5W40 exceeds the requirements for low-emissions quality diesel oil. Another selling point and allows you to stay up on the technology. Please take time and read over the product data sheets for this and the DME 15W40.

 Recall that the DME and DEO CJ4 diesel oils now are guaranteed three times longer than OEM or longer with oil analysis. Also the advanced formula we have available delivers better fuel economy. An EPA test procedure conforms AMSOIL 5W-40 provides up to 3 percent better fuel economy than conventional 15W-40 diesel oils.  Please study occasionally the data sheets for this product. The OTR Truck world needs AMSOIL. AMSOIL dealers with a trucking background reach DJ PDQ!
Also any trucker who joins you as a dealer will find the best foot in the door is the bypass kits. AMSOIL recently presented a case study from a national fleet with 7000+ tractors. Tests were done on 24 Class 8 vehicles both old and new. Generally advertised soot removal increases 14% when the EAO-120 & BMK-30 is used. Higher efficiencies are attained when using Donaldson Endurance or AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters.
 The company set PM intervals at 45,000 miles: 

  •  Soot decreased by a 40% average
  •  Used EaBP filters has 80% capacity remaining
  • Used EaBP filters still maintained original efficiency
  • Oil was good to go for continued use
 I'll be attaching one of the kits to my AMC Eagle wagon which has the legendary 4.2 (later 4.0) Jeep I6 soon. A car, which gets a lot of attention around here, works well with a bypass kit. Another talking point and a great segue into signing up that preferred customer.
 Speaking of the bypass systems I now have in stock custom brackets for the Ford 6.0 and maybe the 6.4. If you have a 6.4 or a photo of one let's talk.
ALERT: AMSOIL Announces New Diesel Engine Emissions Technology/Fuel Dilution Webinar
AMSOIL is excited to announce the New Diesel Engine Emissions Technology/Fuel Dilution Webinar scheduled for Tuesday, November 10th at 7:00 pm. The room is limited to 200 seats and they are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
 Best to visit the dealer zone and get signed up today!

Just in Time - AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Grease
The Grease which opens doors! 
The new Synthetic Polymeric Grease!!
Almost three years ago we were told at AMSOIL U of this new grease and a line of tools and accessories.  Well this grease is BIG NEWS and it's here! The CD I sent out covers this thoroughly but I need to make a couple points.
ALERT: AMSOIL Announces Synthetic Polymeric Grease Webinar
AMSOIL is excited to announce the Synthetic Polymeric Grease Webinar scheduled for Tuesday, November 17th at 7:00 pm. The room is limited to 200 seats and they are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 
The new grease webinar will introduce AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Grease, present features and benefits, applications, specifications and describe the exclusive chemistry engineered specifically for the off-road market. Grease compatibility, market needs and field validation results will be discussed along with discussion of the AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Chemistry and the extended lubrication intervals it provides. This webinar is recommended for Dealers at all levels. - Go to the dealer zone for more info (What's new in the Dealer ZOne and the Training area today to get registered.)

Visually we have absolute proof how far ahead AMSOIL is with this product. So much so - that anyone who sees the demonstration would never use anything else. The target group is heavy-duty off-road off-highway equipment owners who grease every day the equipment is in use. One example would be street cleaners. Those large brush units are constantly in water, mud, dust, salt, and have to endure constant shock and loading. You might find that with daily greasing the bearings end up having to be replaced on a 3-week basis. In Duluth the city used the new grease in this open bearing and several months have passed w/o any need to change out the unit. Time and money saved!

 Demonstrator unit.
Pheasant Fest 2008Available for order now. One demonstration to the right firm should easily result in a simple drum sale almost paying for the unit. Let me describe what I witnessed at the DJ convention. This unit is pneumatically actuated with a portable air tank mounted right on the unit. A pulse of air slams a shaft down against an anvil. Grease is placed on the anvil surface and a clear guard is placed over the impact zone. When using any conventional or competitor grease in the unit - the collision will cause the grease to spread out completely in a nice visible ring on the clear guard, leaving the protected surface open for rust and wear to take over. Upon inspection no grease remains on the wear surface. No Grease, No Protection! The AMSOIL GPOR grease never leaves the surface and the fibrous chemistry weaves its self to the metal surface forming a waterproof seal.
As the firing pin lifts up the area remains protected with a complete shroud of grease surrounding the area. The prospect can instantly see the difference. If this unit is somewhat easy to pack and ship I will loan mine out to my dealers with a small deposit.
Use this product as the tool to introduce Amsoil. Use it to get your foot in the door. Could you imagine the attraction this will create at trade shows?  
Bucket pin wear is caused by poor grease quality. Operators normally grease twice per day and even then bucket pins wear out prematurely. AMSOIL solves this problem while saving time. 
Hydraulic Trends - More Business for Specialty Brands
Page 28 in the August Lubes N Greases outlines the future needs for one of the most common lubricant/fluid needs - Hydraulic Fluid.
I recommend you read this article! I can fax or mail you a copy. What was covered three years ago at AMSOIL U is now hitting the industry and AMSOIL is the only hydraulic oil in North America I know of which meets the MEHF requirement. The article covers all the reasons for you why your oil is the answer to the problems.
AMSOIL AW and TBI series have the solution for these problems:
Leakage, temperature and power loss (due to new compact systems and small tank capacities) - and overall environmental impact are growing concerns.
 Requirements for lower deposits caused by varnish are a problem but are already addressed by the AW Series. 
There are plenty of details, which I have covered before but understand the multi viscosity properties, which are unique to AMSOIL AW series and the usefulness of the AMSOIL TBI biodegradable.
The main thing to keep in mind is that until now hydraulic fluid technology has been relatively static, low cost and used a minimum number of additives. That is all changing. Fluid power is entering a new age. Second to that hydraulic fluid sales are only second to automotive lubricants in global sales. Next time we will list sources for hydraulic customer applications.
Here's a note from AMSOIL's Fluid Power dept regarding a prospect having problems with Royal Purple. There's plenty to learn from in this note:
Sounds like they are looking for environmentally friendly hydraulic oil. The RP marine hyd oil MSDS says synthetic and petroleum mixture. They do not say what type of synthetic. I believe that their ashless additives are what they are hanging their hat on when they say inherently biodegradable. Let's look at the definition of inherently and readily biodegradable.
Inherently Biodegradable Inherently biodegradable products refer to products that degrade eventually, but not in a specified timeframe. Inherently biodegradable products are also pollutants and are subject to all fines, cleanup regulations and long term remediation as found in petroleum products.
Readily Biodegradable A readily biodegradable lubricant is defined as degrading 80% in saltwater within 21 days. Most readily biodegradable hydraulic fluids are of the naturally occurring triglycerides class of products, commonly known as vegetable oils (source: Underwater Magazine).
Our AW series are inherently biodegradable and our TBI is readily biodegradable. TBI is not vegetable oil but synthetic esters and does not have any detrimental affects such as short oil life, oxidation issues, rancid smell etc that vegetable oil have. There is no loss in lubrication ability when AMSOIL TBI is used as there is with some vegetable oils.


Bypass Bracket 
Ford 6.0 and 6.4 Diesel - Bypass mounting bracket
New Bypass BracketI have several of these custom made ready to go. They mount on the alternator and are easy to use. Having a mounting solution increases sales. Please call if you have or have access to a 6.4 though. These are made for the 6.0 but I need to verify if the 6.4 will work too.
 Once a year I like to bring up this subject. There's no question to the resulting power of a good website but it's not about how good or pretty the website is. It's a question of will the website be found when someone searches for what they are looking for? Within the first eye scan can the customer see near the upper half of the page (8-second rule) find a tab for product purchase and price?
There are several more factors but this is the one I most omitted.
Other top priorities: 
 Identify yourself positively and never focus on negative.
Explain any technical aspects of yourself and earn the trust of the customer with your product knowledge and any personal relationships to machinery or automobiles, which relate to your AMSOIL business. Take all the time you need to make this point.
But first and foremost - have the purchase and buy at wholesale options right in the upper half of the screen. That way if they are annoyed by something they can still perform the function 1/10th the visitors set out to do anyway.
Close on as many sales as you can and follow up when you see the sale in your retail from online ordering list or catalog ordering list. Thank them or send a thank you card. Many customers have remarked their reason for selecting my business to call for ordering - because the other sites seemed to not have a face or any character. When I designed my site, I wanted it to say brick and mortar. I wanted it to say people work here. I didn't want it to say - I'm floating out here in the universe, or "there's nothing here to indicate anything becomes updated." You don't want it to look more of an object than a communications site. Know that 70% of my retail sales resulting from web searches come from my interior pages. The search took them directly to the product age. Most customers never see my home page. The home page is critical for overall ranking based on unique content. Keep the unique content all through out the site. But make your product pages call out - We are here so call to get the price. Lock in that customer with your customer service. If you can't be there, then have a form to consult with that customer to lock them in as a PC.
 Here's an example. Go to Google and search "amsoil motorcycle oils" look who is the first dealer site in the natural listings - mine. Also search "amsoil preferred customer" look who is first after AMSOIL again. Look at the title and descriptions. Short and attention getting but the whole page was written to agree with the title and description.

I invite any of our dealers to call sometime for some basic pointers. It's about the flow and the product pages. One page dedicated to a particular AMSOIL product and solutions to common products will get you to the top. I think its even better if you have a single site or several dedicated to one product or product type.
I've always just done what I thought would work then if I fail, I tried something else never giving up. You will never have success copying another dealer. You just have to experiment.. If you want to be one of the top dealers make that decision and stay focused. If you fail, try something else. I want you to pass me in the AMSOIL rankings.
Speaking of websites, I just added and updated the diesel fuel additives page. Another multi million dollar a year industry - in cold climates it would be wise to have the Diesel Recovery in stock. I've already sold several 30 oz. bottles to my diesel customers. I sell it on the basis as emergency insurance in their arsenal. See the last Action News how it out performs the competition.

Pointers, Odds and Ends
Second hand tips:
Orlando dealer needed:
Seems the most disappointed customers who call lately are in Orlando. Warehouse towns seldom have a reliable dealer carrying stock. Orlando appears to be hard to get around in traffic and customers who need product on weekends have no one to depend on. I get a LOT of calls. Perhaps you have a dealer or prospect we can channel that lost business to? My Orlando Amsoil page ranks pretty high. Customers also want to pay cash but there's no one there stocking product who is easy to find. We can solve that problem! Get your business cards out to everyone, catalogs out there, back window info on your car or truck and wear Amsoil clothing. My shirts have done more for local conversation and networking than even the decaled out Mini.

AMC EagleHere's our new AMSOIL Trial vehicle - 1983 AMC Eagle Wagon with the 4.2 I6. Runs great thanks to the Power Foam and PI. Lots of miles already using the HDD, ATF, SVG and the NGK V-power plugs. It's soon to be outfitted with a BMK-21 and custom bracket.

Im still doing rebates on shipping. You stock product I want to make it easy for you to sell at the best price & get some momentum. Send me your reciept in the mail when your AMSOIL order is over $300 and I will refund shipping charges. Let's be fair - this is intended for inventory. Also you always want to aim on 40 pounds minimum to get the better shipping rate. This offer is only to non-direct jobbers as the extra bonuses you get as a DJ will easily cover this and you are at the top of your line when that happens. I encurage all DJ's to do the same.
As for retail accounts I rebate shipping on ALL orders. This has taken care of any short falls in service I am responsible for. The accounts thrive and expand. But my #1 focus is on Commercial accounts. See the presentation CDs on the more commissions than before.
AMSOIL U - This offer is for all dealers in my line not seperated by a Direct Jobber. Any dealers signing up for AMSOIL U I will rebate $200 in your discounted product purchase and offer you $200 in cash for showing up. People who went last year can now qualify for the business level course so don't pass that up. More people will be looking to become dealers and you want the knowledge.
One more thing as mentioned in the CDs - T1 Certification is getting better - a removal of 75% of dealers which don't meet the minimum to qualify (logging into the Dealer Zone monthly) means the remaining working dealers will see a increase in leads and catalog orders. Get T1 Certified now! Another dealer of mine just got $100 out of knowhere last week.
In closing -  word is getting out about the quality of AMSOIL products in all commercial applications. The very least you should be doing is get that business card (only a high quality one that is) to all of the businesses you pass by on your way to work or home.
Take a different route to see whose in those industrial areas. Strike up conversations at the gas pump. Scan categories in the yellow pages such as street cleaning, florists, carpet cleaning, street repair, concrete, excavating, rental companies with skid steer equipment as an excersize to get an idea of the real numbers of the .
Just introduce yourself as the stocking AMSOIL jobber in the area and be on your way. Businesses appreciate a friendly supplier who can save them money. So the technique which takes no time out of your day at all is to make a 2nd follow-up with a data sheet or brochure related to their fleet.
You want dozens of these tiny commercial accounts because they are easy and generally you can sign them up on the first appointment but just by getting your cards out there we know that sooner or later someone who you contact is going to cross path with thoughts or discussions on AMSOIL and guess whose card will be in the top drawer? And how much did that cost you? If you get out there you will get the accounts!
Ches Cain
The Synthetic Warehouse