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Winter, 2009 Issue #5 
Amsoil in snow and Studebaker event in Rapid City
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Bobby Unser and Amsoil - new sales videosHello!
First a big congratulations to our downline-  Hoyt Matthew - Look in the January Action News - he's the dealers in the Dealers in Action report. Hoyt is also expanding his business through lawncare forums and commercial businesses. He knows better than most that AMSOIL can replace your income and can be more than reliable when one focuses on it. Look for Hoyt to be mentioned in the future as well as his upline - Gabe who worked with me at the Sturgis Rally.
Let's get ready for Febuary - March which is always on record as some of the highest months for AMSOIL demand. The above picture with the 51 Studebaker by the way I added because it just has a nice look with the trailer. With Amsoil, something like that would really be a pleasure to drive. My Studebaker took a back seat but I hope to get to that soon.
The culture is now lined up in all levels of society to accept what AMSOIL has to offer. We've reached a point where people are interested like never before even when the economy has taken a slump. I'm seeing more dealer info requests while I have stopped almost all advertising.
Please pay close attention to the resources I will be pointing out here. I hope to keep this short so you can easily reference.
Note: We'll show you where you can get Bobby Unsers new talks on Amsoil.
P.S. For those who have asked - AMSWIN is finally being upgraded to a version with the features and inventory control we have needed for 10 years. It's coming!! Keep an eye on
AMSOIL Prices Coming Down & Do it yourself.
Yes - No better way to start a newsletter than with the first ever price decrease announcement! May 1st is the date. So prepare to get the new catalogs by then and get rid of any catalogs you have now.
Now is also the prime time to secure accounts and get your card out everywhere because March I would like to see you more busy on the pone taking orders. you can be set up for that now.
The price decrease will be on oil items only but I am waiting to see if shipping will also be effected. generally 15 to 30 cents per quart. When I got started I had an average of 20 cases per month sold so at 30 cents that is a income increase of $72 if you continued to sell at the current pricing.
Before going on to the next topic I wanted to note that the DO IT FOR ME trend is reversing and Do IT YOURSELF is on a comeback. Risk of inflation, layoffs, corporate real estate coming to a stop will be the blame but it's simple economics. The AMSOIL dealer will be in view if you have the stock to serve. I recently also saw an article in a national newspaper about the repair parts supply business on the upside as people can't be replacing durables as they once did. 
Bobby Unser Videos
Everyone please watch these!
Rather than the short commercials you've seen we now have these four talks which are 1:30 to just over 2 minutes long.
These are now available for you to use and watch. Add to your website, send to customers or use for racing promotions.
Bypass Filters - Continue to be my #1 income producer
BMK-30 valve for samplesStill - I spend great time keeping my bypass page updated with relevant search terms, etc and I bet I sell more bypass kits to cars and light trucks than anyone. This business is easy if you put the work into it. Ive installed a few of these myself and am getting ready to do another in the next week. Many dealers know that having one of these under the hood or wheel well drives in new customers and return customers. 
Most importantly they have years of trouble free service and save our customers hundreds of hours in time every year. Others bythem to save money or to add protection but #1 is to save time while on the road. Jim Fleshner's display below reveils how he is the #1 dealer for bypass sales for the big wheels! Trckers want anything that will help them stay in business.
The above item by the way is a new petcock valve for sampling on the BMK-30. $28.50 ea.
Jim's BMK-30 filter working on display mounted in the bed of the Ranger.
Frequented the dealer ads. Dont let them collect dust.
Again - it's there for you to help give solutions to their problems. Bypass filters should be right there in the top of your "Tell me about AMSOIL" speech. Use them yourself and have a story.
Note:  It helps greatly to have the instructions on hand for all of these. If not on your website you should have them on your hard drive as you will always get a question for a correct part number - ALSO to shorten space in the price lists many of the parts have been removed such as petcock valves, elbows and BMK-23 parts.
Dress up your website or page - Local listings start HERE
I've asked many new dealers to send me some product related paragraphs with geographical information worked into the sentence structure. I have pages on my site for many dealers and their area so that when someone in Reno or Charlottesville searches for AMSOIL, they find you. That's how many dealers of mine got their start and grew from there.
Many of the pages need updating. It's easy. Send me some new product info, photos etc. Look in the last three Action News issues and just use those paragraphs and rewrite them for your area or even if you cant, just email them to me and I will put it up to update that page which increases the rankings. It's easy work and pays off. If someone now searches for "AMSOIL st. paul" they will find 20 or so other dealers but mine. If we have material for you then you have a chance to be up at the top with the free local business listing. That's how you get the phone to ring.
I will make a page like this for you.Provide me with the meat and potato paragraphs to support "Amsoil Cincinnati" for example and we'll make it happen. I searched Amsoil Phoenix for example and my dealers there were #1 in google although we need to update that page too. Include information on suburbs or if you are in the country use keywords related to the area and products people there would use.
Lock in EVERY Commercial Account Prospect with this new Tool
A successful commercial account dealer in North Texas sent me the information on this new tool he has spent many years refining with professionals in both web tool designs and fleet managers. You wont hear about this from AMSOIL.
This tool has now been refined as a professional asset for locking in solid those accounts you wish you had. Professional detail is here for you to present to the client. A professional Cost/Savings Analysis Report!
Sometimes when you need something done right you don't wait for others to help you - you must do it yourself and that is what Mr. Chriswell did. He asked me to look over the tool for feedback. Well I haven't replied to him yet but I did look over the tool and I am impressed! It not only works but it tells a complete story to the fleet customer (any commercial account prospect).
Please note that this tool is best suited for end users - both fleets and single vehicle owners as well as stationary engines but can be used for retail accounts although that was not the primary goal.
The tool is called Lube Quote Pro. I present this to you as I believe you will make this part of your AMSOIL strategy. I sure will be.
Please look over the site at and send me your feedback as I promised I would help the creator field test this. So far I like it and am impressed.
 There is no software to install but take some time to watch the demonstration video then look over the sample reports on the main page. There are a lot or points listed but my favorite: "Gain new confidence in your sales presentations, knowing the report is specifically for a certain customers needs."
Bottom line to keep things simple you just run the reports off the site which charge $4 per use. That's less than much of the literature one hands out to these accounts, not to mention postage which is often my main expense. 
One fleet with 60 pickups was shown to save $81,000 in oil and filters over the life of the fleet not including the extended life of ownership which could also be explained. A single vehicle in the example is shown to have saved $1740 in maintenance costs simply and easily - a new customer earned!
A summary of reports:
  • Motor Oil and Oil Filter Worksheet
  • Fuel Efficiency Worksheet
  • Transmission Fluid Worksheet
  • Air Filter Worksheet

Sample transmission quote for fleet savings

Pointers, Odds and Ends
Attention Getter! You like this bike? 71 MotoguzziBusiness cards certainly should be your primary tool for your gorilla marketing strategy.
We can make you custom cards but don't let them just sit on the shelf - hand them out all over town.

Then perhaps use some of the foot in the door products - the new diesel fuel additives, power steering fluid, PI, MP, etc. I planned on having a section on the MPHD but will do that later. The MP products have solved a lot of problems here in the house and outside. The MPHD is great for sealing off electrical connections from corrosion. I use the silicon spray on computer fans and non metallic sliding parts.
I'm open to hearing if you have any ideas on marketing the new gas engine intake systems. There must be some angle for those we are missing.
I have been updating my compressor oil page. You should also take those seriously. Theres a great deal of income available from them and the AW Hydraulic oils. I sell more Hydraulic oil now than compressor.
Consider making individual pages for specific vehicles. AMSOIL now has so many products available. Just take a Subaru for example -  A single page will rank high in the search engines if you recommend a oil, wiper blades, filters, NGK products, cabin air filters, intake air filters and EAAU if applicable. Also oil intervals, transmission fluids, photos, stories, etc. This method would drastically raise your website ranking as you add more of these. It will rank anytime someone searches for a forum of the same vehicle. Basically you are making a forum on that vehicle without all the inputs from others - a blog if you will.
Also consider having separate pages of you own with bypass installs and even antifreeze as a stand alone site. One dealer has a AMSOIL Antifreeze site and sells dozens of drums per year. 
More customer satisfaction results with the TRICO Neo-form wiper blades. I now stock the more common sizes as these are a easy sale. I only recommend the Neo-form as they do stick to the glass. Anyone using OEM blades needs to replace them 1-2 year intervals anyway. Get that word out and keep the data sheet on hand.
 I mentioned before Youtube videos are easy to make and there are very few Amsoil ones out there. Consider making one application specific such as a bypass install or explaining the intake kits or even oil analysis. they get noticed and if you let me know you have one we can recommend it boosting the popularity. You can make a video with any simple digital camera with the "movie" feature - most do.
AMSOIL U - Go for free Go to Amsoil U for your future.
Last chance!! I may have 7 dealers signed up now for the AMSOIL U in May. Go look in the training area. If I get 10 dealers which I should I will refund all your fees. I also will rebate your inventory purchases like I do every year. Dealers get 10% off for going. The Bells have 40 or so dealers show up because they know how important the training and exposure is. If you are reading this just know you can make a better living with Amsoil if you choose. The ball is in your court. I just want to give you the best chance for success. Also get that book I mentioned in the Aggrand newsletter. You will realize it as the most valuable material one could ever use.
Let me know by the 15th of FEB!! That's the deadline and you still have a chance for the $59 per night hotel room or perhaps chip in for the rent house Gabe is looking into.
 Ches Cain
Ches Cain
The Synthetic Warehouse