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Not Everything is Fine and Dandy but it could be with AGGRAND January 2009
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Aggrand offers natural disease control
Organic farms are more resilient to drought, more energy efficient and less oil dependent. Organic farming also sequesters carbon in the soil, which is better for sustained crop production. European agencies have documented that organic farming can revitalize rural communities, has better farm labor relationships and can heal environmentally-damaged countryside. The nation's organic infrastructure is expanding rapidly with new grain elevators, vegetable packing houses and community kitchens. 
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 In the center of KansasAmsoil's AGGRAND - Position Yourself
This long overdue newsletter will help most dealers transition from an AMSOIL dealer to not only a top sales dealer for AMSOIL's other product - Aggrand, but to provide answers and hope to many entering some tough times. Solutions to problems is what we call it. But you can't solve the problems if you don't know what they are!
I'm not going to pretend all is jolly and try to get someone to buy something piped down from the corporate media. We have something here to cut through the matrix. We are responsible for what is left to the next generation. But at the same time don't be fooled by "The Green Revolution" which is a system to do nothing more than to tax you. As a friend said (Pat Shannan) Maybe the people have the answers.
*This edition is going to several acquaintances, friennds and past customers. If you are not interested in Aggrand please at least read over the links. If you would like to become a dealer with us call me at 800-579-0580. Last year I had two dealers sell over $100,000 in sales in one month so it's wirh having as a option on the side. Hard work pays off
 You have the answers - Understand the Shifts 
The best way to enter the sales market of any product is to have a story of your own. You cannot sell something without an element to prove your faith in the product. AGGRAND is no different. 
  One way to analyze this is to see why so many people have chosen the following: 
  1. Purchase of select organic foods.
  2. Home garden to replace store bought foods and reduction of processed food dependence.
  3. Selection of natural unpasteurized (raw) milk, hormone rGBH free pasteurized milk or other dairy products.
  4. Total avoidance of vaccines and prescription drugs.
  5. The harm GMO crops are causing to bee populations and seed.
 Take Responsibility of your Own Food Supply & Educate Others.

People who make the above commitments are of a growing group of citizens who are loosing faith in products sold or the large growing monopolistic corporate control over the food supply (unhealthy processed foods, GMOs and additives) and profitable pharmaceutical industry. When you are left with few choices and want to provide food for your family to keep them healthy as well as control over your selections - AGGRAND falls right into place.
The following link is a new story from The American Free Press written by an AMSOIL customer of mine - Pat Shannan titled
"War Waged Over Organic Food" and it's a serious problem all across the nation. This should lead you to the same conclusions as others. Aside from this, there is a visible movement inside of The UN to criminalize natural health through Codex Alimentarius - even the Amish are under attack..  
Promote a AGGRAND Victory Garden today! Please take some time to watch the following video with the overview of Codex Alimentarius  - you will be hearing about this more in the future. Nutricide - Criminalizing Natural Health, Vitamins, and Herbs (pay attention near the 24 minute mark.)
It's our job to defend our rights to make our own decisions. This goes for the ALTRUM Line as well. Mr. Amatuzio has a staff member who hand picks the ingredients for the popular formulas such as the vision power, superfoods, Lecithin, Ultra Enzymes and my two favorites - Memory Focus and A.J. Roborant Energy. Codex Alimentarius threatens us all.
And by the way - I am adding all the ALTRUM products to my AGGRAND site because they are selling more than ever. I had more testimonials on the Joint Formula, Stress Management System (B-Complex) and the Prostate Formula than the others.
The Stress Management (VBO30) is one that gives instant results. Not just a remedy to stress but muscle twitching, effects of too much caffeine and long term memory loss prevention in elderly.

If you have not seen AMSOIL's Altrum line of supplements just follow this link. These are the retail prices so just call me for the cost price list. One thing is for sure - Hospitals love sick people and our food definitely is in cahoots with industry. you either pay for good health now or you pay for it later the hard way.
If you don't think these are worth the money or if you are of the mind that you eat well, stay away from bleached flour, MSG, corn syrup, soy products, etc..  already and Enzymes, C, herbs, etc. are secondary - at least get yourself a treadmill or spend some time staying fit. Up here in S. Dakota we've found cross country skiing, roller and ice skating the perfect way to stay fit while taking advantage of all the "one week free" at the various exercise centers all over town.
Bubba, we're not trying to be coy, we care and want to do our part in spreading the good health message because if you loose everything - you will still have your health!

 Aggrand or Bust
Lets look at another factor to draw a picture of Aggrand Demand
In the last week I have taken calls from both an Orange Grove farmer with 1400 trees and a large and growing rye grass pasture owner. Both said chemical fertilizers and pesticide-increased costs would do them both in this season. Both were clinging on with the hope and faith that AGGRAND could offer the cost savings solution.
  Both also expressed marginal results would be better than nothing. Folks - people are in dire need of our product. It's results or bust. I have said numerous times (even to AMSOIL Corp.) that AGGRAND could be the one product that any economic disaster couldn't totally do it in. AGGRAND is not only going to provide you a good sales base this pre-Spring season but with mounting unemployment you have a business opportunity that will be music to a whole lot of ears out there.
Oh - and if you haven't noticed the heirloom seed business is up 100%. Take a look in the search engines. They are storing them too. This new generation of food gardeners will be yours to keep. Don't miss out. 
Oh and please check out this trial if you haven't already "OMEGA Effectiveness of AGGRAND Presentation"
Outfit a business with Aggrand AMSOIL Dealer Considering AGGRAND?

 If you are now just getting into AGGRAND or familiarization with gardening and or lawn care I would suggest you start reading! Get the G-1380 packet from AMSOIL. Read organic based books like Howard Garrett's Organic Manual or The Square Foot gardener (although his book says no fertilizers are needed - AGGRAND would add options such as your compost preparation and major enhancement of the crops). The SQFT Gardner has a valuable herb and food crop reference section as well as growth charts in the appendix, which makes it worth the money and also a great gift.
While you take on that task I would also suggest starting a test and control crop in pots while it's cold outside. Now is the perfect time to get those seeds ready.
 You should also listen to radio shows relating to the subject. Probably more important though is to take several hours and review past AGGRAND newsletters to familiarize yourself with large farm success stories and typical mix rates.
As for those radio shows here is one growing in popularity - The Easy Organic Gardener with Sheri Frey who also uses and sells AGGRAND.. listen on demand to the replay here:'s another to help people cure disease naturally with nutrients you can grow your self: Herb Talk with Wendy Wilson
Her site: weekly on demand:
On my website, I now have a new dealer only info page which you must log into. Here I will store all the tips from the AGGRAND staff and other help topics for our dealers. The next item will be something to help you get started with your own garden pinpointing a soil mix and composting. More to come. We are in the season so now is the time to research and act. 
To access this page just log in the dealer log-in at the bottom of the menu - CALL ME FOR ACCESS

 Growth Review from 2008
Costs of chemical fertilizers increasing.
Although fuel costs have been reduced slightly (raw materials for manufacturing) the costs of fertilizers are expected to be more than 65% higher than they were prior to April 2008. Also keep in mind many farmers may not be able to get the loans they need through the fractional reserve system to get the credit needed.
These are Summer 2008 figures:
A ton of nitrogen fertilizer that cost $200 in 2003 now sells for $800 - 400% price increase.
A ton of phosphate fertilizer that cost $240 in 2003 now sells for $1199 - 500% increase.
A ton of potassium fertilizer that cost $144 in 2003 now sells for $600 - a 450% increase.
Increased Demand for Aggrand Fertilizers
AGGRAND organic fertilizers provide an effective alternative to chemical fertilizers for agriculture, yard and garden.
The dramatic increases in the costs of chemical fertilizers, combined with greater overall demand for organic products, has significantly increased demand for AGGRAND organic fertilizers.
Sales numbers over the past three years indicate an ever-increasing demand for AGGRAND organic fertilizers:
Sales numbers from 2006 showed a 166 percent sales volume increase over 2005.
Sales numbers from 2007 showed a 172 percent sales volume increase over 2006.
Sales numbers from 2008 show a 325 percent sales volume increase over 2007, and
still climbing.
In addition to the growing demand for AGGRAND products attributed to the high cost of chemical fertilizers, demand has increased due to their certification. In the fall of 2007, AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 and AGGRAND Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash 0-0-8 were approved by the Washington Department of Agriculture Organic Food Registered Material Program, meaning the products meet the USDA - NOP (National Organic Program) approval for organic crop production.

AGGRAND Banner Stand Attracts Customers to Your Booth

This lightweight, portable banner stand allows you to attract customers to your trade show booth. The attractive, high-quality graphics present a pictorial of the AGGRAND success story.
Set up is within five minutes, tear down is even quicker. AMSOIL Dealers who already are showing AGGRAND find this tool  indispensable. It's a must-have for your trade show booth.
Order the AGGRAND Banner Stand and Soft Travel Case (G2550) directly from Regional Sales Manager Peter Markham at 715-392-7101, ext 6468 or by email at
Tier III - Trade Show Booth Co-op Display
3' x 8' Pop-up Banner Screen
Soft Travel Case Total Cost $490
T-1 Dealer Co-op Cost $245
The only photo is in the Altrum & AGGRAND Newsletters (Here's One)  - AMSOIL has been notified to add to the promotional items page.

Upcoming Events: AMSOIL U
Aggrand will be held in a General session for ALL dealers for the first time - A 2-hour session that is and also more "groundbreaking" announcements for our clutch product under AMSOIL's expanding roof up in Duluth!! (well Superior that is)
I said in a older newsletter that if I had 10 dealers sign up for AMSOIL U, I would refund all sign-up fees. That was to expire December 20th. That was plenty of time but because people are loosing jobs and the is a lot of uncertainty in this fiat service economy maybe you should reconsider. AMSOIL and AGGRAND could keep you out of the bread line. I am extending this offer now to February 15th.
Statistic: More than half AMSOIL U attendees have made Direct Jobber within one year of attending. The average for those who didn't attend AMSOIL U but who have made DJ is about three years.

The markets in which to introduce and sell AGGRAND products are virtually limitless:
Lawn and turf care professionals
Farmers: hay, alfalfa, corn, soybeans, wheat, production crops of all kinds
Ranchers: pastures, hay
Nurseries: organic and others
Feed stores
Natural health food co-ops and stores
Parks and recreation
Golf courses
Highway departments
Hardware stores
Farm implement dealers
Garden stores and shops
Attend Trade Shows and Distribute Literature
The most effective way to break into the market and increase sales is by attending agricultural trade shows. They
don't always have to be big; small trade shows are good places to locate customers and develop leads as well.
Start small and meet the customers; familiarize yourself with the types of questions they typically ask; become
more confident in your product knowledge and presentations; understand customer concerns and help meet their
AGGRAND offers a variety of literature items that are ideal for handing out at trade shows:
G1112 Products Brochure
G1137 Comparison Test Flyer
G1170 Easy Steps to Organic Lawn Care Brochure
G1188 Lawn & Garden Products Fair Handout
G1287 Fertilizer Flyer
G1292 The Gardening Guide Brochure
G1348 Comparison Brochure
Future Demand for Organic Fertilizers
A rapidly expanding market for organic fertilizers has created significantly increased demand for AGGRAND and
other organic fertilizers in each of the last three years, and the outlook for the organic fertilizer industry looks
bright. With no price relief in sight for chemical fertilizers, the future will bring greater demand for not only
AGGRAND organic fertilizers, but for the organic and natural fertilizer industry as a whole. While chemical fertilizers
have risen in price dramatically over the past several years, the industry is also subject to plant start-ups,
closures and turnarounds; port delays and severe weather. Each of these factors has the potential to create supply
shortages that drive prices up even further.

Meeting Future Demand
Through the following actions, AGGRAND is taking steps to meet increased demand for its products well into the
Stockpiling raw materials
Securing secondary and third sources of raw materials
Expanding production capacity (Announcement at 2009 AMSOIL U)
Stocking distribution centers with increased supplies of finished products
Warehousing products in the winter to ensure plentiful supply during growing months
  Newly expanded storage area for AGGRAND Products.

Great Opportunity for AGGRAND Dealers

Increased demand for organic fertilizers, along with USDA - NOP approval and display of the USDA Organic Seal on AGGRAND bottles, opens many opportunities for AGGRAND Dealers to sell products that are accepted by all
kinds of growers, working for both small gardens and large farms.
By citing chemical fertilizer price increases, AGGRAND Dealers are able to demonstrate the savings realized by farmers, ranchers, crop producers, landscapers, lawn care providers and others who use AGGRAND products
instead of chemical fertilizers.
In addition, AGGRAND fertilizers improve soil conditions by providing necessary nutrients that cause organisms and microorganisms to re-establish themselves and greatly increase their numbers,
accelerating the natural process that increases fertility, nutrient availability and water-holding capacity in the soil.
Other benefits of using AGGRAND products include the following:
USDA Organic approval of AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 and Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash 0-0-8
Over 3 to 1 lower input cost per acre compared with chemical fertilizers
Increased yields and higher quality crops
Improved soil conditions that attract earthworms and their byproducts
Advantages associated with using the natural organic approach
AGGRAND has provided many AMSOIL Dealers with the opportunity to substantially increase their sales and
commissions. Plus, the sales of AGGRAND products can lead to increased sales of AMSOIL products.

Small Business Help 
For those who really want to become experts on the economy and the true source of inflation, I have a book suggestion for you. A friend who sells these is offering a free pre 1933 silver dollar with purchase - that is The Creature of Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin.
This is a 600 page book that reads like an adventure but you will be shocked and at the same time know something about why we are heading the direction we are heading..
 It unlocks that hubris plan created in 1907 to get (create) American Taxpayers to fund the private banks (through taxes and scemes to transfer wealth and gold) into total world power and asset ownership (loss of property rights) through what is now known as The Federal Reserve, IRS, CFR, UN and NATO. He is now starting ads on the top four radio shows in the US so the 20,000 or so just printed up will not last. I think they are $25 or so, which the one-ounce of silver US coin is worth more than that. Tes Anderson just wants to get these in your hands!!
 Call me if you want the book. It's pure history and record, which will astonish you of what less than 2% of the population, knows. I add this to my newsletter because it's the message Andrew Jackson warned as our greatest threat. If forgotten we will loose our Constitution forever - but yet these bankers have become the entire history of everything we know without (us) knowing the true men behind the curtain. Almost all of that 2% is made up of small business owners and the rest would be presidents of your top tier banks or those who have their holdings outside the country.
This is the good fight for humanity.

In Closing
Thank you for spending your time and attention to this important topic. We will continue to expand on these ideas as the industry steamrolls ahead.
I want to end by pointing you to a special website belonging to Dr.Annie Angelova-Sawyer N.D.; Ph.D. Dr. Sawyer is the wife of Greg Sawyer, the Director of ALTRUM/AGGRAND. Her site Beyond Holistic - Natural Health & Wellness is a plethora of advice and information. You will want to keep this in your favorites and pass it along.