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September 4th, 2008 Issue #4
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  This is another great opportunity to put upon you more information gained at another successful AMSOIL event and support you with tools to enable you to increase your technical ability, market your products and retain your current customers while expanding like never before.
The first line of advice is to follow the lead of Dealer Mike Lloyd in Lincoln, NE and myself and get signed up for AMSOIL U 2009 now so you don't miss out and start networking among your groups to get your own dealers there. It pays off! Statistics show that 70% of dealers attending reach direct Jobber within one year. 
  I will be offering a greater rebate than ever before so the costs of attending will be minimalized. Also if I have 10 downline dealers sign up before the end of the year (before December 20th) I will then rebate everyone's registration fees at that time including dealers who are under another DJ in my group.
Be sure to see the bottom of this newsletter for more offers.
Product Updates & Bypass Filters
By now you should know the improvements to the bypass kit housings with the high-strength processing. If you are not familiar with them please see the May 2008 Action News.
I sell one of these kits every week. I now have most parts in stock and I display them on the car, in the garage and on my business card.
Once you install one you'll be hooked!
More on the new BMK-30 below.
When you order the BMK-23 (was BMK-13) which is the universal (bypass/fullflow) remote, you now need the proper filter adapter. These units prevent leaks, allow for more flow and are easier to attach hoses. How do you find the thread size to match the right adapter? Use the G3000 filter guide. In the 2007 version look to pg. 584 for the dimensions. Also call Tech Serices if you dont have this reference available.

What else is new? Find more using the customer what's new section at but first you should list these and the best selling items on your own website.

 Trico has a $20 rebate available October 1 to November 30th. See form on link to the left. Get this to your customers next month!
Spend time on the new RD Series Race oils. This is the formula others such as Joe Gibbs tried to get AMSOIL to make for them. Lower viscosities of 5W20, 10W30 are available. Any good driver can feel the difference but we have the test data to show anti-wear and performance are at the maximum with AMSOIL Dominator series racing oils.
I will be dropping a case of the 5W20 off to a local tuner shop to try out. These were built out of demand. These are the specialty racing oils similar to those which oil companies make for NASCAR but not offered to the general public. Now they are!


Sturgis 2008
 Sturgis Rally Shows Strength of AMSOIL Brand! 
Three of our dealers (Vance Reece of NW Iowa, Gabe Gerberding of Central IL, and Bob Sharrell of N. Texas (AKA Barefoot Bob)) worked the AMSOIL Corporate booth.  There was no shortage of customers! We were kept busy from 8AM to 11PM for three days answering questions, taking leads and signing accounts.
A few stepped in to suggest to their buddy why they personally use and would ONLY use AMSOIL while others came in thinking it was "at least as good as any other". 30% of those I talked to had used AMSOIL but stopped because they couldn't find it. That was cured easily by taking their info to follow up on when we returned home. Most had very positive things to say with some good testimonials as well. This should be one of your top markets. Prepare now for the next motorcycle season.
At least twice this was an introduction to AMSOIL for someone who became impressed enough to want to sign their fleets up on a commercial account. One of these turned out to be large enough I think to pay for the whole trip with one order.
The #1 question, "What makes AMSOIL better than what I'm using now"?
If you can thoroughly answer that you too should be looking for bike related club conventions, local meet-ups and trade shows to do. being able to represent AMSOIL and answer questions will pay off. Having a box where people can leave their info is necessary. A banner and some product is all that is needed overall but the best set-up would have a bike in the booth to start conversations.
Vance and Barefoot both had their bikes there as well as AMSOIL's sponsored Diesel HDTUSA bike seemed to stop everyone. Later a custom builder with a V-Rod showed up parking right outside the booth. This not only caused the FX film crew to capture a piece but to do an interview with Vance on his bike. This should be available on the show or website soon.
Vance Interview Vance in AMSOIL Booth 
I can's say enough about the success of this event and perhaps we will be invited again or we can have a separate dealer booth. I'll say this, there is nothing better than having dealers to work with who have similar interests and can start conversations well with customers. It's more fun than you could imagine doing one of these events with fellow dealers. They don't even have to be in your line. Just get the AMSOIL name out there and often.
P.S. We also had the new 10W30 out there which is excellent for improved mileage and reason alone to run an ad in one of the many motorcycle touring club newsletters. Jump on this one now! By the way, the Goldwing convention is in Lexington, KY next July.  

Marketing Tools, Technical Data & Website Advantages

One of the last presentations at the Amsoil 35 Anniversary Convention was a chance to hear the tips of three top dealers, Dave Mann, Tom Shalin and George Douglas.

Three totally different approaches to different extremes. Tom has seen most his success from his internet ads and working together with his wife on long nights of customer follow-up through thank you notes, emails and newsletters. None of his customers feel forgotten. It's a full time job and you will reach the highest success just by working with what you have.
Six Star Regency Platinum Dave Mann's situation was a little more intense. He admits doing all the work with very little help. Most of his recommendations were to simply educate yourself on what you need to accomplish. This is really what makes it all work.
This includes writing "manuals" and how to's for website design and technical knowledge. The same stuff I had to find out on my own which covers design tool training, having a website people want to do business with. (He suggested reading web design and books relating to capturing more sales from those already landing on your site - same thing I have recommended in the past)
 Here's what he said: "You must prove to the customer you are the only one capable of answering their questions. This is done through letting them #1 -  know who you are, what your background is, what you look like (AMSOIL related photo is a must), detail right at the top so they know who they are dealing with and who will be answering the phone. #2 you must know the technical details of your products and you MUST convey to your customers you understand what they want to know and that you can convey these details to them. The AMSOIL data sheets are the best tools but also reading and studying trade publications as well as having a hands on background with the subject matter you represent is worth going after".
Don't forget a professional greeting on your website as well as the phone is a major plus.
Dave comments is exactly what yours truly has been doing since I started tearing apart engines and working with computers & electronics since I was 12 or so. But this is not a pre-requisite. You only need to read the material, use it and talk with customers. Then study how to build a website, take the software tutorials then go at it. Convey to your customers you are who you are and you are there to help them. Open with your interests and background. If you have a site and it's not doing well now consider making it a bit more personal and then talk technical from the keyboard rather than copy and paste AMSOIL data. That right there is why my website is now ranking so high I don't spend a dime on Internet advertising. I now use that money for inventory and local advertising ventures.
"You must have a CALL to ACTION" Can the customer get to their purchase area in one click w/o having to scroll down?
Just like me, Dave too had to go to the post office several times while at the convention. Customers love service and attention. I always have material packed in my car when I hit the road. Those customers will always return as long as I don't become lazy. But you learn to work smarter and automate certain systems while switching away from methods which show to lack efficiency.
The good news is these interviews or their outlines are due to be published in the training section of the dealer zone soon. I will stay on the sales team to get that done.
The other Regency Platinum DJ, George Douglas suggested buying time on a small AM station to promote AMSOIL. He also sends most leads downline to the most tentitive dealers in his group making one DJ after the other. Ironically My dream since I was a kid was to have a small AM Broadcast station which is what I am going for now taking a different approach.
New tips and tools:
You may have seen this but it has made sales for me. AMSOIL Motorcycle Oils and NGK Plugs add to HP & Torque.  Not to mention the new lower prices for NGK which are 15% less than they were in March. That doesnt happen every day.
 New Motorcycle point of sale flyer. Order G2509 for a pack of 25 of these tri-fold everything you need to know about AMSOIL motorcycle products. Easy to get the word out.
New 930,599 mile Engine and 1-million mile transmission in Chevy van. For all your potential fleet and customers who may think all oils are created equal. Makes a great case for both ATF and SSO 0W30. Brochure G-2578
New PI "A Study in Performance" Order G-2543
This is a 7-page sales brochure for AMSOIL PI. Great for inspection shops or any service center. All dealers should mention PI with every sale. I have 4-cases on hand at the moment. They don't stay around long.
Worth mentioning but not available - A special 35th Annaversary AMSOIL CENTER guide and photo chronicle which I will add to the website at some time. If available would be a wonderful tool at trade shows.
Thank You Post Cards.
One proven stratagy Tom Shalin mentioned were thank you cards for all the catalog or retail customer orders which show up on the daily reports. I was eager to try this myself so rather than use the AMSOIL thank you cards I made my own using Avrey's templates.
 You can see mine by emailing me for the file then going to the site for the tool to open it, then save in your own account and remodel. These cost .27 to mail. The front has my minicooper in B&W then "Thank you for using AMSOIL!" in yellow and "Call us at 800-579-0580 to buy at wholesale cost on your next order" in blue meaning I will set them up as a PC to retain the customer and further lead to becoming a dealer.
The Avery product to buy is the 8387 Post Cards. Last month I had 8-pages of retail orders which had an average of $30 in retail profit and an average of about 50 cc's per order. That is another resource of a website people will land on and buy direct.
NOTE: To see your catalog sales (full retail customer list) you can use the Preimum zone catalog customer database which updates daily. I make a print out every 30 days of that one. There is also a new tool in the Dealer Zone (first page at the lower left column) "Personally Sponsored Customer Orders".
I know exactly what to do to double those sales (Add more product availabilty from the search engines and add more single product pages to my site such as the maintenance sprays and new oils I have not added yet.)
That BUY HERE tab on each product page in a custom site leading them to the AMSOIL site really works! You just have to let the customer know you are the individual who deserves their business. That is the result of "talking to them in print".
For PC's you can simply call or send an email. I haven't sent a card on these yet because I have been forwarding PC's needing renewal to downline dealers who are willing to keep them going and keep them updated.
The Amsoil training modules are currently being updated so just wait for this announcement. Also if you have not been in there yet the training section now has the presentations from the breakout sessions of the event.
AMSOIL Ad Slicks
Oh! and be sure to check out the new advertisements you can download or order higher resolution CDs from AMSOIL. These new ads can be used in your own ads, postings, club newsletters, website, flyers and organizational programs. I will be using a few to pring on hard stock for trade show banner material. Take a look!
Gorilla Marketing on foot video and by AM/FM Broadcast

I have a surplus of the old catalogs (200 or so) although new price lists are available to fold and tuck inside. Well fortunately I have quite an inventory so I will sell at the older retail price but the point here is to try to deliver the catalogs on foot.

I have a short and specific letter on the need to higher quality lubricants and how proper lubrication actually has a numerical effect on the gross national product. Included with that and our business card is a copy of the 3,000 mile oil change "Under Fire" story from the August Action News. Several data sheets will be inserted randomly using the low cost door hanger bags AMSOIL has available and a small AMSOIL decal. Then when they see my car, they know who did it! 

 We'll be getting a little morning exercise and be spreading the word at the same time. I will let you know how that one goes.

On video take advantage of Youtube! Make videos explaining your AMSOIL ideas. Show an ATF changeout. Be professional. Create a cameo performance. Have your kids talk about AMSOIL!
Youtube videos rank high in related searches. They also enhance your website when you embed relevant videos. Currently there are no interesting videos by dealers. But while on the subject here is a new AMSOIL commercial on Youtube featuring Bobby Unser
Now on to FM. My car now has a low power FM transmitter (in accordance to part 15 FCC rules) which will transmit a signal that gets picked up by cars within about 100 yards from my vehicle. On the back it says, "For more info tune to 99.1 FM" I use another device that comes in the form as a kit which repeats up to 8-minutes of audio. The transmitter is a kit (FM-25B) you can buy from Ramsey Electronics. I use a special tuned antenna made by Larson for maximum signal pattern. This is new so a report will be given soon on the success. It is currently off because I need to change the decal to a better unused frequency but soon anyone traveling behind my car could tune to 105.1 FM and hear more details on what AMSOIL offers. This is a very inexpensive way to advertise. Please contact me if you would like to try.
For AM you could operate from your house. This idea really is more for a hobbyist who wants to have their own community broadcast station but it's a fully legal way to advertise as well. There are certified AM transmitters for the unlicensed part 15 rules which will cover up to a 3-mile radius unlike FM which there are no certified transmitters which limit you on gain and distance. That said, you could run program software right into a self contained transmitter and antenna on the roof of your house and repeat commercials for your and other local small businesses. You may also create a matrix of multiple transmitters which are properly phased and connected via internet or line of sight microwave like I am doing to cover an area. For me radio has always been an hobby so why not go all the way with it? Perhaps you may find this useful. I will hand out more cards with the Station frequency by the thousands and hopefully have several loyal listeners.
One certified transmitter (procaster) is more designed for a single area use but is easier to setup and has built in audio processing. All you need is the audio device (computer, CD player, tape, MP3) and a wall outlet for a 12V wall wart.
The two places this works well are in rural towns with little choice of stations and low interference or in a urban environment where you can cover several residences or businesses.
One possible format is to replay your favorite old time radio program, a mix of AM standards and then couple it all together with your commercials and a local community calendar.
The unit I will be using is called the Hamilton Rangemaster. It cost a bit more and requires more electronics skill but it's possible to run higher modulation, multiple units and have a stronger signal although at the maximum allowed of 100mW.
Right now if you tune to 1600 to 1710 on the dial you may hear other micro-stations in your area. Yesterday I heard a "Talking House" transmitter on 1650 which is a transmitter used for real estate agents to help sell houses. Same FCC rules for these but they don't have the antenna quality although they are very low cost.
Generally there are kits which run from $45 to $100 and the certified transmitters are from $600 to 800. I will be buying some of these in groups of 4 so I could sell them to you for less.
Cooper FM TransmitterIf you sell your AMSOIL or AGGRAND products from a workplace consider making a sign outside your shop to tune to whatever freq. If you are only intending to transmit to a parking lot then I would use the FM kit. Also I will be using mine in the parking lots of the trade show areas I work in. I'll just put up a sign in the parking lot as a preview to our booth and ask those to come visit our booth.
The AM Part 15 Transmitters offer you an opportunity to cover a small town with your own unique programming and your very own advertising campaign. Here's a good site to start:
There are a few rules you need to know so if you are interested please call me. If you simply wanted to put one of these up you could rebroadcast my program and we would add you as a AMSOIL location in the commercials.
The more robust station programming software (free) will switch to your commercials when running a affiliated show via 25HZ tones.
New Trade Show Display


Displays for 2008Saw this at the convention. They are available for sale now. Sorry for the bad shot but you get the idea!
Convention Details & Notes


Here are some topics and messages discussed and featured at the 35th Anniversary Convention. ( My hand written notes over the days)

Product look-up guides: Do you know if your dealers, customers and commercial accounts know where to find cross-reference guides and look-up tables? See the right hand column on the main site. (create links from your site too)
Commercial account updates -  are updated via postcards and service line newsletters. Other necessary announcements are emailed. Does Amsoil have their current information, especially email?
Rig Round-up
Best dealer prospects - First time customers give the greatest opportunity for dealer prospects. Track your customers purchase history. Sell on the fact that we are poised w/ demanded products for the future. AMSOIL is working for markets which will be opening up over the next 10 years.
New Warehouse hint - Group was told not to spread this but a warehouse choice before year end will be determined for Atlanta, Memphis or Nashville. I am hoping for Atlanta!
Viscosity - Now because of higher quality additives not available until now, these lower viscosity oils protect just as good with better economy.
"Take advantage of industry problems - it's working in our favor - AMSOIL is becoming the only choice in several circles"
(For CJ4 diesel oil) - Reduced SAPS - Unique additives here to return anti-wear + engine cleanliness w/o degrading emission systems. New CJ4 oils fall short from less detergency but AMSOIL's unique base blend hold a natural detergency already. A selling point for longer engine life for those with these new engines.
Agriculture fertilizer additive price increase mostly is reason for additive price increases in synthetic oils.
Mandated Extended Drains? Al has been recommending extended drains for 35 years and we were the only ones. The whole idea came from us so who would the consumers trust first? Valvoline or the ones who have been doing this forever?
AMSOIL is starting a major quest into more technology to serve the commercial markets. Now is the time to know and get a site on the web regarding the Commercial AMSOIL products. Become technically savvy on the compressor oils, hydraulic oils and industrial gear lubes. (Get some small automotive fleets under your belt then shoot for the construction equipment fleet market - my most common phone call for individual qualities of product come from excavating and heavy equipment business owners.) You must attend the CORE part of AMSOIL U before you can attend the business level which goes deeply into these applications - OR you must make DD or DJ then AMSOIL will likely approve you for that course level!!
Check up on Hydraulic powered hybrids!!
 (Amsoil will dominate this industry)
Environmental Advantages - we've been promoting & offering this for a long time. Use it! Sell it! Let'em know.
Alan Amatuzio said - "We as dealers know more about lubricants than ANY mechanic - Face it! (Use the technical material, read the trade publications especially Lubes N Greases and Diesel Progress.)
New PI - Strong sales so now a money back guarantee if they have minimum of 25,000 miles on the car and use with complete gas fill-up. See August Action News for the process.

New auto transmission types (Dual clutch + CVT) have specific shutter and torque issues which "Suppliers will need trans fluid experts."

 AMSOIL ATF 2X negative slope test achievement over Nissan & Toyota (300 vs 600 hours) Dexron and Mrecron score lowest on oxidation resistance compared to other OEMs.
There was an entire 1.5 hour presentation on the advancements of the current ATF. A CD may be available but I cannot stress the importance of attending these meetings. There is plenty of room at the top. Glad to see so many dealers going full time.

 Al at Banquet

Last word on AMSOIL Events

After this newsletter I will be updating that getting started help list for new dealers.

Now for a wrap-up from the 35th Anniversary Convention with a email from Mike Lloyd of Lincoln, NE:
I loved all of those little tidbits of information that adds to my arsenal of knowledge about the business and the products. And to understand how AMSOIL is planning ahead for the growth, I really think the next three to four years are going to be monumental in growth for Amsoil as they are finally looking outside for promotional opportunities that will make Amsoil a household name.
I re-read this email you sent. I actually got more out of it than I expected. Today, I sold one of the cases of mcv that I ordered at convention. I used some of the techniques of interviewing customers, and may have a new dealer from that sale. It made it easy to tell him about the company, and what the company is doing for us. He is now seriously considering a dealership.
I also received a call from a man in Missouri that is interested in a dealership. He is really interested in the Aggrand products. He was a dealer back in the 1980's, but his army career got in the way.
To say the least, I am energized! I can see meeting the goal I set for myself. You may remember that I told you I would earn Direct Jobber before December 2008.
Best Regards,

Michael H. Lloyd, AMSOIL/AGGRAND Dealer
PO Box 249, 116 W. Pine Street
Ceresco, NE 68017
Local (402)499-4301
Toll Free (877)760-9048

Having a good technical understanding of AMSOIL products, letting customers know you are qualified to help them, letting them know that you are available to help them and not only being there to help them but to follow up and thank them for their business is a good start and far more than any competitor would reach out to do.
AMSOIL has announced that they are looking 10 years forward so expect to see a grasp on the industrial/commercial markets in particular the hydraulic market. Like I said before you should concentrate on this area yourself and work on picking up dealers semi qualified in the fluid power market. Large numbers of accounts will be waiting on the sidelines for your attention!"
What do you think?


Top 10 products:

If you get the Direct line then you have this information but you can see all back issues and subscribe in the Dealer Zone. 

 The direct line article (Dec 2007) lists the top 10 best selling AMSOIL filters of all types and aftermarket products but here are a few you should have in stock as they are items which sell so often you will lose sales if you don't have what most people need.. I sell a ton of the Eao-11's and order by the case as well as the EaA123 air filter. Use your G3000 to quickly see all the applications for these filters under the make. (the online look-up does not have this capability to scan all vehicles which use a single filter)


Just a few lines:

EAO Oil Filters - top four EaO-11, EaO-42, EaO-29, EaO-57

EAA Air Filters - top three EaA-123, EaA-189, EaA-191

EaAU Induction Air Filters - top three EaAU- 3050, EaAU-4510, EaAU-4090

Mothers - Back-to-Black, Powerball-Mini and Leather Conditioner (although my favorite is the UV Protectant)

NGK - 7164 top seller then the NGK-3951; NGK5464 - I will find out if there is a list of vehicles who use these so you know your target vehicles to keep a easy seller on hand.
Minimum suggested oil cases to have on hand: ATF; ASL; AME; MCV; and SVG.
 Excellent "other" items to have in stock:
PI, MO or MPHD, Power Foam, Saber Professional for handing out samples, ADF.
 The Bypass Kits are a top 10 for me and now with the new BMK-30 and EABP-120 we now have everything to capture the OTR Trucker market. Take it from Jim Fleshner who makes his AMSOIL living on there:
The BMK-30 is only one filter that holds a gallon of oil so it is now easier to change 1 filter instead of 2. There are no complicated brackets to put together so that makes it easier to mount. It is a very simple, effective design. It is a very impressive filter as well. It looks good on the back of my truck. You could build a bicycle type bracket on the back of your car to put one on and have quick-connect fittings in case you wanted to remove it. - Jim Fleshner
Jim's Mustang
Jim also emailed me earlier this week with the following:
Hey, everyone. I just installed our new BMK-30 on my 2003 Ford Ranger pickup with 3.0L gas engine.Oil used from day 1 is HDD series 3000 oil. I used the existing 1/4 inch lines that were attached to the BMK-11 that I replaced. I was concerned about oil pressure loss but it never went down. I have road tested it and no check engine lights or anything else came on. It works perfectly and is located in the bed of the truck on a stainless steel bracket sticking up right behind the back window for all the world to see. It really looks good. It's almost as big as my whole pickup so I think it will attact a lot of attention.Now that I have done this we know that with 1/4 inch lines it can be put on just about any size equipment with no problems. I want everyone to put one in the back of their pickups so we get the word out. As soon as I get pictures I will submit them to Amsoil so you can see what I have done. In the meantime, my phone # is 714-390-7873   Jim Fleschner 

Oil Analysis


I have the opportunity to order several oil analysis kits at about 1/'2 price. (Co-op from commercial account not using the service). If you need any please call be TODAY so I can get that on the order. This is for the new kits with or without postage. They are $12.95 for the non postage ones (good for boxing up several) and $13.95 each for the postage ones. Of course I'll have to add whatever it costs me to mail the box to you but that is a fraction as these are normally $23.00.

Use Oil Analysis as a marketing tool. Use on your engine or transmission then offer one to a good customer.
BTW: the Oil By-Pass kits come with a voucher for a free one. 


Shipping rebates and Promotion.


Not many dealers have taken advantage of this offer I made back in October but here it is again - I will rebate all your shipping charges on any order to your business (dealership) for any order over $300.00 and of the shipping of any order drop shipped to your customer.

The requirement to be refunded is to send me a copy of the orders during the following month. This offer should be taken seriously to help you to keep growing, retain customers and expand. Many dealers know having the most popular products on hand is the main reason they have remained the top & best well known dealers in their areas. Here in Sioux Falls now into my 2nd year everything is clicking far better than I would have thought.


To save money consolidate your orders, buy cases over quarts and gallons. I now buy cases of filters too. Also avoid ordering less than 60 pounds so you get the best minimum shipping rate. It's a smart business. Having a 2nd income is more like a survival game these days so please keep in touch and refer back to these newsletters.

 Have your own story!
NEW September promotions if you dare to read this far: For every dealer you sign-up during this month I will send you a check for $20. Also any dealer with over 3500 personal group commission credits for September, I'll automatically ship you a 12 quart case of ATF. Simple but not bad!
Please be sure to subscribe to the Direct Line newsletter or review these in the Preimum Zone. They contain help and solutions for your accounts. Use the resources! Read the Service Lines to see what your Retail and Commercial accounts are seeing then follow up!

Ches Cain
The Synthetic Warehouse