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February 5th, 2008 Issue #3
Salina Kansas
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AMSOIL ISO Certified
Record Sales
AW Hydraulic Oil Sells by the Drum
Sponsoring Dealers
Dealer Blueprints
New Display
Help in Montana - July Show
Top 10 Products
45 more seats added to Convention
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  I am going to keep this introduction short as the topics below do plenty of justice.this is timely information so please forward along and if you need more show photos or any clarity on any of the AMSOIL publications mentioned please contact me at once.
Hope to see you at the 35th Anniversary Convention. I'm proud to see six of my dealers will be there!
See the bottom of this newsletter for the shipping rebate I am offering.
AMSOIL Quality ISO 9001 Certified

Official Certification AMSOIL now ISO 9001:2000Well it's an important and significant milestone and will certainly close the deal on many accounts as well as earn you more customers but AMSOIL beat me to the announcement. Know that the link to that information is at the very bottom of the Corporate website as you can read the page it links to here and the Certificate should be downloaded and saved for your existing commercial accounts.

NEW Updated Literature - Product Features and Benefits - G1309. Great training material and something your customers on your list should have. ( 55-pages) You can pre view this in the dealer zone under "Dealer Literature Items" found on the first page.

Record Sales - November 2007
  We made Ches & Natasha 4th in sales groups4th in Personal Group Sales in November 2007!!
Thank you for your efforts!

November became the best ever month for sales for many of you as well as my own sales. I will tell you why.

First I want to send a big congratulations to Jonathan Copeland in Houston who made Direct Jobber due to his efforts in November working with his group and completing a very detailed website. That was no small feat but he knows like many of you where his time is best spent. That said when he reached this level he will now start receiving the full 25% commissions as long as his business keeps adding preferred customers and dealers otherwise the general is 23% in addition to the bonus programs.

All of his commissions were removed from my personal group numbers meaning we hit 4th without his 3000 plus commissions!

Direct Jobbers are at the top of the commission scale then the upline above that only receives a DJ performance bonus. Becoming a DJ should be your main goal but just keep selling, sponsoring and opening commercial accounts and you will get there faster. You will get there easily if you make a written goal.


Here's how I reached maximum commissions:

Because I am a certified dealer (T1) I gain 100's of catalog customer or RA retail customer accounts every year. I also pick up many preferred customers being certified not to mention all the ones drawn in from the website.

Please look at your RA or retail customer list by searching the Personal Sponsored List  found in the premium zone. I contacted several hundred catalog customers and preferred customers using two separate newsletters. As a result the phone rang off the hook. Most catalog customers ordered directly but several upgraded to preferred customer and in my free time I called many more as I could. Many preferred customers made their yearly orders and also upgraded to a dealer.

As a result of this effort I increased my sales for November by 8000 commissions over prior best months bringing my yearly total 120K CC's over the prior year which qualifies you for the 10% yearly growth bonus (for Direct Jobbers) earning an additional $12,000. Was it worth the effort?


Don't let your catalog customers go to waste! Call and thank them. Do they even know you exist? Ask them if all their questions are being answered. Send then a thank you card and some product information attached to your business card. Let them know you appreciate their business or they will just go somewhere else.


Get T1 Certified if you haven't. By not completing this simple task you are missing out on numerous opportunities and potential income. Are all your downline dealers T1 Certified? All you need is the G-700 Business manual to get that done. Remember - you save 1/3 on trade shows, 1/2 on oil analysis based on commercial orders, 1/2 literature cost, free leads, and free profits from random AMSOIL sales to the corp office in your general area. And more...

Liquid Gold - AMSOIL AW Series Hydraulic oil

Hydraulic data sheet

Aside from the price of gold reaching beyond $900, we too have our gold. That's the AW Hydraulic oil. (Well as for sales the AGGRAND is just as lucrative if not more)

Why not concentrate for awhile on Hydraulic oil? It generally sells in large qualities. You only need to have the information available for those who seek it.


When selling hydraulic oil there are a few things customers want to know:


1.       Will your synthetic oil make my seals leak?

2.       If I pay the higher price for your synthetic hydraulic oil how will it save me money?

3.       Do I really need a higher quality oil?


Seals are affected by time and higher temperatures. Our AW series hydraulic oils can reduce operating temperature and will reduce any seal hardening problems.  AW series also contains special seal conditioners to keep seals in like new condition for long periods of time.  Cheap hydraulic oils and some synthetics do not contain this additive and hence don't protect hoses and seals like AW series can.


By purchasing AW series hydraulic oil and paying the higher price over petroleum hydraulic oils they should see the following benefits.


1.       Lower wear

2.       Extended oil life

3.       Less waste oil generated

4.       Smoother operation from non-foaming

5.       Protection from cold and hot temperature operation

6.       Seals and hoses will last longer with a reduction in leaks

7.       More production

8.       Less maintenance required

9.       Cooler running hydraulic system

10.   MEHF means maximum efficiency hydraulic fluid or electrical savings (varies with pump type and operating conditions) and allows for multi-viscosity saving from seasonal drains saving more time and money.


The customer does not know they need AW series.  It is up to you to educate them on the 10 items listed above and then they will understand.


Having a website on this product alone (with out any other AMSOIL products) will get maximum attention and earn you several $10,000 a year in sales accounts. My crummy single page on my site has done exactly this and I will be expanding it using the AW hydraulic oil as my means to offset losses from less advertising. Hey, no other dealer is doing it!! Call me because I would like to talk to anyone more interested on this.


Other dealers have had similar success with sites dedicated to other single products which fill a niche need due to their unique additives (Propylene Glycol Antifreeze, power foam, Super Shift.) But the AW Hydraulic is the most universal.

Fall Sales Meeting Presentations - See link above

Presentations from Fall Sales Meetings - save as they will be removed.
After the sending of this newsletter you should also find in your email the link to these presentations which by following the instructions and link will lead you to a temporary page on AMSOIL's website incase the above does not work but I think you have to be logged into the dealer zone first. - please save the PDF presentations at once!

Dealer recruiting pack tip -
Here is a literature combination which works well to keep on hand in addition to any of the products data sheets that would need to be accompanied with it.

I use a G-85 "income Opportunities" with a business card stapled and insert one of the following copies "From the Presidents Desk" (March 2007, April 2007, July 2007, January 2008 are my favorite ones to include).

 I also hand over one of the updated start-up guides, the G-1229 "How to Sell AMSOIL Products" which is just an excellent eye opener to how AMSOIL saves money and unlocks doors.


I also include the G-1309 "Product Features and Benefits" guide to make them a pro on the advantages of AMSOIL products. (mentioned in the first section above)

What are the AMSOIL Dealer Business Blueprints?

AMSOIL Dealer Business Blueprints are website-exclusive documents that address key elements of doing business as an AMSOIL Dealer.  Each Business Blueprint is focused on a general topic which is expanded on through links in the Blueprint itself. These documents have been designed to connect information from various sources that exist on the AMSOIL web pages.

Watch for more of these to come such as a dealer sponsorship blueprint, filtration and 2-cycle oil blueprints. This tool will help a new dealer prepare their display or meeting.
Spend some time in the training section.
Sample: PowerSports Sales Blueprint (Posted 10/07)
New Trade Show Display


Just wanted to show off my new show booth back drop. Now I can hit the road with ease to help you out at your show if we learn about it in advance. I'll bring this and the literature; you supply a simple array of products and other necessary items to secure customers.
Pheasant Fest 2008 heasant Fest 2008_2
Montana Booth Help Needed


Just like last summer I plan to work the very successful Goldwing Touring Association's annual convention. It is one of the most successful ones I have ever worked selling out all my oil and filters having to overnight more. It also caused more sales for dealer in other states. This occurs in July from the 14th to the 17th. AMSOIL's 35 Anniversary starts on the 16th so if anyone is interested I will get this set up then leave it for you. This is a low cost show that pays off well. Lot's of leads, preferred customers and a lot of fun.

Top 10 products:

If you get the Direct line then you have this information but I have created a link in the above link section.


 The direct line article lists the top 10 best selling AMSOIL filters of all types and aftermarket products but here are a few you should have in stock as they are items which sell so often you will lose sales if you don't have what most people need.. I sell a ton of the Eao-11's and order by the case as well as the EaA123 air filter. Use your G3000 to quickly see all the applications for these filters under the make. (the online look-up does not have this capability to scan all vehicles which use a single filter)


Just a few lines:

EAO Oil Filters - top three EaO-11, EaO-42, EaO-57

EAA Air Filters - top three EaA-123, EaA-189, EaA-191

EaAU Induction Air Filters - top three EaAU- 3050, EaAU-4510, EaAU-4090

Mothers - Back-to-Black, Powerball-Mini and Leather Conditioner (although my favorite is the UV Protectant)

NGK - 7164 top seller then the NGK-3951; NGK5464 - I will find out if there is a list of vehicles who use these so you know your target vehicles to keep a easy seller on hand.
Core training 45 more seats:


As you may have seen in the Dealer Zone - 45 more seats have been opened up for the Dealer Core training to commence before the start of the 35 Anniversary event in Duluth. If you were considering going and haven't paid - this is it! Probably two more days and it's blocked. That class begins July 15th at 8 a.m.

There are 698 dealers registered to attend at this point!! It's not something you want to miss. If you haven't been before let's get it done. See what it took to have the best product while battling out the odds and subversion of the big oil companies. It's your move but time is running out fast. The general 3-day part of the convention will not sell out but you must register. Let's go!

Shipping rebates.


Not many dealers have taken advantage of this offer I made back in October but here it is again - I will rebate all your shipping charges on any order to your business (dealership) for any order over $300.00 and of the shipping of any order drop shipped to your customer.

The requirement to be refunded is to send me a copy of the orders. This offer should be taken seriously to help you to keep growing, retain customers and expand. Many dealers know having the most popular products on hand is the main reason they have remained the top & best well known dealers in their areas. Here in Sioux Falls now into my 2nd year everything is clicking better than I would have thought.


Remember to save money consolidate your orders, buy cases over quarts and gallons. I now buy cases of filters too. Also avoid ordering less than 40 pounds so you get the best minimum shipping rate. It's a smart business. Having a 2nd income is more like a survival game these days so please keep in touch and refer back to these newsletters.

 Have your own story!

Ches Cain
The Synthetic Warehouse