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November Preferred Customer Update Vol 2, Issue 1
Written By Ches Cain - Your AMSOIL Direct Jobber

November AMSOIL News & Discount Announcement

Thank you for being our AMSOIL Preferred Customer! My name is Ches Cain, your Direct Jobber. At some point you have called me, signed-up online or purchased AMSOIL through the website using your account number.
This newsletter is to offer you a special and unique savings for the remaining days of November as well as a few updates. Please note your email will not be shared and this newsletter will only be created quarterly or less. If you like keeping informed consider upgrading to a Dealer which I write several more detailed newsletters to help our dealer's businesses.
November - Major Savings
 Winter Amsoil CatalogWe would like to offer our best customers a unique savings opportunity if you call me directly to place your order at 1-800-579-0580.
If you order before 4 O'clock central time between now and November 30th you qualify for the following:
#1 Last month for No Sales Tax as long as you call the 800# above.
#2 you pay only 1/2 the shipping rate for orders with a product total less than $120.00 or if the product total is equivalent to 2-oil cases or the total is greater than $130 then we will pay the shipping 100%.
You still pay Dealer Cost which is up to 25% off the retail catalog price!!
Mention this newsletter.
In order to take part in this offer the order must be called in at 800-579-0580. You may also call that number for a price quote or mention this discount on our request form here.
If you get a voice mail when calling please leave a message so we can call you back as we will be out on the 22nd and 23rd but we generally work weekends.
See the catalog here (2MB file)

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AMSOIL Performance Improver
 Amsoil's best introductory product - API
If I had to introduce a customer on one AMSOIL product that nets immediate results that would be the updated AMSOIL Gasoline Performance Improver. (API)
preventing or removing these deposits whether you are at  5K-miles or 200,000 miles you will:
  • Improve Fuel Economy
  • Reduce Emissions (you now pass inspection)
  • Restore Power - Performance
  • Decrease Octane Requirement
  • Increase Engine Life
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs

After ten years of the old PI, AMSOIL's goal was to have unsurpassed fuel additive technology. I can guarantee to you it has been achieved. In a moment you can see the lab and road testing performed on this product.

You no longer have to add small amounts to each tank. It's proven to remove deposits in one use whether you have 5,000 miles or 200,000. Just use one bottle in 20 gallons every 4000 miles. Much of the job of the PI is to eliminate intake valve deposit problems which disrupt fuel/air flow. It also reverses severe knock and predetonation problems in both fuel injected and carbureted engines.
Although this link is for Dealers, I would like you to look over this 51 minute presentation to learn more about AMSOIL PI.
The more fuel efficient your car is the more AMSOIL PI will make a difference.
It is by far the cheapest way to perform service on your car. Avoid that $89 injector cleaning service. AMSOIL PI will solve or prevent the problem with a single tank. Now would you pay $6.85 for that?
AMSOIL Product Update
 More new products have been introduced and more will be on the way over the next months.
Recently AMSOIL has improved lowering the the temperature performance of the Diesel Cold Flow Improver, added more air filters to the Ea Nanofiber lineup, replaced and updated the 0W30 with the latest technology without increasing the price - the Signature Series 0W30 SSO, and our 3rd independent Whitepaper Oil Study featuring Gear Lubes.
Also a major update of the Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid was performed and subsequent tests have shown why we still have the lead in quality in transmission products.
Brake Fluids
Next, look for a line of the the two best available brake fluids. One will have the highest temperature "dry temp" rating for passenger car performance and the Series 600 Racing Brake fluid will out perform all others for DOT 3 & 4 and have a much better price. This one will have a dry temp at or near 600 degrees.
As a dealer I can't wait for this product as it will introduce AMSOIL to more SCCA grass-roots racing circles. (one reason to upgrade to dealer)
Also prepare for an announcement regarding our partnership with Injen Intake systems featuring high end Diesel truck air filtration and intake kits only available at AMSOIL. These kits were recently shown at SEMA.
The diesel kits will be the start and will eventually lead to kits for more popular autos.
As raw material costs increase AMSOIL is investing in the future with a $15 Million plant expansion which will store indoor, over 2-million gallons in material to absorb fluctuating costs. New state of the art mixing equipment is also being brought online to comply with AMSOIL quality standards while decreasing production time to meet new demands.
Also be ready for the new computer system which unvails December 3rd which will revolutionalize the way you have been ordering. More on this later.
AMSOIL was also proud to announce affiliation with Boyd Coddington in addition to the Coddington/AMSOIL Speed Record project ongoing at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. In tandem with this is the announcement with a famous diesel motorcycle producer who has also measured power increases with AMSOIL diesel oils and set a new land speed record in Utah. More of this can be followed on our new performance & promotions blog.

Upgrade to Dealer
AMSOIL Dealer:
I have an entire page dedicated to this subject on my website but I want to point out three basic subjects regarding becoming a AMSOIL Dealer.
#1 AMSOIL dealers and Preferred customers pay the same rate on all products except dealers earn a commission based on a scale related to their total sales for the month and the value of the products sold. I am in the top 5 of all dealers in total monthly sales so if you want to hear more please contact me directly. Some people say it's a pyramid but that's not true at all. It's a unique earning and bonus system which is based on product demand of benefit driven products. Dealers pay only $30 per year for this opportunity.
#2 Because of demand, all the new products being added and AMSOIL INC's major plant expansion keeping raw material costs down, dealers are finding themselves in a unique situation where larger end users such as small & medium fleets, government accounts, manufacturing companies, retail and service centers and farms are going out of their way to acquire AMSOIL. There has never been a better time to get involved. No other business offers the return on investment AMSOIL has had for over 34 years. I can show you how.
#3 AMSOIL has a rarely used feature for dealers which earns you money w/o selling or doing anything else for that matter.
 When one signs up as a dealer they have the option to buy the Business Manual. Inside there is the 'Dealer Certification' workbook. By simply completing the questions and multiple choice answers AMSOIL will add you to the T1 Certified Dealer list.
 What does this do? Well, when a new customer visits the website, sets up a business account or calls in a order from a catalog, it's policy that that sale, account and commissions go to a random qualified dealer. If you are a certified dealer and someone orders within 100 miles (could be more), then you are in the cue for the profit and commission from the next new customer. Simple!
 I had one dealer in eastern Tennessee who had $120 show up because someone somewhere bought a drum of compressor oil and his name was next in line. If that customer orders again - he will continue to get the sale and he has never even talked to the customer. He get's this privilege because he has demonstrated knowledge of AMSOIL's policy and the products. He also now gets a print out of all the accumulated "retail" customers so he can market to them directly if he wanted to.
He knows that if he just keeps his dealership renewed over the next few years there will be a constant income stream which will grow. If those customers upgrade to preferred customers and dealers he would also benefit with additional commission money as long as he is qualifying with personal sales to give him the higher percentages. It's easy to do as we help you.
There are other benefits to be T1 Certified and these are going to be expanded after the 1st of the year but it will become more difficult to qualify so if you have any personal business thoughts please contact me soon so we can get you started.
Just know that your Amsoil dealership puts the ball in your court. I enjoy having the chance to empower so many who join my group. But it can be as basic as described in #3 above or you can become completely self employed rather than put in your hours for someone else.
Thank you for using and believing in AMSOIL. Founder Col. A.J. Amatuzio will only offer products which perform as advertised because at AMSOIL we care about you and we know you need to protect what you have. For 35 years AMSOIL has offered the only 25,000 mile oil on the market and is still the only company who can guarantee it without ever one failure!
Ches Cain - Amsoil Regency Platinum Direct Jobber.
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