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April, 2006 - Vol 4, Issue 1
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sioux falls in August It's been very busy to say the least. Just look at the above trade show booth. That really brought in some business. Primarily I have been working to get my sales techniques and product education to a higher level. Outside of spending more time with family which AMSOIL allows you to do, I've concentrated a great deal of time working with several dealers getting close to direct jobber. My focus now is to help you get the word out. Please enjoythe first of a series of three newsletters to enhance your AMSOIL Dealerships
What do you have to offer?
 Awareness of higher quality lubricants or "best vale" is really starting to show! It is getting easier to turn someone on to the concepts AMSOIL solves for society and the environment. More importantly - more people are looking for AMSOIL to be stocked locally.
AMSOIL Dealers are holding the cards
 Be in business to be the best!

Lately I have sold a few 55-gallon drums direct w/o signing up as a commercial account. Actually one I made a PC, and then sold a drum of MPHD for the purpose of protecting wire rope at the factory, which was produced for elevators. The comment was that the product works like no other. He called again for a 2nd drum. I talked to AMSOIL about it and apparently other wire rope firms are also using it around the country so the word is out. (Drums contain stronger mixes, as the spray cans per EPA laws cannot contain the stronger solvents)

My suggestion for the sale of larger sizes is to study the hydraulic oils and whatever products are used by the construction industry. More than half of my 60 commercial accounts are small construction and excavating contractors. Even the customers I gain at local trade shows, it turns out many of them are some type of independent contractor with heavy equipment. They are the smart buyer - not the quick lube retailer. Spend more time working with people needing to cut costs and you will move product sooner, then with the $ you make - open your own quick lube!!


It's odd but what started for me and a few other dealers as just selling a very high quality product which really performs or perhaps could save another person a few bucks has turned into something more of a duty to educate the consumer for the best interest of the country. One product line has carried the torch of excellence for three and a half decades while most other competitors as we are even seeing now, will try to get away with whatever they can to simply satisfy the stockholders.


Most recently I have been meeting with various advertising groups to evaluate which way to go is most efficient. Obviously trade shows are my first choice as I am set up for them, completing four now locally.

What I've been able to conclude is that the lack of education on lubricants to the American consumer, which our competitors have enjoyed for years, is now - yes right now coming back to bite them in a big way. AMSOIL has the answers and the competition is doing more to position us right where we want to be.

"I would change two things. First is consumer education. Consumers don't know what lubricant they need, and it's a big problem. They'll pay more for water than motor oil. Second, oil is treated as a commodity. I'd like to see it sold on a supply-demand basis only, not sold on commodity markets." - Greg Julian of Advanced Lubricant Specialties (asked what thing he would change in this industry if he could change one thing)

Other quotes when asked, "I would get regulators and end users to understand the true value of lubricants. It's a vital industry and no one realizes or appreciates its value."


"I would like to give maintenance personnel a greater appreciation of the role of lubricants in the life of their equipment."


Rather than waste time and resources on some of the larger accounts I have my eye on, I'm working to expand my local individual customer base to use that platform to get referrals from. Nothing is better than having a strong reference to introduce you to the right department head or have your name out there ahead of the time.

Use the European Oil Classification System to explain Quality
European Specifications offer several levels of performance 

If we were lucky enough to have the European manufacturer rating and classification system (for lubricants) here in the US, everyone could easily differentiate the performance level of one brand verses the next. In Europe one Mercedes model lists in the owners manual three different quality levels of oil to choose based on the change interval they wish to achieve - this instantly gives those products the credibility they deserve.


In the December issue of Lubes & Greases automotive editor Dave McFall reported on the views of the ISLAC, which is the North American committee of automobile manufacturers, which direct the level of standards needed for engine oils directed to the API. In the interview they admitted to agreeing on "the lowest common denominator" when compromising on the basic standards to be required by lubricant manufactures.


On the flip side the January 2007 Issue McFall visits the European ACEA - Fuels & Lubricants working group. Over there exists a standard of several sequence testing categories within three oil types which are based on light duty gas and diesel oils, catalyst oils and heavy-duty engine oils.
Engines must meet emissions requirements but wear control and engine durability take the highest priority. With 13 original equipment manufacturers involved in the vote, as the leader of the Volvo group puts it, "No, more often it is the highest common denominator."  The OEMs are looking performance. He goes on to say, "Only European vehicle manufacturers set specifications - not oil companies." The process also differs from the US as there is not a formal voting process rather an agreement or consensus.

In the US, owners manuals ALL reference the same commonly developed specification where European manufacturers owners manuals reference company specifications which have more potential for longer drain intervals.


Compare Spec Sheets

Next time you look at several AMSOIL data sheets, especially the ASL 5W30, HDD 5W30 and AFL 5W40 European  - notice they all exceed the highest categories in heavy-duty and light duty engines!

 Then look up a top selling competitor brand such as Valvoline which is said to be used "By top mechanics".


 Valvoline durablend 5W30 and 10W30 only meets the lowest level A1 which according to the AECA spec "unsuitable in some engines", offers a limited performance value and currently does not even meet US GF-4 emission standards.


Take a peek at: Valvoline's Best "Dureblend"


Oh no!! Looks like Mobil 1 doesn't even meet more than the basic European level of quality = A1/B1

Mobil 1 5W30 data sheet


Rotella T regular diesel may actually be a better quality than their synthetic as their synthetic Diesel oil does not meet one single ACEA oil sequence test while the non-synthetic does. To be fair I have seen oil analysis on Rotella T at 10,000 miles in a Ford 6.0 Powerstroke and while it didn't meet AMSOIL's HDD or AME's oxidation resistance, it was still useable, fairly good viscosity and TBN retention. I doubt it would compare well beyond 15,000 miles and I would bet money you could test a great difference in oil temperature at operating loads between any Rotella and AMSOIL HDD trial. Rotella dos not offer any extended drain interval w/o oil analysis.


Rotella T Series Data Sheets



see chart on pages 5 and 6 in the link below:

AECA Guidelines


"Why Isn't Oil Better in the US?

We know the American economic system responds to incentives. What does a top official at Ford say? "The real problem is that there are no natural incentives in the oil industry to drive up quality. Our experience with the oil industry is completely different from our experience with all other parts suppliers, who come to us constantly with ideas and suggestions for quality upgrades."


Wikipedia now the authority on base stocks?


The January issue of Lubes & Greases there is an award winning article by Tom Glenn who points out that although there is a official guide to base stock classifications designed to help those in the lubricants industry better differentiate quality. In a nutshell the article lays out a defeating trend which marketers and producers and even online encyclopedias have free rein to make their own interpretation and even add a few levels into this naming convention. With all this false information only you as a AMSOIL dealer can win customers by clearing it up. (Refer to the home training modules - Lubrication I & II)

Bypass Kit FYI
 Disel Fuel Concentrate

In the photo is a display stand I set up with a complete Durmax BMK-11 set-up. I also use a multi page laminated photo guide with it you see on the table secured with a ring. This is the #1 attraction into our booths at shows lately.

A VW TDI customer placed a $600 order including oil for his truck and bypass filters for this new custom built kit available to WV Golf and Jetta owners. Thought you would want to have this for reference. Basically it's just a modified BMK-11 which is turn key including hoses and parts. Any other vehicles you know of that a kit like this would be desirable?


Also for Dodge 5.9 turbo diesel owners, a customer of mine made an impressive battery mount bracket of his own. Take a look at the bottom of the dealer-training page on my site. Also look at the actual install on the truck (scroll down a few inches.)


I have been mailing out a set of CD's to all dealers. If you haven't got one please let me know. If you have downline dealers please forward the CD to them.

On the CD there are some show photos and I also included my bypass display stand with all the parts needed for the GMC Duramax. Just around the corner you will have photos of my MINI Cooper outfitted with the bypass display in the back window.

Im telling you now - the bypass kits can amount to the largest percent of the lifeblood of your business. If you are not sure about something regarding them, lets talk about it, as it's a way to lock in a lifetime of customers and leads.

In this same section regarding sales displays, I think it's fair to mention AGGRAND. It's so much overlooked. Keep an empty bottle in your car and mention it to your customers. We just sold 6-drums in one month because there is not much competition in that area and it's a top American trend to use, eat and grow everything with organics. Anyone with a hayfield can't afford to not use AGGRAND when the price and labor to work in bagged chemicals is no longer cost effective. Talked to Greg Sawyer today (Manager over ALTRUM /AGGRAND) and he said if you think it works well with grass or hay, you ought to see what it does for Potatoes. More in a couple days - Stay tuned!!



Don't forget if you are T1 Certified you have another selling point to back up your products. Any Commercial account is eligible for Coop oil analysis at price per 10 gallons. If they don't want them you can order them on the account for yourself and dealers.

What does AMSOIL do for your Retail Account customers?


#1 Allows them to have the one product which offers customers the highest quality available. They will realize this one they start talking to their customers about it.


#2 Allows them to be unique. Most likely if they are a quick lube or service center there is very little if anything at all in the eyes of their customers, which make them different from their competition. AMSOIL will allow them to be unique.


#3 AMSOIL customers are highly loyal. People with an affinity for the best now have something to satisfy them. Amsoil delivers results and your customers will return when they learn you are selling the best value and quality package rather than the "cheap low cost product" which offers nothing above the brand name.


What's the difference between Mobil 1 and AMSOIL?

  • Amsoil produced the first API rated synthetic engine oil as well as many other synthetic lubricant products.
  • It's often a Mobil 1 customer upgrading to AMSOIL will notice a fuel economy increase and if their car used oil it will decrease with AMSOIL.
  • Performance before economy has been the #1 draw to AMSOIL over the past 30 years. of our recent customers were Mobil 1 customers. They never experienced the smoother, quieter engine AMSOIL causes and the noticeable performance gains you get with our whole line. You can feel acceleration actually increase, especially in cold weather. The tests don't convey all of that.
  • Cooler engine temperatures.
  • AMSOIL is the lowest in Volatility, which means zero deposits and reduced consumption. This is a MUST for turbo charged engines.
  • AMSOIL contains diester base stocks, which actually increase seal life and could reverse leaks. (Too expensive for the bottom line at Mobil.)
  • AMSOIL is the only engine oil guaranteed for extended intervals. Even Mobil1 doesn't recommend using their oil for extended intervals on cars under warranty. They don't even meet most ACEA specifications so let your European car customers know they are not using a capable oil. We have covered our customers engines for 35 with a working guarantee without one reported failure litigation reported. (see FTC).
  • Documented to save fleets $1000's in maintenance costs and vehicle replacement costs. (See G-2244)
  • AMSOIL only uses the best available additive packages - cost is never a factor in using the best. Other competitors cant, as they can't justify the costs when you have stockholders to answer to. Oh and expensive advertising structures. (Mobil-1; Lucas; Royal Purple)



AMSOIL Motor Oils decrease oil consumption

When used in mechanically sound engines, AMSOIL Motor Oils can reduce oil consumption. Under test conditions, a reduction of as much as 42% was demonstrated for prolonged periods. However, this should not be taken to mean that AMSOIL Motor Oils are "cure-alls" for engines that consume oil because of mechanical problems.




I got the 0-20 25K oil in my car about 1.5 weeks ago. Been through a tank and a half. I think the car is too new to feel a huge difference (although it does feel a bit smoother all around), but I am getting about 1 more mile to the gallon. The greatest part is the feeling of knowing that I have the best oil I can buy in my car. I am glad I am using Amsoil and I look forward to years of Amsoil products in my vehicles! Thanks again for your help and good luck with the business in South Dakota.


Aaron Priest


Dealers Improve with leads!!

Our leads are being put to good use. It's a development process which you incorporate your own style and personality. You need to let me know when you are free and I will send them out. It's a shame to miss out on valuable leads which can be expanded and develop in a plethora of customers.


Ches, Thanks for the leads. We've been working them. I am finding that people are increasingly more interested in AMSOIL and what the products offer. Makes selling more fun.
Randall Kesselring


Ches, Just wanted to get you up to speed.  The last week of February I needed quite a few cc's to qualify Direct Jobber.  I pulled all of my past customers back 1 year and called them.  Along with that, I called all of my past catalog requests.  Some had ordered, some not.  So far, I've generated approximately 1200 points exceeding the 3000 cc requirement.  I think what helped me pull it off was informing them I could sell at cost or help with shipping or some what of a combination of both.  This works.  As they say, I did what I had to do. - (Jim is now in the 25% commission level - It pays to reach it!)


Jim Hunt - Direct Jobber

The Synthetic Store

San Diego, California



From the website:
We think it's important to point out that when you buy AMSOIL you are supporting small business in America with American made products, which goes a long way to support local economies across the United States. AMSOIL products are easy to get. Just call! Smart merchants have the ability to stock our products on the shelf. How about sticking it to the man today? - Ches Cain

HELP Wanted - Sioux Falls


Sioux Falls voted many times as the best city for small business success continues to earn its wings.  Keeping busy with a growing Internet business, dealer growth, commercial account success, a phone that never stops ringing and my attention to AGGRAND leaves little time for local prospecting but I am finding it EASY and FUN. The small investment from the trade shows and word of mouth sales are paying off in a big way. So far I have only ran two ads and earned my $ back on both. The next newsletter will cover some of the items that have worked including a pin-up catalog pocket display for the grocery stores.


Well I am now planning to open a retail store with a conference room very soon but rather than hiring a employee to help with the customers I would like to see if someone in our downline would be interested in taking advantage of an opportunity to help us grow in the area and lock in AMSOIL as the #1 product of choice. I think this relocation opportunity is worth considering.

I have typed up a complete list of requirements, how I could make this work for you and things of interest to include my big picture plans and benefits of this region. If this sounds like something you may be interested in please drop me an email and I will forward what I have written up then from there if yo are still interested we will talk.

Thanks again for reading my newsletter! You are smart to join my group and even smarter if you have decided to make building your AMSOIL business a priority. It pays off. Stay tuned and lear all you can. People want to hear about what you have to offer.

Ches Cain - Regency Gold Direct Jobber
The Synthetic Warehouse - 605-361-4075