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September 27th, 2007 Issue #2
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Sales Dynamics
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First product display 1999 
You have to start somewhere! The photo to the right was my first AMSOIL display at the Pate Swap Meet in Ft. Worth, TX 1999. It was a lot of work but it paid off.
This newsletter reaches you at a moment where prior to now there has never been so many opportunities for dealer growth.
We have the highest sales numbers (demand), new product announcements (listed below), better sales and training material, newly added company sponsored race teams and circuits, and more AMSOIL regional and corporate events. None of this will do you any good if you dont have a plan and if you dont keep a list of existing customers to market to. This newsletter will help you grow the dealer side of your AMSOIL business. Use the Preimum Zone reports to document customer order history and market like crazy to everyone on that list!
Future Sales Dynamics
Corvan Engine drastically improved with AMSOIL 

One fundamental idea in sales is to have a story. "No Story, NO Sale!"

The majority of amsoil dealers first came on board to buy product. I think the statistic was about 90%. Knowing this, your best base for new dealers are your preferred customers. I only wanted to use the product when it was suggested to me by a trusted source in a local Mazda club.

At the time you had to join as a dealer to buy wholesale. My first car to convert to AMSOIL was this 1964 Greenbrier Corvair Van (Engine and Van in photo taken while snowing in Dallas, TX). I used ATM 10W30 and SVG 75W90. By then I had driven close to 40,000 miles in three other Corvairs so I was pretty familiar with their engine vibrations and sounds throughout acceleration and idling. My first AMSOIL testimonial - 1964 Corvair VanIt was the ATM 10W30 which totally dampened a reverberation which would cause the glove box to pop open every 3 minutes or so. IT CAUGHT MY ATTENTION and then again in several others including a Miata I drove for high-level performance use in autocross, track events and rallies. I gained better throttle response, and after using the POWER FOAM (cleaned up the clogs from the K&N filter oil) I gained faster track times. SO look where the results got me! But now my best stories are from the customers I sell to. It gets easier all the time.

New customers are drawn to call because they heard something about AMSOIL that offered them some tangible benefit.

Many of them were turned on to AMSOIL after seeing one of the bypass filter kits installed. Hey - have you installed one of these? Why havent you? You know the benefits they offer you but the sales potential is even greater.
NEW Updated Literature - Product Features and Benefits - G1309. Great training material and something your customers on your list should have. ( 55-pages) You can pre view this in the dealer zone under "Dealer Literature Items" found on the first page.

Same goes when sponsoring new dealers. Why not make your next prospect a customer first? But after they start using AMSOIL show him what this business can do for lifestyle. Someone recently said to me that the AMSOIL business allows you to buy back your own life.

I believe our best selling point for a dealer prospect is to show that no other business model provides access and training materials for so many state of the art products as solutions to new challenges. Even the investment I have here in product stock is a small fraction in relation to the average start-up small business, which has a worse debt to income ratio. If you listen to Dave Ramsey's radio program you wouldn't be wasting any time to grow this business.

 As the decision maker of your company you must plan and execute for the future. The internet has changed the dynamic of selling speeding up the rate one can learn about a product or in the business to business world, the time it takes to produce a competing product. AMSOIL INC is providing you the materials for your plan as they have made a commitment to be the one automotive product company to meet these needs of the future well before the market has time to react.

As a dealer and manager of your business your position will be more of the one where a customer may say this about you, "They helped me explore the depth and scope of an issue I didn't even know I had. I feel like I should be paying them for a consultation at the end of each sales call."
To few sales people know that they need to speak this language. Fewer know how to speak it. (Which is one of the reasons to attend AMSOIL U each year, not to mention the rebate I am offering if you get registered before the end of October.)

Sales Myths - Old Beliefs Will Hurt You!

Myth #1:


Salespeople Are Born, not Made  - I was fortunate to attend a sales training seminar recently where "Sales Myths" were discussed in detail. What I've taken from this clearly demonstrates that as you train yourself to overcome objectives and apply simple but widely unknown steps to work smarter, you can become a highly skilled sales expert. But you've got to pay attention to the tools out there. I will be converting these myths to a format I can send to everyone. The end result will cause a shift with better time management for your large, medium and small accounts.

On the same note, the AMSOIL Direct Line often has training articles among other things. this month it is "Psychology of Success" which deals with how your belief system may be holding you back. You can read back issues of these in the preimum zone but I prefer the paper versions in the mail otherwise I would forget to read them.
Now!! On to the Highlights >>
High performance & Amsoil are becoming synonymous to everyone 

The AMSOIL sales meetings. Here is what to expect other than the 10% off. If you can make it please register NOW!


New products:

High Temperature Brake Fluids. This is a hard to find item in the US!! Some believe Motul and Castrol are the only ones available that wont boil in racing conditions. This is another entry-level product for those who never considered AMSOIL


A partnership with INJEN intake systems starting with highly attractive and tuned systems for consumer diesel trucks. These are sellable big ticket ($600) items to make a month of work pay the bills and some fun. This line will be expanded to cars and possibly exhaust kits from a SEMA award winner. The AMSOIL units will also be sold through INJEN outlets with our logo on them but you, as a dealer will have the first rollout of availability.

35th Anniversary TSO 0W30 - Mr. Amatuzio demanded that the 0W30 is to be reformulated to show the market again that AMSOIL has something else of a FIRST. The 0W30 will have breakthrough additives and a TBN of 13 and will be packaged in a new black and gold bottle with the founder's signature on every bottle. This will have a new product code and other products will subsequently be added to the signature list. Great stuff for your show booth.


Here's something I found out about earlier, It's verified - Custom made to order EAA Air filters for your specific need. My Studebaker will get one of these. Just around the corner.


Gear oils Whitepaper

The third of a series of Whitepapers is now available. At the sales meetings it will be dissected adding to your arsenal oftools for synthetics made to perform the way the consumer expects unlike the shameful product put on the market by a few of our competitors. See the link above for your copy.

New Lead Program
At the sales meetings it is being announced that AMSOIL will process three free leads for you per month if you submit the name and address and other information, they will do the introductory work of sending them a free catalog with a professionally written letter in your behalf. This customer will be given an account number tied to you. You MUST have spoken with this lead prior to this process.
My suggestion is to use the business cards you gather at a show or names from your website (for more information form) to contact and use in this pool. This will save you time and give your customer that quick and professional touch to secure the deal. More on this in the ACTION NEWS.
Logos & Graphics
Thanks to Dewey Asbash in the literature department I have a high resolution copy of the orgional AMSOIL logo re-worked for your use. I dont think anyone else knows of this so if you want it contact me. I am using the old and new logo combined for my new 9X12 white envelopes. That's one of the Gorilia Marketing suggestions.
I also have the most recient total product line photograph which has the new air filters. It will enlarge to about 2 feet. He's also sending me special AMSOIL snowmobile team shots on CD for a custom vehicle wrap and the same for AGGRAND products is about to be made. I also have the Terry Rinker in a large digital format.


Prepare for Grease Sales

Im going to hit this subject heavy soon so please read up on the greases as you will realize the full potential in this sector. Just like the air filters, AMSOIL's grease is a product no one can contest and the differences are remotely better. I'll just say this; most of the grease on the market doesn't do what it's supposed to do.

I got a call from my largest account, City of Helena, MT. They had just purchased a new fire truck from American LaFrance. Just as Ron ward had said in 2001, they had requested AMSOIL grease because that's what the ladder truck manufacturer recommends in fact it's marked on the plate. Do you think your customers will benefit from the knowledge that a custom manufacturer of equipment that weighs several tons only trusts AMSOIL grease for water resistance? They actually use it on the extending hose pipes to seal out water and protect as the units extend under pressure. New greases coming.

Top question:

 How can a 20W50 take the place of a 75W90 recommended by Harley in the transmission?

Easy - our 20W50 lands on the upper portion of a gear SAE-90 scale. Please see my page and chart on this using this link.
Warranties and the Law!

I think with the recent error in Harley's "Enthusiast" magazine where a question was answered "to keep your warranty in check the only oil you can use is ours." Makes it easy for us to explain AMSOIL oils, extended intervals and general warranty concerns thanks to AMSOIL response and gathering of the written law in this concise manuscript. Look in the ASK AMSOIL section of the dealer Zone under Motorcycles for the complete response, but here are two points made.

"These provisions violate the Act in two ways. First, they violate the section 102 (c) ban against tying arrangements. Second, such provisions are deceptive under section 110 of the Act, because a warrantor cannot, as a matter of law, avoid liability under a written warranty where a defect is unrelated to the use by a consumer of ''unauthorized'' articles or service."
It also puts HD in a position where they must be registered to provide the product free of charge if it is indeed the only product, which will keep the warranty valid.

Marketing tip: Print this 3-page copy for all of your accounts and potential MC customers.
I can email this if you need as well.


I want to close reminding you I have one of the most effective PowerPoint available from AMSOIL U called Gorilla Marketing. Only 4 dealers asked for a copy so I know who to invest more time in assisting them with reaching Direct Jobber. It is not a large file but the information gained will save you $1000's on advertising as well as give you the strength and aggressiveness to cut into a market you thought was out of reach.

If you read the Dave Mann article in the Action News he says a lot of what I have been saying. I particularly believe the DATA sheets are the key to your knowledge and customer satisfaction. I keep all of the data sheets in stock and carry them around with me but I mail more than I hand out. I use them as receipts or post them at the grocery store bulletin board. I lay them in the car seats at car shows with a business card attached especially the air filter ones.

Don't forget: The sales meetings save you 10% off dealer cost on AMSOIL, AGGRAND, ALTRUM, NGK and all other product lines. There is still time to sign up for most meeting locations. Also new prices in effect October 1st. If you can't make it to the meetings place your order today. Call a retail customer and offer them a deal to make this month a big one. I had 6 dealers reach 3000 commission credits over the last two months!! Congratulations on the hard work!! I also have 4 committed dealers going to the 35th Anniversary Convention in Duluth. I am extending my rebate offer through October as long as seats are available for the Core Technology Program. That's $100 off of the program and $100 product rebate for showing up.

Ches Cain
The Synthetic Warehouse