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May 7th, 2007 1St Edition
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Federal Government - Your Best Customer
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Note: This is from July 2007 and is still current so please save and forward to your dealers and prospects.
Welcome to my new short topic marketing tips newsletter.
As an AMSOIL Dealer you must recognize this is one of the most dynamic business opportunities available and it's certainly the only one which does not require you to spend a dime on capital and still be able to flourish.
Here I present to you several ways to advertise for next to nothing. these methods have all been proven to be effective so let's get started!
Want the government to buy from you?
Government Purchasing  The Federal Government wants to do business with you. 25% of $200 billion in annual purchases were given to small businesses. 95% of purchases of $100,000 or less must be given to small business. In the lubricants business we really don't have too many others to compete with if you follow my suggestion. They WILL call and order from you eventually! Gov't agencies have ordered from me several times before and I am not even registered. (National Weather Service, Coast Guard, VA Hospital, etc). But being registered you could easily get a $15,000 order. I don't think there are any AMSOIL dealers working this at all.
Thanks to a program put on locally by the SBA (Small Business Administration) I learned all about how to get in the door from a speaker representing the largest buyer - The DOD - Department of Defense. First I should mention I would have not ben invited if it wasn't for being a member of the local Chamber of Commerce. It pays to join!
To be awarded contracts for purchase or to become eligible to sell to the federal supply schedules you must register and enter a classification for the nature of your product. 
The potential caused by taking the above steps cannot be ignored. When you have a moment please contact me and I will fax you a helpful three page questions and answer guide and something else to get you started. 
You can see what the Federal government buys and the registered vendors at this link but keep in mind I have listings for your state supply needs too.
#1 - Obtain a DUNS number. (Dun and Bradstreet) Visit I had one even though I never registered. They found me from county records!
#2 - It is necessary to have a TIN or EIN number (Tax Identification Number). In some cases you can use a Social Security number. Go to for the forms or call 800-829-1040 to obtain one. When I set up a commercial account I use AMSOIL's TIN if they request it (government contractor typical procedure) as the customer is buying and paying direct to AMSOIL but you will be selling direct to the government most likely after taking these steps so you need to have this. If you get a call or solicit a bid to a large Federal contractor (list available for example here under "Large Prime Contractor" for region 8,) then a commercial account would be the best choice, thus you would likely need to supply AMSOIL's TIN on request.
#3 - You are required to be registered with the Central Contractor Registration System. Visit CCR at
Now Identify your product or service. you can find te NAICS codes (North American Industry Classification System) at Search oil and filter in the word search. you should get 2 and 4 digit codes (oil is 91 or 9150 and filters 2940 or 29)
#4- Register your business online profile at This will allow contracting officers to see your business profile and determine if you meet the procurement requirement.
#5 - If you want to do business with the department of Defense you need to register here:
National Guard and other solicitations over $25,000 will be announced in Federal Business Opportunities ( but the documents are available at
Familiarize yourself with the Biz Opps site. Also you can get the whole procurement procedure regulations (very detailed if you are bored or want to sleep) at
Most of these $3000 to $100,000 purchases are done with a credit card so you will need to have a processing terminal. If you don't, please don't let this stop you. Go ahead and get registered then work on that.
A later newsletter relating to this will summarize what the SBA can do for the financial growth of your business. There are so many assistance programs. If you want look at the opportunities in your state by inserting your states abbreviation after the slash such as

The last thought on this subject is the VA Administration. They are the third largest government purchaser. It's the largest nationwide healthcare system, 120 national cemeteries and 58 regional offices across the US. If you want to look into this I have two items I can fax to you to assist.
And although not a requirement, if you are a veteran or disabled, you will have a good chance of getting called for product.
Don't miss out on these opportunities!!
Advertise for free locally - results
 Free advertising - Capture your market.
Reach out to your local customers for free.
Here is a fun and easy way to get your name out locally and it works! Just one sale from this has spawned into three other customers.
Here locally the grocery stores, health club, VFW, bowling center, night club, even the toilet area in The Home Depot has one of these, well you name it has a pin-up board for people to promote events and their business. I think the Chamber promoted this idea several years ago and it has lasted. Anyway if you have these boards in your area take advantage of this and forward the idea to your downlines.
I was at the Hy-Vee (grocer) and say all the other small business catalogs pinned up but they used a poor looking plastic bag. I wanted to let people know I had product and a few key phrases about the benefits. This design will allow you to hang 6-catalogs.
Go to your office supply store and buy the AVERY Sheet Protector #PV119XL-25 / 74171
This is a pack of 25 made of a more durable material which will stand up.
Now, you can click on the photos above to be forwarded to my dealer training page where these are larger and easier to see. Below the photos on that page are two links with two sample templates I made using WORD. Please modify these to your needs then print on good quality paper.
All you have to do is slip in the word document then cut a slot about 3/5ths of the way up which will attractively hold 6 catalogs. I simply pin it up with 5 or 6 thumbtacks.
I have to add three or four catalogs weekly in each one.
I am making an AGGRAND one now as well sing the small tri-folds, the G-1188 (comes in pack or 25.)
Where to look for trade shows
 There are thousands of places where you can set up just a simple table to promote your business. Your #1 objective should not be to train people on AMSOIL but to let those who are familiar with it know who they need to do business with. This requires just being there with minimal display costs. Should you be a stocking dealer these current users will know who the main source is in town.
If you decide to work outside of your market the focus should be on capturing dealers, Preferred Customers and most importantly Commercial accounts. The nature of the show will determine what you need to bring. The #1 key is to look professional.
One example would be one of the Motorcycle get togethers listed below. Some of these bring in over 10,000 attendees. You are representing AMSOIL and your job is to let people know how they can order when they need product. the ones entering your booth will likely say, "Oh, I know about it an hear it's the best but need to know how to get it." This is where you offer them a 1-year PC for only $10 or hand them a catalog. If they own a shop you get them to fill out the Retail application and then mail them what they need when you get home.
Your business card is your most important tool so if you don't use the template I have on the dealer training page please take your time and develop one which effectively satisfies the need for your target market. Another tip is to use the most expensive material you can afford (for the card). An attractive card does not get thrown away. A cheap paper card will get tossed.
Anyway - getting to the point, I did some searches and want to show you the best way to find your target show. I lucked out as I found one of the major Gold Wing groups is having their national here in Sioux Falls!! So I will have a booth here.
Here are some other significant ones I found in about 10 minutes:

Events for May thorough August:

Wing-Ding Billings, MT July 4-7 (25,000 Honda motorcycle owners will attend this event) If you want to have the power to captures 100's of case sales this one is for you.


ASD  - Diesel Specialists Association Convention - San Diego July 11-17th. Expensive but a major affair and a boost to your credibility.


American Public Transportation - Now in Nashville - One account would pay for this one.


This one is one of the largest in the country each year in the same spot:


Honda Hoot rally - Knoxville, TN June 19-23

Some ways to search:
Use terms which describe trade shows or local fairs then insert words such as "vendor"; "meet"; "booth"; "industry" and/or a geographical area or state.
I searched "Landscape Industry Show" and came up will all sorts of possibilities.


Example Search Hint if I wanted something only in Virginia:

 Search "2007 Richmond, VA vendors" or "2007 meet vendors VA"


or 2007 Convention diesel truck"


Here is a database to assist with searches of public trade shows. But don't rely totally on this for smaller shows. for those you will have to search or check with the local Chamber or even school district.


For both amsoil and aggrand try : "2007 green products fair"

Call me to discuss how to create up something simple yet effective. There are now a number of tools from AMSOIL including show booth kits, banners and literature displays.
You could spend hundreds month after month advertising in the paper on on the internet or spend hours searching for prospects but a good planned show booth whether it's $50 or $1000 will compress all that in just a couple days. We get most of our business from the list of names we take home.

It's a pleasure to send these out to you. I think you can see that AMSOIL is a worthwile investment.
More announcements are just around the corner. The word is more Mothers products will be introduced to us first at AMSOIL U.
Also One thing which will help you tremendously is to visit the dealer Zone daily to see what is new. One item in particular which will make you a pro is located in the Training section of the dealer zone called "Fear Factors/Overcoming Sales Objections"
The highlight for me was the "Addressing API Licensing" document. This has been rewritten and sits at the heart of my sales technique. That is the quality of our base stocks is far above what anyone else is willing to add to their mix.
This document would also make for some great thought provoking website material. Use it!!
AMSOIL has a library containing a database with thousands of test studies and analysis to further back up the claims. AMSOIL has total legalpower over the competition. Our claimes clearly show our customers how we remain unique and that there really is a product designed to be the best. The quality and performance says it all.
Ches Cain
The Synthetic Warehouse