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Ches at VA car show

Have you reviewed the G-52 lately? Page 6 talks about the amount of air your car uses and just how much attention to the air filter must be taken. I start this newsletter with that point because my filter sales have become a more significant part of this business.

Having a couple filters here for display when someone buys oil has been a part of that but just the knowledge of the media, the story of how it came about and the fact that your customer needs to know we have the best option makes these a sure sale.
Filters Revisited
New EAAR filters fit a market of millions with carbs. 

AMSOIL has provided us with three more greatly needed options. The EAAU cold air intake filters, EAAR racing filters for carbureted engines, and the new crankcase breathers. Let us focus on the EaAU for a moment.


I would guess 30% of the customers I talk with have a aftermarket intake system. More than half the cars I see these days at local shows use a K&N or foam filter attached to a modified intake or a round oil wetted gauze drop in for the carbureted models.


This is the best place to introduce your products. Let's look at the material you need to have on hand starting with the free material.

July 2007 Service line article (oil filters)   - sets up the need for filtering material current filters fail to remove. The communiqué makes the point of wear reduction by as much as 70% with 15-micron capable oil filters. A similar article exists in the July Action News but the Service line version is ready to print and present. Find it in the Premium zone if you don't subscribe.

Here are some materials to help you in your quest.

The G2202 - The Worlds Most Advanced Filtration Line - multi page brochure. Excellent diagrams and photos.

The G-52 "Oil and Filtration Guide" which also explains what a consumer should know about their oil. An all around introduction into the quality of AMSOIL.

The new G2441 "The Absolute Facts on air Filtration" DVD. Really makes the grade for why AMSOIL is also the leader in filtration. The first four dealers who email me on this will get a free one!

Also here is the link format you can use to link to the video from your website and get credit if someone makes a transaction while there: (Just change the ZO# to yours.

The G-2241 - EaAU data sheet. Best thing to have for those K&N owners who hate to have to clean and re-oil their air filters. Be sure to tell them no more dirty film to have to remove in the throttle bodies.

The G-2175 - EaA data sheet - Explains the filter media in our drop in certified fit air filters.

The G-2430 - EaAR Racing and Crankcase filters. This opens doors to those street rods with the desire to dress up the engine compartment while retaining the best absolute filtration. I have one of these here now for display and the metal quality is really something to see! I am creating a street rod page for various car groups which will attract sales soon.

The G-2235 for Motorcycle air filters. If you have Harley connections please email me for the large excel file with all matching descriptions and intakes they fit. It's an essential tool. I send this to all my motorcycle contacts and that creates interest in the filters and the remember me for it!


Here is a useful link to the visuals of the motorcycle EAAM air filters. Since this was made there are two more available for Goldwing motorcycles replacing the K&N.


The air filters are not only easy to sell but one EaA-189 for a Dodge 5.9 diesel has a profit of $11.30 plus a potential commission of $7.23 for a total of $18.53 earned.

Gorilla Marketing
Amsoil U Book 


Now three months have passed since AMSOIL Anniversary 2007 and I am still pulling useful marketing strategies from my notes. The courses in the advanced program range from executive discussions regarding the new directions of the corporation and product associations, additive packages and product technology, future products, marketing strategies and studies, to how to think like a CEO.
This year there most of the material was related to managing your business and dealers more efficiently, business planning and marketing discussions. I have been doing a little training in this area on my own as well. 

One book I strongly suggest is:

 "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership" by john Maxwell. This is one of those -  MUST read books.

 For each law he uses clear and understandable case studies such as Tom Landry. Landry's leadership capabilities were far beyond the average coach but he attrcted only the best and that in turn reflected well on him. I have to say this is one of those life changing books which opens doors. If you read and follow the laws of leadership you will connect with customers and impact people far beyond their own reach. Actually the main point of the book is to recognize your self imposed limitations, and start leading rather than managing developing leaders out of followers. This is the secrete to attract dealers with leadership skills beyond what AMSOIL has seen yet! Do you think that would help your business? I just so happens at least one of the AMSOIL sales managers has also read this one. In summary, one would have to be a fool to not take adantage of this material.


  I have pages of subjects to write about but none of that would do anyone a bit of good if you don't have a plan!! On that subject I suggest you read Al Amatuzio's comments on planning in the February 2006 Action News. You can look that up in the dealer zone.


As for marketing strategies I have a great Power Point given to us at AMSOIL U called Gorilla Marketing. If I haven't sent you this file please email me for it today! It was the best material from AMSOIL U that wasnt product related. 

It will provide you with invaluable advice as to where you need to direct your efforts and out market those spending billions on ad campaigns.

 Remember - your existing customers are where the majority of your time and advertising funds should go and follow up with them. In this business we encourage people to learn the advantages in value (or show them what real value is).

If you are just getting started and need more help I would suggest the re-written G1296 - How To Structure your business - or re titled as "Dealer business taxation tool" the writer, John Hosler (Amsoil VP-Finance) created this tool to help you control unnecessary expenses and payments to the IRS.

Remember - No Story, NO SALE! Use Amsoil products and you can sell them to anyone.

Service Bulletins
Amsoil Technical Service Bulletins add credibilty 

NEW Amsoil Service bulletins:

This is VERY important.
Now as member of the Studebaker Drivers Club and a past member of other car clubs, one hot topic I observe more of late is the concern over the upgraded API SM and ILSAC GF-4 classification which limits the ZDDP or the common
anti-wear chemistry zinc dialkyldithiophosphate. This has caused concern to owners of muscle cars, old classics and just about any vehicle with pushrods, flat tappets or solid lifters. Discussion is everywhere from MG, Triumph, MOPAR, Oldsmobile, Corvett and BMW car association owners groups. I know one MG owner whose cam was destroyed after using GF-4 rated oil from Castrol.


The extreme loading requires added antiwear properties not available in GF-4 oils. AMSOIL has just addressed this in the most recent service bulletin.

Currently enthusiasts have relied on diesel oils meeting CI4+ for this additive package but because of the new CJ4 for diesels (which does not contain the desired anti-wear additives), diesel oil companies such as Rotella have decided to limit production of their CI4 and CI4+ oils to reduce costs as well as retailers wanting to consolidate shelf space.

In these car club circles, Redline Synthetic Racing oils has been active to contact several of them and the word is out. You have an excellent opportunity to get this information to your local clubs and supply 100's of nice cars with a oil which not only addresses these concerns, but will protect in storage and add to performance.


AMSOIL's most recent service bulletin dated 8/15/2007 covers this subject and points out four excellent choices for these customers. The HDD 5W30, AMO 10W40; TRO 20W50 and ARO 20W50.  None of these oils have to meet the current and limiting API SM, thus the more robust additive package., Unlike our competitors, these products will stay in existence. The need and demand is enough to make any resourceful AMSOIL dealer financially independent.

Well, looks like a plan for a low cost display at the local cruse night occurring each week. Combine that with the Mothers products and there you go.

Thanks to Ken Marx in York, PA, I think it was his question to AMSOIL on this subject which caused them to create this service bulletin. We have a pot luck dinner in the local Studebaker meeting this weekend. Guess what I will be handing out?


For the technical service bulletins just log into the dealer zone and look in the first column to the right "Downloads". If you have trouble getting to these please contact me. I am currently sending out printed copies to all of my retail accounts.
Simple Convention/Fair Display

This was the simplest and most effective trade show booth I have set up but 3 out of the last 4 tables I have set up have paid off well and have continued to draw in more business. The most satisfying was the Goldwing Touring Association's convention which was held right here locally. See I am getting calls all week from Goldwing owners from all over now.

If you want to see the ipctures just ask. The baner at the head of this newsletter was from that show. It's the rented units from AMSOIL plus my lighted sign and the powersports poster.

I will be advertising in their national news magazine so that's a cue for you to contact any local or regional chapters near you AND other motorcycle or car enthusiast groups about your AMSOIL business and supply. People want to know where to get AMSOIL and they will start using it.

I want to mention having some of the non-motorcycle air (EAAU) and oil filters helped draw attention.

By the way, I signed up eight preferred customers at that event and had to have filters sent overnight. I also sold a couple cases of diesel oil and fuel additives.

Start planning now for the fall conventions across the country. Check your convention center's schedule over the next 12 months. This is simply the best way to get your product in front of your customers, create relationships and pick up on leads. Starting in May you will find the proivate car and motorcycle club conventions dotted at convention centers all over the US.
Farmers Market testimonial from York, PA (Dealer Ken Marx)

Looking for a simple and inexpensive way to get exposure for your new business venture with Amsoil?  It is not as hard as it might seem and it lets you polish your sales presentation.  I considered several approaches such as local shows, some of which can be expensive and if it is a specialized show you need to have specific knowledge about the applications for the theme of that show.


I ended up trying the local farmers market which is open every Tuesday year round.  I rent a 10 foot table outside for $20.00, use a red and white checkered tablecloth with a Amsoil flag banner around the edge.  The first week I displayed one of many items that Amsoil has to offer and soon found out which items would be best to have a small stock of.  So far in the last 6 weeks I have signed up one dealer and twelve preferred customers, several prospects for commercial accounts and have started to get a loyal following of retail customers.  It takes a little time but it works.  I enjoy relating to the verity of customer that stop by and hearing there success stories with Amsoil.   In fact the Amsoil customers help sell the new customers that have little knowledge of Amsoil. 
G-50 Product Selection Guide updated

Sales and training resources:

There is a new G-50 PRODUCT SELECTION GUIDE now available for those doing service or for your own reference.

 The way you keep and expand your retail customers is to provide them with knowledge and tools to make their job easier. If they know you care they will remember you and the AMSOIL products when a customer demands something better. The G-50 contains all of the following:

Fuel Mixing Table

Passenger Cars and Light Truck, Medium and Heavy Truck oil requirements and capacities

Requirements for all late model Motorcycles, scooters Mopeds and ATV's. Requirements for most Chainsaws, personal watercraft, small engines, snowmobiles, and outboard motors.
Farm tractor fluid requirements

Entire section on resetting oil service indicator lights for most makes and models.

Engine Cooling System Capacities and Air bleeding procedures.

Keys to lubricant codes and symbols.

The G-50 is the type of product you follow up with a AMSOIL cap or T-shirt.

Training leads to Success
Less than a year away - the AMSOIL 35th Anniversary.Amsoil 35th Anniversary Convention & optional Core Technology Training - Don't wait to sign-up if you want to go. Get in NOW - will fill up fast. I think if you neglect to register by October 1st for the core training it will be too late although there should be room for the convention segment. Four dealers in this group waited too long to sign up for the 2007 AMSOIL U and had to get their $ back on the flight. The cap is 150 people for the training, which precedes the event.
How many of us say, "Knowing what I know now, I wish I would have started earlier"? Don't be a would of should of could of. Mark July 15th, through the 19th for the class and 17th to the 19th for the convention. If I didnt go to the 30th Anniversary Convention 5 years ago I would still be toiling at the phone company, that would be dumb! Call in for your registration for the Anniversary and core training but be sure to contact me as I may hold a slot for someone. And hey, if you sign up before October 1st, I will rebate you the $124 for the class plus $100 rebate on product picked up and take care of dinner on one of the off evenings. AMSOIL takes care of most the meals. Trust me, they want the dealers to enjoy their trip and so do I.
More than the AMSOIL U, the Anniversary focuses more on who the corporate staff is and the changes over the years. What Mr. Amatuzio has accomplished and hear directly from the suppliers and base stock producers as well as meet the racing teams.


If you are reading this you should be listed on my website. If you are not please send me a reminder!! I have been investing a lot of time into this series of newsletters and when that is done I will be working on major improvements to the dealer section of my site and the AGGRAND one as well.

Are you T1 Certified?

When you are T1 you need to update your profile - Dealer Larry Osborne of Eastern Tennessee got a $1000 sale out of nowhere just because he was T1 Certified.

There is a new ALTRUM email newsletter from AMSOIL. If you are not getting one please drop me a line and I will forward it to you. One article is on the new Aggrand Banner now available.
Lastly, please see the new promotions blog which is found in the AMSOIL public "What's New at AMSOIL section. It features several teams AMSOIL is working with at the Bonneville Salt Flats for speed records. This is updated several times each week. currently it features the Diesel powered motorcycle working on a speed record with AMSOIL and Boyd Coddington's wife's 1920's Ford roadster working to reach over 200 MPH. See the picture of Boyd's truck with the AMSOIL logo carved in the bed rack.
Forward this to your dealers!! Add them to the newsletter if you want your dealership to grow. as Wilford Brimly used to say, "It's the smart thing to do"!
Ches Cain
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