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Demand is here - Doing the right thing is easy. Spring 2007
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Aggrands Agronomist Walt Sanbeck
If you are using AGGRAND you have seen this picture before as it's featured in the "AGGRAND NEWS"
I drove to the AMSOIL HQ a few weeks ago and met with Walt in this mixing room. Walt is AMSOIL's full time Agronomist. Please call him with your technical questions. There are several what looked to be 25 foot tall tanks (10,000 gallons?) and pallets of empty containers to the celing to be filled. It's quite an operation but in it's early stages I would think.
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 Hello!The Market is Ripe!
Just got off the phone with Greg Sawyer (director of AMSOIL's AGGRAND) and product demand is skyrocketing! Demand has exceeded supply but there are a few updates you need to know about.
This newsletter is to help you recognize what you have available to you now and how to get started.
These four natural products could easily outsell any four AMSOIL products and is doing so for a few dealers who have kept up with the mass trend to switch to natural organic products!
Did you know most large lubricant companies have a fertilizer division? An uncle of mine worked for a company called United Lubricants in Omaha in the 50's to the early 80's, competed with AMSOIL and also sold fertilizers for DuPont.
AMSOIL is the first one to market Liquid Organic Fertilizers. Another First! AGGRAND is at 50% of last year's total sales now and last year was a record sales year!
The big news here today is that the AGGRAND 4-3-3 as well as the Sulfate of Potash/Liquid Kelp products are now approved "Organic" inputs by QCS - Quality Certification Services of Gainesville, FL.
HOW can I get started??  Just order the G-1380 from AMSOIL. this is the AGGRAND literaure and application binder. I also use this to save time and $ as a kit I send to new commercial accounts to get them all the needed information professionally FAST!
 The Significance

The are four main points to the benefits of AGGRAND: The cost, quality of the soil, environmental impacts, crop yields.

The real motivation behind putting together this newsletter was after receiving a flyer from TruGreen offering a $29.95 first spring lawn treatment. It says, "185 weed types, 27 lawn pests and 23 diseases can harm the average lawn. TruGreen is ready to stop them"
The reason you have those pests, weeds and disease is because the high analysis chemical product has damaged the beneficial microorganism activity leaving your soil open to the non-beneficial insects and allows weeds to germinate.
Now, at an alarming rate are farmers are switching to these products. Not only because of the environmental damage caused by chemical fertilizers but because of the cost. And liquid versions are easier to use. I'm finding I don't have to sell the product to the larger purchasers. They know the results. I am selling because I make the product easy to be found whether it's a lawn & garden show, my broken website (and it is very incomplete) or just displaying the product anytime I sell AMSOIL.
Getting back to that ad, for 29.95 you could treat your lawn with 4-3-3 for the entire year. With a little aeration and beginning to mulch the grass which adds to the natural nitrogen and you save even more time and money not having to thatch your lawn.
I have studied and used AGGRAND in the garden and lawn for 5 years now and started being educated on "The Natural Way" before that so I have seen first hand the benefits.
In Dallas we had fire ants, carpenter ants, termites and grub worms. I also had plenty of weeds, crab grass, iron deficiencies, soil cracking, and areas of the yard under direct sunlight where the grass would die out all together.
After working in a program of AGGRAND and soil amendments, three years later zero fire ants, termites were gone, grubworms could not damage the grass, the only place I had a weed problem was the driveway, and I had about 80% more St. Augustine and Bermuda grass in the direct sunlight areas.
Traditional gardening and lawn techniques feed the soil. This morning was one of our 1st 70 degree days. I watched for 2-hours the neighbor behind us totally scalp his lawn using a lawn tractor with the dual bagging system attached. He just destroyed the main element needed to create a lush lawn. I am guessing he will now drop seed and fertilize to feed what will be a weak root season and if we have a drought condition here guess who's lawn is going to be in trouble not to mention the time lost and chemicals into the stream between our houses. I did take a photo to illustrate to you later.
I would label this approach as radical lawn care although it's mainstream.
By the way, he choked him self with 2-cycle smoke using the edger afterwards - too bad he didn't know about our 100:1 synthetic Saber Professional 2-cycle oil!
 What is Healthy Soil?
My most recent customer this week purchased a drum of 4-3-3 was one of those who said, " you don't need to sell me on the product."
He said he lived in Europe for a number of years to include Bosnia and the first thing visitors asked was why is the water green. He said that was the result of years and years of over fertilization. The unused nitrogen contaminated the water supply causing uncontrollable algae blooms.

AGGRAND GROWS GOOD SOIL (don't call it dirt)


The soil is the foundation of sustainable, natural, and organic fruit and vegetable production.


Chemical agriculture, however, is a lot like chemotherapy: the longer it is used, the worse are its effects. It involves introducing a toxin into a system in order to make it work better. It will be effective for a while, but the long term impacts on that system (a person's body or the soil) will become more and more damaging. The end result is more sickness that requires more chemical support.


A Healthy Soil


--contains beneficial fungi, involved in the initial breakdown of plant and animal residues, as well as absorption of nutrients by plant roots

--contains soil bacteria, for the secondary breakdown of OM in the top 2-6 inches of soil, and rhizobial bacteria, which enable legumes (soybeans, alfalfa) to fix N from the air

--creating humus, so nutrients can become available to plants

--bacteria can fix up to 100 lb/acre of free N from the air (78% N)

--earthworms can provide up to 700 lb/acre/day of fresh castings while aerating the soil

--beneficial microorganisms consume pests and other pathogens, creating more available nutrients for plants


The Chemical Path


--use salt-based fertilizers (nitrates, chlorides) to supply nutrients in a soluble form

--the highly soluble nitrogen carries calcium and magnesium below the root zone

--increased soil acidity results in reduced nutrient availability  (pH graph)

--necessitates addition of more chemical products (insecticides and fungicides) to maintain growth and fill nutrient gaps and ward off pathogens

--these salts are toxic to the natural soil organisms

--as beneficial organisms die off, they are replaced by non-beneficial ones to fill the niche as the ecosystem degrades

--fewer earthworms>>>>more soil compaction, less oxygen available in root zone

The New Beginning, a return to health

--Reduce chemical inputs and replace them with AGGRAND to stimulate soil biology


--soil testing: balancing the chemistry

--introduction of Organic Matter: cover crops or green manure

     crop residue worked into top 2-4 inches of soil, grass clippings

                                                     crop stubble


                                                     animal manures

--AGGRAND: balanced food for microbes and soil health, improves rate of decomposition of OM


Realizing the Benefits


--reduced environmental impact

--good production when chemically-aided crops are failing (Motokato potatoes)

--gradual buildup of humus and topsoil

--increased nutrient-holding capacity (higher C.E.C.)

--faster recovery from stress caused by pests, disease or the environment

 Soil Analysis - Get Started Now
I just used the G1374 Soil Analysis kit to measure the current conditions of what I have to start out with and it has provided me with the ultimate course of action.
This "G" item is $3.00 to have it sent to you and $10.00 to $13.00 for the various tests such as "Lawn & Garden" or "S1A". 
The lab is in Omaha, NE so I visited them myself and handed them my soil sample. They were nice enough to give me a stack of 100 test sheets and the pricing schedule so if you want to see the tests available before you order the G-1374 call me and I can fax you the test choices.
My test results were back in 24 hours. This company has the ability to do 10,000 samples daily which they actually get a demand for!
AGGRAND also gets a copy and will help you know what to do. I emailed mine to Walt. His advice told me to put down some gypsum and the 4-3-3.
The next AGGRAND newsletter by the way will feature several amendments to help stimulate the end results with little cost and at the same time a healthier environment for your family.
Other Business Ventures AGGRAND Could Create
After moving from Dallas, TX to Sioux Falls, SD I have noticed the demand for Organic foods is about the same scale but lacking here is the huge market of organic implements in all retail establishments and services.
After talking to several merchants, a friend who owns a well known nursery who is letting us use his greenhouse for our test plants, and the dozens of people we talked to at the the lawn and garden show plus the phone calls we have received since then, it is clear even in this town of 145,000 there is PLENTY of demand for Organic lawn services, retailers of our AGGRAND products and even a jobber to landscaping outfits.
One successful Organic ONLY lawncare business in Texas who has more customers than they can handle is Soil's Alive. I know here in Sioux Falls as soon as you are in business, clients would be all over the place. It's not like the chemical fertilizer folks who create their own demand or need for their product by making your soil unhealthy, you are simply jumpstarting them in the right direction then monitor and treat as the soil comes back into balance. You would be the only guy in town - no one to compete with.
Another idea for a successful business which AGGRAND will fortify would be a Organic only supply center.
 Here is another one, again in Texas called Rohde's Organics (  which features their own line of about 70 amendments including micro-organisms, beneficial insects and now an organic lawn service too.
Here is the center of all the information: The Dirt Doctor who has a list on his site of 100's of Organic centers across the country. It just goes to show the demand and that people are really taking this in like a hobby. AMSOIL has it available for you too.
There are only only about 10 dealers really working this and for some it's 1/2 their income. It's really the best kept secrete! You can sell this stuff on a big scale. I have now sold two more drums by the time I finished this newsletter. AMSOIL knows this is now a top product and as they add to the mixing tanks you need to take this serious.
Look at my website at It's not complete, missing a menu and I still haven't uploaded the application rates and I get three solid commercial account requests per week which puts me in 4th place for AGGRAND sales just about. If you search google with some related keywords I come up automatically in the #1 spot! I didn't spend a lot of time on this but I do know how to balance words.. Call me and let's go over it if you are interested.
Upcoming Issue - Reference
Amendments to Enhance your Organic Landscape and Simple Solutions to Pests.
Start a compost pile to generate your own nutrient rich components
Open letter to AMSOIL about the need for more AGGRAND promotional material. (Please make suggestions to AMSOIL corporate)
To thoroughly learn the organic chemistry I suggest you visit your public library. I will also suggest "The Organic Manual" by Howard Garrett which I use often to make sense of proper maintenance regarding customers questions and problems.
Be sure to see the advertisement I had made for the Lawn and Garden Show. If you want I can email you the high res version. Take a look on my about us page near the bottom.
Order the G-1380 Literature Kit of you want to learn more on the AGGRAND products.
Thank you!
I am here to keep you as informed to what is available from AMSOIL and how others are making use of their time. I take a lot time writing these so please let me know if I need to shift to any specific issues.
Oh, and remember:
The big news here today is that the AGGRAND 4-3-3 as well as the Sulfate of Potash/Liquid Kelp products are now approved "Organic" inputs by QCS - Quality Certification Services of Gainesville, FL.
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AMSOIL/AGGRAND Regency Gold Direct Jobber
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