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October 2010
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  "A big shout out to Carrie for her great editing work. I recently hired Carrie to edit some of my blog articles, and I'm thrilled that I did. Having a second set of eyes is extremely helpful, and having Carrie's expert eyes is incredible. Carrie is a true professional. She's an expert editor, and she really helps take your work to the next level. I highly recommend her services."

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Highlights from Tim O'Reilly Keynote at PayPal Innovate X
"I'll Have What He's Having"

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This is my second year attending the PayPal Innovate X Conference in San Francisco, and so far every year, I've had a blast. You might be wondering, what is a writer, editor, communications gal like me going to a conference about online payments for? Shouldn't I be off writing somewhere, or like -- editing something? After all, I'm not a developer.

This is all true. But the reason I love this conference is that it's kind of about everything. It's about instant transactions. Multimedia. Exciting new companies finding new applications for quick access to digital goods, many of them within Facebook, for example. Fundraising applications. Invoicing applications. And coming soon, the ability to purchase goods while streaming online television. Pretty cool. I'll be blogging all of that soon on carriewriterblog.com, but in the meantime...

I wanted to offer you a quick video excerpt from Tim O'Reilly's Keynote, because this publishing mogel and visionary never ceases to inspire me. Here are a few sound bytes that capture the essence of his speech:

*We don't innovate to be "entrepreneurs," but to have fun. Take the Wright Brothers, they wanted to experience
flying, right?

*Henry Ford created the concept of "the weekend"

*In the future, we  may be carrying around devices that know more about our environment than we do

*The economics of digital goods will not go in straight lines in the future. We may get things for free we expected to pay for, and end up paying for what we thought would be free.

*We need to think about "Smart Stuff" in creating new devices. Sensor technology.

*The power in platforms is in empowering others.  Creators should be ecosystem builders.

These are just a few snippets from the 10 pages of notes I took, hope you enjoy, and that you think of yourselves as innovators everyday in your own businesses. Now, I'm off to go develop --I mean -- write some stuff.

Enjoying a natural soda break with Doug Acker, marketer for Hansen's sodas (left) and Charles Baker, head of Strategy for Meetup, San Francisco

I had the pleasure of being invited to write a guest blog post for the San Francisco Online Meetup held on October 20th, at the TechSoup headquarters in San Francisco. I learned some great tips on organizing Meetups, and also learned about a new program called "Meetup Everywhere," a free platform specifically designed for cause related organizing and nonprofits.

You can read my write-up over on the blog, or on the official TechSoup site.

Have you organized a Meetup? Has it made a difference in your business? Leave a comment over on my Fan page and be eligible to win a cool Hansen's Naturals t-shirt that groovy Doug was kind enough to provide as a fun giveaway for you all. Note: I'll be posting a photo of the shirt on my Fan page shortly, it's bright orange and very cheerful.
Social Media Tip: Ramping Up Your Linked In Profile

Visit my LinkedIn-Box.net profile, it's fun!

A funny thing happened on the way to updating my Linked In profile last week. I noticed some very interesting new tools that I had not yet discovered, both for writers and for videographers and photographers. The writing application connects with Box.net, a very easy to use and fast cloud storage system where you can upload photos, articles, and PDFs. It only takes a moment to set up an account, and with the Linked In application, you can create a folder specifically for Linked In files, as shown here.  To get started, go to the "Edit My Profile" application on Linked In and scroll about halfway down. Click on the option for adding publications, and you'll get instructions for setting up Box.net and the relevant file folder. I had been wanting a project gallery for some time now, and this gives me a quick way to show others the variety of work I've done. Check it out, and let me know how you like it!

Carrie Jaffe-Pickett is an award winning writer and experienced communications professional, with over 50 published articles on a variety of topics, such as health and fitness, education, lifestyles, and more. She enjoys yoga, has run the New York City Marathon twice, and won a novel-in-progress award from the Heekin Foundation. She will go to a less than great movie, if only to thoroughly analyze it later, and can be persuaded to eat desserts as needed. She is also the author of a new e-book, "6 Degrees of Twitteration."

Selected Past and Current Clients:

*Wine Tastings At Home (blog editing)
*SEO and BIO writing (international web reputation firm)
*MB Garage (e-news coaching)
*Karen Brunnet (book editing)
*Caterina Rando (article writing)
*Bay Area Business Woman (feature articles)
*Manhattan Media Group (feature articles)
*Redbook Magazine (fiction and nonfiction)
*La Biscotteria (web site writing, product descriptions)
*Bob Fine (Cool Twitter Conference event marketing)
*Shepherd & Associates (insurance brochure)

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