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May 2010


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Hi everyone, I hope your spring is going wonderfully. I am excited that my herb garden is growing at a somewhat expansive rate, and soon we will be enjoying
homegroherb gardenwn leafy greens. Yes!

Speaking of growing things, even when life is wonderful, sometimes I find myself missing certain things, like ...college! I'm certain my recent reading had a lot to do with it. I enjoyed chatting with bestselling author Joanna Smith Rakoff about her terrific novel, A Fortunate Age, in our video interview. She writes about a group of Oberlin graduates finding their way in New York just before September 11, and the book reminded me of Oberlin of course --co-ops, cooking like 50 pans of granola that got consumed by voracious seniors, Rock Night at the disco, 2 am paper writing, and midnight tuna melts. OK, that part wasn't in the book.

Tuna melts aside, anyone interested in the creative process and novel writing will find this interview of interest. I just finished the book and can see why it was named one of the best of 2009. It's a must read. Click on the link, and you'll see a link to Amazon on my blog, where you can easily order the book (affiliate link.)

A quick note on what I'm up to...

*Headed to Web 2.0 tomorrow to attend Keynote, Exhibits, and social media sessions. Will report back here and on my blog with updates and photos.
*How could I not resist an event called "The Carrie Diaries?" (Thank goodness they're not mine.) I'm excited about attending Candace Bushnell's reading from her new book on Carrie before everything Carrie, at the Menlo Atherton performing arts center next week. It's a fundraiser as well.
*Also attending the Compass Point strategies for nonprofit marketing at the Mountain View Computer Museum next month. Looks like a great program.

Highlights from carriewriterblog.com
I attended as Press the Mequoda Publishing Summit in Napa last month, and one of my favorite workshops was all about web design and criteria for giving your site a checkup. You've heard of Californication? Try Webification. Read more...

Does your website need a makeover? 10 Tips for Effective Website Design

blue paint web redesign
 May Giveaway

constant contact book

Lucky for you, I have an extra copy of the ultimate email marketing guide by Constant Contact, to give away. To be eligible to win, head on over to my FAN page on Facebook, and post a comment on why you'd like to receive this book. I'll choose the winner at the end of May. Good luck, and may the e-mail marketing force be with you.

Guest Blog Post and Free Download: When Writers Tweet - Getting Your Twitter Groove Back

I was thrilled to have been invited to write a guest post for The Writer's Fun Zone, by Beth Barany, a writer and expert author coach and a subscriber here. Thanks, Beth! Twitter was one my mind (I wonder why...), so I came up with my own take on it and my experiences. Maybe you've had some of the same, please post your thoughts on my FAN page or blog. I'm sharing the link here, and also you a free download if you want to keep it handy. Enjoy, and share with others if you feel like it.
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Carrie Jaffe-Pickett is an award winning writer and editor based in Silicon Valley. She is the recent author of Six Degrees of Twitteration, and has been published in Redbook, American Health, and numerous publications.
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