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Where's  Carrie?


*Do You Sakoon?
I was invited to an elegant press dinner at the new Sakoon  restaurant in Mountain View, and created this video recap to highlight the evening of delicious curries, marinades, and spices.  Thanks so much to Susie Biehler, public relations specialist, for inviting me to this super (and supper) event.

2. I attended a Social Media Bootcamp in Sunnyvale, where a great lineup of presenters gave terrific tips on Twitter, blogging, and more.
Here's a quick video of social media expert  Patrick Schwerdtfeger discussing the importance of conversation as marketing, and being a person first, before a business.

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Editor's Note
What Do Chris Brogan and the NYC Highline
Have in Common?

If You Build It Right, They Will Come

chrisbrogan   highline

Carrie with social media guru Chris Brogan, (top), and at the Highline.
How cool is this?

One of my summer highlights was a quick visit to New York City in mid-August, where I visited some of my favorite eateries, checked out the new American Wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art,  took an honorary trip on the NYC subway, and did a little updog downdog at my favorite yoga studio.

I also visited the Highline, a recreational park built where the old elevated subway line was. It has beautiful wood benches, great views of the Hudson, and lots of fun nooks and crannies so each area is different.

I also attended the Affiliate Marketing Summit, where social media heavy hitters Chris Brogan (see photo) and Peter Shankman, head of a boutique pr firm and HARO (help a reporter) both presented great keynotes. I realized that was indeed a symmetry in both the Highline, and in meeting Chris Brogan. A year ago, I hadn't heard of either, and on this trip it was so important for me to see both, as they both represent the future and the power of, well, being good. Chris built his way to the top of the social media presence by working hard, establishing a great online presence, and doing what we need to do: build authenticity, great content, and consistency. The Highline attracts thousands of visitors a day, by having fantastic views, being eco friendly, and offering a  refreshing and unique perspective. Both present something where before there was nothing.

How is your business doing? Are you creating something great out of nothing? That's the challenge, and that's where great communication comes into play as the single most important thing you can do for your business: communicate well to your internal team, and externally to the public, including your stakeholders, the media, members, and readers and subscribers. It isn't easy, but when you do it right, it's  a creation that you have built. And that's really something to write home about.

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Announcing New  Customized
Communications Packages

Don't You Love it When You Don't
Have to Figure It All Out By Yourself?

During the last year, I met many of you at various events, and you said things like:

"I really want a newsletter, but I don't have time to write one."

"I need a strong online presence, but who has time for Twitter and Facebook and all that?"

"I'd love to start a blog, but I'm too busy to keep it up and it will look funny just sitting there getting outdated."

Sound familiar? So, while you probably don't have time, I do! Because this is what I love doing for other people.  And while I could have chosen many other career paths, like being a gourmet chocolateur, or a cabaret singer, or maybe even a professional dart thrower, nothing else really works for me, so here I am, your devoted communications professional.

The packages below describe my services and fees, and they can also be mixed and matched for any combination you need.  The fees are based on monthly projects. If you are interested, e mail me at, or call me at 650-206-2682. I'm here to serve. And there won't be any dart throwing, I promise.

BRONZE: E-Newsletters, including monthly writing, design, graphics and links: $349
SILVER: E-News AND Blog, including set up in Blogger, template and graphics, and 3 posts a week: $599
GOLD: E-News, Blog, AND Social Media Strategy Coaching and  Maintenance, such as Tweets and posts. This includes setting up Profiles, About Me pages, etc.: $999
PLATINUM: (Limited Amount of Spaces Available as You Would Be an Exclusive Client): E-News, Blog, Social Media, and Public Relations Services such as media outreach, press release writing, media list development, press kits, etc. PLUS writing coaching, website writing critique and writing, all inclusive.

Feel free to mix and match. Questions? Contact me.


About Us

Carrie Jaffe-Pickett is a writer, editor, communications specialist in Silicon Valley, California. She has over 60 published articles in magazines and newspapers regionally and nationally, including Redbook. She is a published fiction writer, and has won the Heekin Foundation novel in progress award as well as the Katherine Anne Porter prize for fiction. She also has 15 years of experience as Director of Communications and Public Relations for a national health care organization in New York City, and is a Constant Contact Business Partner, as well as being recently named one fo 30 writers to follow on Twitter. You can learn more about her at and
computer woman

It's All About the Writing
4 Ways to Make Yours Better

Sometimes in the flurry of social media frenzy, tweeting and facebooking and linking in, we can forget the most  important thing: writing well. Whether it's tweeting in 140 characters, writing a white paper or report, or a feature article or an About Us for our web site, a blog post or an e-book, the simple truth is that if we don't write well, we lose our audience. So with the autumn coming, take a few moments to give yourself a writing checkup, by considering the following criteria for good writing:

1. Brevity: Your writing should be succinct. If you're not sure, draft something, walk away for a few minutes, and comes back to it. Chances are you'll notice sentences that can be shortened, better words to replace the ones you chose, and a catchier title or subhead then you might have had. If you can write something in fewer words, do it.
2. Clarity: If your audience is confused by your message, you're going to confuse your customers, potential customers, and colleagues. Just because a sentence or idea appears clear to you, doesn't mean it's clear to everyone else. Take your writing and read it out loud to a good audience. Get some feedback on whether what you are saying is clear. And remember, if you have a call to action in your marketing copy, make sure and include it, or how will anyone know wha tit is?
3. Authenticity: These days more then ever when you online presence is so important, being authentic is key. How do you create this? By doing what you say you are going to do, and being yourself. Your writing style should reflect who you are - don't pretend to be Hemingway or Updike, find your
own style and voice. With content, if you say you'll provide a free download in one week, provide it. If you are vouching for someone else's business or services, make sure you have used them yourself first.

4. Urgency: Know that feeling when you just can't put down a great book? All great writing has a sense of immediacy. The information is that important, the story so compelling the reader is captivated. These days, being able to tell a great story is key in communications. How did you help your last client? What motivated you to start your own business? Your story about you and what you do is what separates you from everyone else, so make it urgent.