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March 2012   
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Advanced Filtration Technologies
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This month we are proud to focus on a feature story that ran in the Winter 2012 Issue of Healthcare Building Ideas. The article speaks to advances in filtration technologies in the healthcare industry and how those advances help to improve IAQ and lower costs.


Carl Mitchell, Vice-President Sales


Using advanced filtration technologies to do more with less

Advances in filtration technologies in the healthcare industry help to improve indoor air quality and increase cost savings


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The healthcare industry has made great progress in implementing strategies that lower risks, improve building efficiency, and reduce carbon footprints. Many measures are geared toward reducing heating and cooling system energy consumption, and recent advances in air cleaning technologies are helping to take these strategies to the next level.

For the entire story: http://www.healthcarebuildingideas.com/article/using-advanced-filtration-technologies-do-more-less?page=show 


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