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This month as we celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the Dynamic Air Cleaner, we extend thanks to our loyal customers over the years. Join us as we take a look at some of our past milestones.


Carl Mitchell, Vice-President Sales


Celebrating 30 Years!

The first Polarized-Media Air Cleaners rolled off our assembly line in 1982




This year we are very pleased to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the first one-inch polarized-media electronic air cleaner. It was thirty years ago that the first polarized-media electronic air cleaner, produced under our "Dynamic Air Cleaner" brand, was introduced.


As with many high-efficiency filtration products, polarized media has its roots in industrial applications. Although the first electrically enhanced air filters date back to 1930, it wasn't until 1982 that two professors from Carleton University in Ottawa designed a residential application that combined the many advantages of polarized media with a simple means of replacing dirty media. They started Engineering Dynamics Ltd. (EDL) and began manufacturing 1-inch and 2-inch polarized-media EACs, room console units, and overhead ceiling-mount units. Since then, many subsequent patents and improvements have advanced the technology and broadened its applications, to the point where products like the Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System lead the industry in performance and energy and maintenance savings.

The original EDL was acquired in 1997 by Environmental Dynamics Group, now known as Dynamic Air Quality Solutions. Today, a 17,000 square foot factory has been added to the 800 square foot space where EDL made the first Dynamic Air Cleaner.

Robin Marshall was there in 1982 and today he is General Manager of the Carleton Place operation. "Clearly a lot has happened in thirty years. We have been committed to constantly pushing the technology forward, with both directed R&D efforts for new products and applications, as well as continuous improvement and refinement of the existing products."

Initially, the company's focus was residential, but there was a clear need for improved air quality and energy savings in commercial and industrial applications. This resulted in a focus on technology enhancements, new configurations, and a complete line of commercial products. In some market segments, such as the gaming industry, Dynamic is the market leader. Other noteworthy achievements over the last thirty years include:


  • Development of the patented one-piece replacement media pad.
  • Air cleaner performance was optimized with respect to power head voltage, center screen material, and static resistance.
  • Electronics were encased in solid plastic to eliminate moisture problems.
  • Acceptance and distribution of products through OEMs including Trane, American Standard, Lennox, Rheem, Ruud, WaterFurnace, and others.
  • Recipient of the 2004 Trane "Supplier of the Year" award.
  • The development and addition of a wide range of UVC products.  
  • Development and introduction of commercial V-Bank and germicidal systems.
  • Installation of Dynamic Super V's throughout SEC Headquarters
  • Design and installation of system for anthrax clean-up at the Postal Service.
  • The introduction of several residential private brands including Nexstar, Aire Serv, Service Roundtable, and others.
  • Introduction of the industry-leading V8 Air Cleaning System that achieves MERV13-16+.
  • Installation of the Dynamic V8 throughout the LEED Platinum Renovation of ASHRAE Headquarters.
  • Sold the 300,000th 1" polarized-media air cleaner.
  • Exceeded 50 LEED certified commercial projects.
  • Surpassed the 400th government project milestone.
  • Winner of the 2011 ED+C and Sustainable Facility's Readers Choice Award.

"Today commercial sales make up half of our business," according to Duke Wiser, president of Dynamic Air Quality Solutions. "Over the years, specifying engineers and multi-national companies have come to rely on our expertise in solving IAQ issues, saving energy, and reducing operational costs. We have been able to recommend the right tool for the right job, and have done so in applications all over the world." Wiser continues, "Some of our high profile jobs include the LEED Platinum renovation of ASHRAE headquarters in Atlanta, the Securities and Exchange Commission headquarters, federal courthouses, military installations, and hundreds of hospitals, universities, and schools."

For commercial building operators, Dynamic Air Quality Solutions has helped address two things that have historically been at odds: better IAQ and reduced operating costs. Dynamic Air Cleaners combine high levels of particle filtration, odor removal, and VOC removal with low pressure drops and the longest maintenance cycles in the industry. And Dynamic Air Cleaners can often allow operators to reduce outside air levels (which can further reduce energy costs and improve IAQ) by implementing the ASHRAE 62 IAQ Procedure.

On the residential and light commercial side of the business, three decades of experience have allowed us to optimize our products and better serve contractors and technicians. The same product attributes that facilitate a fast, uncomplicated installation have allowed Dynamic to concentrate on selling through service technicians which more than triples selling opportunities beyond new construction or system replacement. Today, Dynamic's comprehensive residential product line includes polarized-media air cleaners, UV systems, bypass HEPA systems, passive filters, and time-release condensate drain pan treatments. By giving our partners all the tools they need, it allows them to tailor IAQ solutions and packages to meet client's needs.


Look for more announcements in the months ahead as we celebrate thirty years of success. And thank you for your continued support that has made this milestone possible. We appreciate your loyal patronage and look forward to a mutually prosperous relationship in the future as we continue to improve products and services to meet your clients IAQ needs.


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