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September 2011  
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This month, as the 2011 USGBC Greenbuild Expo approaches next month in Toronto, we focus on one of several LEED projects in Canada.


In addition, we are excited to tell our readers about some changes to the Dynamic Air Quality Solutions commercial website. I hope you'll take a few moments to browse through the new website to see for yourself. And as always, your feedback is welcome.


Carl Mitchell, Vice-President Sales


Looking for Gold North of the Border


BC Office Building mines Gold with Dynamic V8


 947 Fort Street is a 44,000 square foot, 6-story class 'A' office tower. The development is a landmark building on Fort Street, which already features a vibrant and eclectic mix of retailers, restaurants and street front professional offices. The building is ideally located in Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, along one of its main arterial bus, car and bicycle routes. Along Fort Street there are numerous restaurants, cafés, shops, fitness facilities and green spaces which make this one of the most desirable areas within Victoria to both live and work.


gold north office 

Victoria is considered a resort destination that welcomes more than 3.5 million visitors each year. Residents here enjoy a high quality of life one would discover in a small town, combined with an international, business-friendly atmosphere.


947 Fort Street was constructed as a LEED Gold certified office building. Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems were included as one of the building's design elements. Developers saw the value of incorporating indoor atmospheric quality management plans and programs into the project design to increase indoor air quality during occupancy. In addition to adding value offered by a superior indoor environment, developers also recognized that the Dynamic V8 would add to the building's sustainability and reduce operating costs. Dynamic's V8 system features a low air pressure drop relative to 80 percent or greater passive mechanical filters. This reduces required fan energy and lowers energy consumption, which helps earn LEED points. Dynamic's system also features a very high dust holding capacity that extends filter replacement schedules from months to years. Extended maintenance intervals have a significant impact on operating costs.  


dynamic v8 sept 

"In the past, buildings like 947 Fort Street would have to choose between air quality and operating costs. Now they don't," according to Duke Wiser, president of Dynamic Air Quality Solutions. "Our air cleaners remove the smallest ultrafine particles, as well as odors. At the same time, they reduce energy costs, maintenance costs, and disposal costs. We are proud to help this landmark building in the beautiful city of Victoria strive for LEED Gold certification."


The Dynamic V8 Air Cleaners were installed in a Haakon AHU that also features a SEMCO EXCLU-SIEVE® 3 Angstrom Molecular Sieve Heat Wheel which provides clean, tempered air to hybrid heat pumps from CGC Group, Inc.  The hybrid heat pumps utilize the compressors for cooling only, and use hot water coils for heating.  According to the manufacturer, they are, on average, at least 23 percent more efficient that standard heat pumps. The project also includes an Aero Thermal air to water heat pump from Multistack, LLC on the roof. The Aero Thermal plant operates much the same as geothermal, but in Victoria's moderate climate uses air as the heat transfer source to provide heating and cooling for the building. Equipment was provided by Trane Northwest in Victoria, BC whose staff includes professional engineers and service technicians.  Design work was provided by Genivar, (formerly HWT Consultants) and Cairnview Mechanical Ltd. was the installing and commissioning mechanical contractor for the building.


"Cairnview Mechanical has done many building air filtration systems over the years and Dynamic has proven itself to be one of the finest systems out there in the market," according to Terry Siklenka, General Manager at Cairnview Mechanical located in Victoria B.C. "The tenants in the building expected the highest quality of air and Dynamic proved itself the best both in product and support. As Cairnview completes our first year of warranty we have had no issues at all with the product and the building clients are completely satisfied with the superior air quality that Dynamic is delivering."


Other building amenities include:

  • 2 ˝ levels of secured underground parking stalls.
  • Secure bicycle storage facilities within the secure parkade
  • Changing facilities with showers
  • Retail/Food tenant spaces on the main Fort Street level
  • Landscaped rooftop terraces and gardens

The LEED tool is a very occupant-oriented approach to energy and environmental efficiency. Many of the direct benefits of LEED certification, such as energy savings, accrue to the tenant / occupant of a space. Energy savings on the building systems accrue to the tenant through lower 'triple-net' costs; and reduced loads on municipal services translate into lower unit rates for water and sewer.


At 947 Fort Street, the superior interior environment, with natural lighting and exterior views for the majority of staff, is expected to translate into higher levels of productivity, higher staff morale, and lower absenteeism rates.


The U.S. Green Building Council's LEED Green Building Rating System is the benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings. It gives building owners the tools they need to have an immediate and measurable impact on the environment and their buildings' performance. For more information about LEED, visit www.USGBC.org. And to learn more about the 947 Fort Street project, visit www.947Fort.com. 

Dynamic Website Has  a Fresh Look


Commercial Website boasts New Look and Improved Functionality


Several weeks ago, Dynamic Air Quality Solutions unveiled its new website at www.DynamicAQS.com/commercial. Although the site's fresh appearance is easily apparent, there are several enhancements behind the scenes that are very significant as well.


site screen grab 

Improved Navigation - The new site uses "Web 2.0" technology. If you aren't familiar with the term Web 2.0, you probably will be soon. In Web 2.0, the user controls the content of the page. Users can interact with the page and makes choices about what they want to see. Multiple task bars and tool bars and hot spots route users to the same location. It makes navigation quicker, easier, and allows users to take a more direct path to the information they want to see. Web 2.0 creates a more organized and useful content with a far more powerful deep-linked web architecture.


Visual Experience - The site uses plug-in modules to enhance visual appeal, including:

  1. A slide show carousel of highlighted products.
  2. An "Energy Dollars Saved" module gives a real time estimate of energy dollars saved by reducing brake horsepower, kilowatt hours and carbon emissions using Dynamic Air Cleaners.
  3. Product images displayed in expanding "drawers".
  4. Users can be directed to appropriate products based on the types of IAQ problem in their home.
  5. The site is available in multiple languages using the flag icons at the top.  

Speed and Efficiency - The new residential site uses a faster portal engine which means greater speed for navigating and loading pages. And an open-source Content Management System (CMS) allows changes to content to be made quickly and easily.


So please take a look. You'll find more information, more resources, and more ways to do your job better!


Join Us During HVACR Week


Booth #637 September 21-23, 2011 in Indianapolis


HVACR Week 2011


HVACR Week brings together three events (Comfortech 2011, Optimum Buildings, and the Commercial HVACR Symposium) to create a single, comprehensive industry expo under one roof, covering the gamut from design to installation to maintenance and service.

Residential and commercial HVACR contractors will team with designing/specifying engineers and facility managers to learn about the latest trends in the industry and the best business improvement tactics. Plus, the top manufacturers and industry suppliers will be on hand to show off their latest products and services. Come by and join us at Booth# 637!

About Dynamic Air Quality Solutions
Since 1982, Dynamic Air Quality Solutions' mission to its customers has been to develop and bring to market innovative, technologically advanced and affordable solutions to help clients optimize air quality, energy consumption, and the environment. For more information, visit our website at www.DynamicAQS.com/commercial/.