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May 2011
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This month we are highlighting another new construction project that uses Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems throughout the facility.  It's an outstanding example of a company recognizing value in showcasing their devotion to technology, innovation and sustainability.

Carl Mitchell, Vice-President Sales


Dynamic chosen to be part of the new SAS high-tech, eco-friendly conference center

Sustainability delivers business value to SAS 

SAS Building

More and more companies are seeing the value in proving themselves as leaders in sustainability initiatives and showcasing their devotion to technology and innovation.  

In April, SAS, the leader in business analytics software and services, officially opened their new state-of-the-art Executive Briefing Center at their Cary, North Carolina world headquarters campus.  The center includes an office tower for employees, two auditoriums, a gourmet market-concept food court and a coffee shop serving Starbucks coffee. 

As the second largest building at SAS' Cary, North Carolina headquarters, the building is over 280,000 square feet with over 650 offices. The center will be used to host existing and prospective customers at SAS, "an important and increasingly in-demand part of doing business," according to executives. "Ensuring that these events are positive experiences for our guests is vital in defining the customers' image of the company and its products."

As customers come from around the world to visit SAS headquarters, the company showcases its technology, passion for innovation and leadership in the industry.  SAS set out to design a world-class conference center and office building that would serve as a place to build relationships with customers and accommodate a growing employee population - all while supporting SAS' vision for sustainability.  This year, SAS estimates it will host 550 to 650 customer briefings in Cary.

In keeping with SAS' commitment to protecting the environment, the facility was built to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards for water and energy conservation. Some of the specifications included reducing water use by 50 percent, and reducing energy consumption by 40 percent.

Key features supporting the LEED standards included advanced heat-recovery systems and Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems.  With the low static pressures inherent in the V8, the systems save energy by reducing the horsepower required to move air through the system.  The long service life of the replacement media means a smaller carbon footprint and reduced maintenance costs. 



Carl Mitchell, Senior Vice President of Sales for Dynamic Air Quality Solutions visited the facility several weeks ago and acquainted maintenance personnel with the air cleaning system.  Said Carl, "You should have seen the smiles on their faces when I explained that filter service life is measured in years, and not months."

"A lot of time, thought, and effort went into ensuring great air quality in this building," said Pete Flood, Construction Project Manager for SAS, "from protecting the HVAC systems as they were placed piece-by-piece to not allowing VOCs and other potentially harmful materials to ever enter the building. Dynamic Air Quality Solutions definitely had a part to play in helping to make this happen."

We applaud SAS and their approach to sustainability through leadership and innovation.
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