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March 2011
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Would You Like More Control of the Public Bid Process?
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Now you have an option to control it all and fast...
with Dynamic and TCPN



Dynamic Air Quality Solutions is proud to be an approved vendor of The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN).  TCPN is a procurement tool for public and private institutions that enables TCPN to purchase world-class services and equipment while taking advantage of network collective purchasing power and pre-existing vendor agreements.  Any public institution, as a TCPN member, can now purchase and install Dynamic Air Cleaning systems -- without a local bid process.   




This is a great tool to use with the educational and civic communities since Dynamic Air Cleaners are recognized as an excellent means of helping lower the cost of building, operating and improving public facilities, in addition to improving IAQ.

TCPN ensures your clients get what is specified.

Have you ever been forced to live with something other than what was specified?  Although the public bid process may produce the "best price", the end user may not necessarily be provided with everything expected or agreed upon.  It's no surprise and fairly common when a bid process enables the contract chain certain liberties impacting an end user greater than the bottom line of a contracted construction firm.  TCPN meets bid process requirements without forced substitutions.   

TCPN prevents delays.

Have you ever faced the prospect of delaying a school opening?  Decision making within a bid process can often be scattered and time intensive due to the large number of parties involved.  Because lead times for major HVAC equipment are substantial, it's critical that the process to decide on a vendor or manufacturer is quick and controlled.  Delays in major equipment can create a domino effect of missed deadlines for items from commissioning to interior finishes for any construction timeline. TCPN enables the process to move on schedule.

TCPN gives you control.

The public bid process can take control away from an end user.  How often have you ever seen low price and creative bid strategies leveraged against good practices, system efficiency and operational goals.  And in some instances, demands may outdo the ability to "follow the rules".  In the end, the ultimate customer does not always get what they want or even require.  The TCPN process keeps the specifier in control.

TCPN honors national account pricing.

TCPN, much like any cooperative, enables quick and controlled purchasing.  Nearly all public institutions participate already in some form of cooperative purchasing.  From furniture, books and carpeting to cleaning supplies, there are agreements in place to purchase preapproved products at predefined prices.  What is very unique about TCPN is that they have extended that opportunity to more complex trades and services such as roofing, athletic fields, service and maintenance, HVAC equipment and even complete mechanical design and construction project.  Dynamic is just one member of a vast network.  We have a collective challenge to create awareness for this great opportunity.

TCPN makes it easy.

TCPN has made it easy for public institutional entities to sign up to become a member. State laws encourage participation in cooperative purchasing. TCPN contracts are available for use by and to benefit governmental agencies mandated to follow state procurement laws and regulations (public and private schools, colleges and universities, cities, counties, non-profits, and all governmental entities) or any federal agency that does not have a policy or regulation barring participation). TCPN members may integrate energy or operational saving strategies delivered by Dynamic Air Quality Solutions without a formal bid process, under a procurement plan set by TCPN.

A Dynamic Advantage

For new construction projects, the upgrade from passive filtration to a Dynamic Air Cleaners requires just a simple transaction through TCPN.  With the end users approval, and as a result of the end users direct relationship with TCPN, any HVAC system can be delivered and operated with Dynamic Air Cleaners.

For existing buildings, either basic filter upgrades or complex improvement strategies such as ventilation reduction per ASHRAE 62.1, IAQ Procedure, can be purchased without a bid process. 

Dynamic offers three primary improvement strategies to enhance building performance:

  1. Reduce fan energy costs with the industry's lowest fan energy demand in high efficiency filtration.
  2. Cut media replacement labor and material cost by improving dust holding capacity by as much as 1000%.
  3. Minimize the expenditures to ventilate and reduce the cooling and heating load requirements through improved air cleaning and the ASHRAE IAQ Procedure.  This strategy can reduce the initial cost of HVAC equipment by as much as 30%. 

System design can be influenced by many external factors including outdoor temperatures, outdoor air quality, and local utility costs. The type of filtration system can in turn influence factors such as fan motor horsepower requirements, outdoor ventilation rates, ROI, payback period, and carbon emissions.

TCPN Program FAQs

Q. Who can participate?

A.  Public and private schools, colleges and universities. City, county, state and federal governmental entities.  Any company purchasing with strict procurement methodology.


Q. How is the price established?

A.  The price is established by the TCPN contract, which is based on the collective buying power of the members.  Pricing agreements made are very fair for all parties involved.


Q. Where can I learn more?

A.  To learn more about TCPN and the opportunity to integrate Dynamic Air Cleaners into your facilities, contact your local Dynamic Representative or visit www.tcpn.org.


Institutions face many challenges which can include aging equipment, rising utility costs, process interruption, indoor air quality, and occupant health and safety.  Dynamic is proud to be an integral part of the solutions of many of these challenges and we are happy to assist clients in identifying their best overall environmental and cost effective solutions.

Carl Mitchell

Vice President Sales, Commercial Products

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