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January 2011
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No Filter for Six Years?
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No Filter Changes for Six Years? 

Dynamic V8 delivers the market's only disposable "filter" that can last multiple years versus months without the need for pre filter.

Although filters aren't typically the major design focus of a construction project, they can later become quite a nuisance for a building's operation in the long term.  They can also be a very costly operational burden.  In fact, from many customers, we've learned that the staff and schedule required to replace filters is often beyond what can be managed.  

"Find me a filter I don't have to change for at least 3 years!"

 This was the direction recently from the head of operations at a public university to his consulting engineer.  It further confirms for us the magnitude of pain that customers like him experience when trying to comply with the operational demands presented by higher grade filtration.

"Yep, we may have missed a couple of scheduled replacements..."

 Ever heard this before?  If you do, it might be a good time to learn how to calculate fan brake horsepower, its relationship to static pressure, and of course, associated utility costs.  We see it all the time, and the energy wasted on dirty filters can be significant.

Making filters "sexy."

You have the option to convert the old way of thinking about filters to a far more attractive solution that includes low pressure throughout the life of the media and with ten times the life of a traditional filter.  Dynamic makes filtration sexy by offering a unique system that provides premium particulate removal using polarization, a certified MERV rating, and three dimensional fiber loading that allows the media to last for years, not months.

85% MERV13 Bag Filter.
85% MERV13 Cartridge
V8 Media
MERV13-16 V8t here.



Know the code.

Since the advancement from ASHRAE 52.1 to 52.2, traditional filter companies market high MERV ratings with extremely low initial static pressures.  However, because 52.2 does not mandate that filter manufacturers publish dust holding capacity data, which is the best measurement of how long a filter will last (plus the pressure impact it will produce), many customers can misinterpret a filter's true deliverable.


For instance, a 2 inch, MERV 13 filter holds approximately 40 grams of dust before hitting its design static pressure of 1.4 inches w.g.  Therefore, if the average building produces 130 grams of dust per cubic meter each month or 48 grams per 24x24 inch filter, you'd have to replace a 2 inch deep, MERV 13 filter monthly, a 4 inch deep MERV 13 filter bi-monthly, etc. to keep the static below 1.4 inches and maintain a mid-life static pressure of around .9 inches...not including the impact from a pre-filter.   The Dynamic V8 is tested to hold 1600 grams of dust at its recommended change state of .6 inches or twice its initial static pressure.

For many years Dynamic has delivered improved indoor air quality with its patented polarized-media air cleaners.  By removing very small particulate in the sub-micron range, Dynamic has provided great results in the removal or reduction of nuisance odors, combustion fumes and VOCs.  Dynamic has also contributed great operational savings to many clients.  One of the best examples is found at the ASHRAE headquarters in Atlanta, GA where all of the HVAC systems operate with Dynamic V8s.  In the primary air handlers, the static pressure has climbed a mere .1 inches after three years of operation and currently produces approximately .4 inches of static at design CFM.  If you were to compare that to a traditional application of 30 percent pre filters and 85 percent (MERV 13) post filters, you'd see a savings of around .75 inches in mid-life static.  In addition, the Dynamic V8s save three or four changes per year on the pre-filters and once per year on the posts.  So, Dynamic has saved 15 filter changes in just 3 short years!

Dare to compare.

The Dynamic V8 holds up to 10 times the dust of standard cartridge and bag filters and up to 100 times the dust of shallow-bed passive filters, as shown below. Loading is critical to the ongoing costs of filtration. Unlike passive filters (which load primarily on the face of the media), the Dynamic V8 loads throughout the full 1" depth of each of the eight media pads and 360 around each fiber. This three-dimensional loading accounts for the V8's dramatic ability to collect contaminants.

Chart Jan

This dramatic loading means a typical maintenance cycle of over three years. And that means no pre-filter or quarterly replacements and no more 9 to 12 month final filter replacements. That frees up a lot of time for maintenance personnel to concentrate on other things.  Fewer media changes also means less material used, lower disposal costs, and a smaller environmental footprint for the building. 

Cost Savings Deliverables for a 40,000 CFM air handler with a four year media replacement interval:

chart 1

Financial Deliverables:

chart 2


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Paul DeIuliis

Vice President Sales, Commercial Products



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