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November 2010
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What About Fan Energy?

Dynamic helps lower fan energy and may be the only method for compliance with ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2007, Section 6.5. 

The construction industry has made great progress in implementing energy saving strategies that improve building efficiency and carbon footprint.  There are various control and system strategies that will prove wise investments for building owners.  Nearly all of them, however, are geared to reduce heating and cooling system consumption.  An obvious yet commonly ignored struggle in building efficiency is the energy impact from client expectations for a higher grade indoor air quality.  The more that is observed about people and process efficiency losses from poor indoor air quality, the greater the desire for high quality filtration.

What does this mean?  In a recent energy audit of an office building in Boston with traditional filtration, 23 percent of the total annual electric consumed is HVAC fan energy.  It was also calculated that 20 percent was HVAC cooling and heating.  Imagine the impact of upgrading the filtration for this building from MERV 8 to MERV 13 and adding approximately 1.0 inches of mid-life static to the primary fans!

When is the last time you had a discussion on fan energy?  In a recent amendment within ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2007, now a standard has been set for allowable brake horse power for each type of system and space use. Section 6.5 of the 2007 version of ASHRAE 90.1, (HVAC Air System Design and Control) sets allowances for brake horsepower based upon system type and its application.  In many reviewed cases, the allowances are not met with traditional filtration. 

For many years, Dynamic has contributed to fan energy reduction programs all over the world.   In any building using pre and post filtration of MERV 8 and 13 or even higher, Dynamic can reduce mid-life static pressure by more than 1 inch and design static by more than 1.75 inches.  This makes our systems an easy and effective tool for compliance to the new standard for measuring building airside efficiency.  Like other aspects of ASHRAE, 90.1, the more the standard is exceeded, the higher the perceived building value and acceptance of performance.  Ultimately, Dynamic Air Cleaners not only comply with the allowable adjustment for filtration - it can make investments in our systems a no brainer!
V8MERV13-16 Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System

Lower static pressure corresponds directly to lower brake horsepower.  Brake horsepower drives fan energy and so on.  With Dynamic Air Cleaners, and using the prescriptive option under section 6.5.3 of ASHRAE 90.1, engineers can reduce energy and provide every customer with a payback worth investing in.

To review ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2007 in its entirety, click here.

What's the opportunity?  As you can see in the following example of a 34,000 cfm air handler and a $.16 blended utility rate, using Dynamic V8 Air Cleaners instead of 85% cartridge filters can save over $8,000/year in fan energy costs.  Just from the reduction in static pressure in this model, design brake horsepower is reduced 14.3 bhp. 

Technical Performance Deliverable:


Specified Filters      

 Pre#1 / Pre#2


Air Cleaners

Model - V8

24X24 inch Dust Holding Capacity (grams)

170 / 150


Media replacement frequency (months)

3 / 12


Total Mid-Life Static Pressure (Inches)

.64 / .97


MERV Rating

8 / 13


Financial Deliverable:


Annual Savings Estimate


Brake Horsepower

$ 8,107  /  50,666 kWh**

Replacement Media + labor

 $2,676 (Averaged)

Ask your local Dynamic representative for a free analysis to determine ROI and building efficiency on your next project.  Careful energy model planning leads to greener designs for healthy buildings that are welcome additions to our environment.  For more information about Dynamic Air Cleaners, including the new Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System, visit www.dynamicaqs.com/commercial.

Paul DeIuliis
Vice President Sales, Commercial Products
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GreenbuildDynamic Air Quality Solutions in Booth 2709 

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