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July 2010
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The first and second generations of Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems have been in the field long enough now that we are getting some terrific feedback about incredible dust holding capacity and reduced operating costs.  On this job, after 2-1/2 years of operation, it still has not been necessary to replace the original media.  And today it's running at less than half the static pressure that you would typically see on 95% cartridge filters and pre-filters after just six months.

Carl Mitchell, Vice-President Sales
Medical Center Gives Dynamic Clean Bill of Health
Original Dynamic V8 Air Cleaner media is .5 w.g. after 2-1/2 years

Firelands Regional Medical Center is a 400-bed, full service, not-for-profit hospital located in Sandusky, OH on the southern shore of Lake Erie. The center provides a full range of general medical and specialty services to 300,000 residents of Erie County and the surrounding areas.
The center admits nearly 11,000 patients annually and has nearly 235,000 outpatient visits and 45,000 Emergency Room visits a year.  With almost 1,900 employees, Firelands is the largest employer in Sandusky.  It's main campus provides a comprehensive array of acute care services, specialties and sub-specialties including a state-of-the-art Emergency Medicine and Outpatient Department, Heart Institute, Intensive Care/Coronary Care, Psychiatric, Dialysis Service, Obstetric, Pediatric and Oncology Services.    

Firelands Map
In 2007, as part of a $150 million expansion/renovation, Firelands expanded their four story patient care tower and replaced three 24 year-old critical AHUs that served the building.  In early 2008, Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems and Dynamic Sterile Sweep® Germicidal UVC Systems were installed.  Firelands had the following goals:
- Exceed the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services minimum MERV rating for final filtration in patient areas.  Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems achieve up to MERV 15+ performance.
- Minimize noticeable odors and harmful particulate typically introduced as ventilation from ambient sources including helicopter fumes and idling ambulances.
- Create a highly effective level of indoor air quality and healing environment.
- Improve upon alternatives previously introduced by a competitive electronic filtration system that was proven to be unreliable. 
- Extend media life and minimize the burdens from having to replace media.  No maintenance has been required since installation in 2008 and the original media still exists!  Standard 95% cartridge filters and pre-filter media typically run at about 1-1/4" w.g. static after only six months. 
- Reduce operating costs.  In addition to the costs savings from the reduction in maintenance, the Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems have delivered substantial fan energy savings compared to the norm of passive filtration.  At Firelands, total static from final filtration was .38" w.g. after one year and .5" w.g. after 2-1/2 years on the original set of media.
Hospital Hall 

Recently Paul DeIuliis, VP of Commercial Sales for Dynamic Air Quality Solutions met with Darrell Boling, Director of Plant Operations at Firelands.  According to Darrell, "When we installed the Dynamic Air Cleaners, they had been highly recommended by the engineer and equipment manufacturer, and I also made calls to people who had used Dynamic in the past.  The new technology in the Dynamic V8 appealed to us, as well as the expected 12-24 month maintenance interval."  When asked if his expectations were exceeded, Darrell says, "Absolutely!  It has been almost three years and we have still not needed to change the media - which today is running at a low ˝ an inch.  The air quality is outstanding and there is no oily residue in the ducts like we have seen with other air cleaners."
Mr. Boling also complimented Dynamic Air Quality Solutions on its service responsiveness.  "I have found Dynamic to be among the top HVAC companies when it comes to responsiveness," continued Darrell, "the service has been excellent."

Firelands desire to have the best Indoor Air Quality is indicative of their overall ambition to excel in the area of patient safety.  The center was recognized for its patient safety this year as one of the top 5% of all U.S. hospitals when they were awarded the 2010 HealthGrades Patient Safety Excellence Award™.  Firelands is proud to be one of only 238 hospitals in the country to receive this designation which is based on three years of data that all hospitals submit. More.
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