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February 2009
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Great Turnout at AHR Expo
New Representation in Massachusetts and Rhode Island
Dynamic Named as Fujitsu HVAC Solution Partner
Visit us in Fort Worth at ACCA/IAQA
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If you happened to be one of the brave souls that endured the cold to attend the AHR Expo at McCormick Place in Chicago on January 26-28, 2009, then you probably saw us.  This year the Dynamic Air Quality Solutions booth was right inside the door to the North Hall.  It was a great opportunity to visit old friends and meet with consulting engineers from around the world.

Carl Mitchell, Vice-President Sales
Great Turnout at the AHR Expo
One of the best shows ever for Dynamic Air Quality Solutions
Location! Location! Location!  Although many of the major equipment manufacturers decided not to exhibit this year, the 2009 AHR Expo represented one of the best ASHRAE shows ever for Dynamic Air Quality Solutions.  Located just inside the door of the North Hall, virtually everybody attending the show had an opportunity to pass by the Dynamic booth. 

"This year we showcased the Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System and our partnership with ASHRAE on their recent headquarters renovation," said Carl Mitchell, VP of Sales.  "Several banners with the ASHRAE Renewal logo were prominently displayed in the booth and they attracted a lot of attention."  For LEED points, the Dynamic V8 meets the MERV 13 requirement for the IAQ point.  And because the Dynamic V8 means less horsepower required in large air handlers, it helps earn critical LEED points in the total building energy calculations.

"The ASHRAE Show is historically a commercial show for Dynamic," said Mitchell. "As always, we had some residential products on hand for the residential dealers and distributors that visit the show from the immediate area...but most of the traffic was commercial.  This year we saw large numbers of facility managers that were attracted by our ability to save energy and lower operating costs."
Dynamic commercial sales managers were on hand to demonstrate payback calculations using the Return on Investment (ROI) program and to show how the Dynamic AirQ™ program uses the ASHRAE Standard 62 IAQ procedure to reduce ventilation air on jobs using Dynamic Air Cleaners.  The program shows how clients can save energy by reducing static pressure in addition to reducing ventilation air requirements.  If you have a specific application, please contact us to find out if Dynamic Air Cleaners can save you time and money.
Next year the AHR Expo will be back in Orlando, January 25-27, 2010 at the Orange County Convention Center where it was held in 2005.  We look forward to leaving those scarves at home!
New Representation in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Green Technology Associates, LLC
Dynamic Air Quality Solutions is pleased to announce that GREEN TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATES, LLC is our newly appointed manufacturer's representative handling the commercial market in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. For more information, visit www.greenta.com.

Dynamic Named as Fujitsu HVAC Solution Partner
Fujitsu General America, Inc. has named Dynamic Air Quality Solutions as one of its HVAC Solution Partners for Fujitsu indoor mini-split products. 
Three sizes of Dynamic Polarized Media Electronic Air Cleaners are available to provide a high efficiency indoor air quality (IAQ) solution at minimal static pressure loss for the ARU Series of Fujitsu Concealed Ceiling Type Indoor Units.
Fujitsu Multi-Zone systems allow for the connection of up to 4 indoor units to one outdoor unit, thereby allowing up to 4 zones to be individually heated or cooled. This provides for improved comfort and energy savings.  9,000, 12,000 or 18,000 BTU wall mounted, concealed ceiling type or cassette (March 09) indoor units can be combined with 24,000 or 36,000 BTU outdoor units. The mix-and-match flexibility of evaporator type and capacity allows the choice of indoor units that best fit the application, whether they are hidden or showcased.  These systems are ideal for nursing homes, doctor's offices, condominiums, apartments and residences - any place where individual cooling or heating is needed.  Fujitsu Multi-Zone specifications.

"A high efficiency IAQ filter has been available for the wall mount series, and now Dynamic Air Cleaners give us a high efficiency filtration option for the concealed ceiling units," according to Timothy Young, P.E.,  Fujitsu West Coast Sales Engineer.  "We are excited about having additional state-of-the-art IAQ options for the multi-zone line. There are a lot of applications that demand good indoor air quality."
Fujitsu HVAC Solution Partnerships bring together a diverse group of manufacturers that provide various solutions and other accessories that enhance mini-split products.  Fujitsu works closely with partners to ensure that products provide optimum end-user integration value, at the same time collaborating with partners on product development, promotional efforts, and collateral materials.  More about Fujitsu HVAC Solution Partners.
Visit us in Fort Worth at ACCA/IAQA

Dynamic Air Quality Solutions Booth #626 
This year ACCA is combining its 41st Annual National Conference and Exposition with the 12th Annual IAQA Meeting and Indoor Air Expo at the Fort Worth Convention Center February 24-26, 2009.  Dynamic Air Quality Solutions has been a loyal ACCA exhibitor for many years and looks forward to this year's events with even more emphasis on indoor air quality.  Please drop in to see us at booth #626/628.  To learn more visit www.acca.org/conference and www.iaqa.org.
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