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December 2008
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This month we are pleased to bring you another success story about the ability of Dynamic Air Cleaners to remove tobacco smoke and odors.  Dynamic Air Cleaners is the leader in filtration in the casino industry.  We are successful in casino and hospitality segments because of our proven track record of removing sub micron particles and odors from the airstream.  And because clients in the business of making people happy can put a price tag on the value of clean air.

Carl Mitchell, Vice-President Sales
#1 in Casinos
Dynamic Air Quality Solutions removes unwanted smoke and odors at historic El Cortez Hotel & Casino
The El Cortez Hotel & Casino is a historical landmark and an anchor property in historic downtown Las Vegas.  The property is currently completing a large $20 million renovation that includes 300 newly remodeled hotel rooms and a redesign of the casino's HVAC system to address cigar and cigarette smoke.  There was a keen interest in indoor air quality from the beginning of the project.  Senior management at the El Cortez had seen advertisements that showed tobacco smoke being removed with electronic air cleaners and expressed interest in similar systems.  That's when Las Vegas Trane sales engineer Bradd Robison contacted Dynamic Region Manager Ray Markey. 

Ray Markey helped to identify the sizes and types of Dynamic Air Cleaners that could be applied to the Trane air handling units for the most effective application.  Dynamic V-Bank air cleaners and Dynamic 2" tandem polarized-media electronic air cleaners were installed in 15 Trane air handlers.  "Many of the air handler access points were difficult to reach," according to Robison.  "Some of the equipment had to be brought in through the tops of closets and through hatches from the roof, so it was important that everything could fit through the small openings." 

For the tight spaces, Dynamic recommended tandem air cleaners that could easily fit through the openings and easily wire together in a daisy-chain fashion inside the AHU filter tracks.  "Dynamic was very helpful and easy to work with on all the custom work," said Robison.

A big upside has also been the ease with which filter media can be replaced.  Dynamic filter media is a fraction of the size and weight of bag filters or cartridge filters.  They are much easier to store and handle than conventional filters.

Another upside is the savings on energy consumption. "Casinos are generally not as concerned with operating costs as other types of facilities," according to Markey. "Their main interest is usually in clean air and some casinos bring in tremendous amounts of fresh air to accomplish that.  Those that do it properly however, like the El Cortez, don't have to compromise clean air.  They see savings from not having to condition massive amounts of outside air, in addition to savings from less motor horsepower required to move air through Dynamic Air Cleaners." 

The El Cortez has been pleased with the results.  According to El Cortez facilities manager Bill Funderburk, the casino received a lot of favorable comments about the improved air quality when the project was completed. "One, in particular, was a very impressed city building inspector," said Bill. "He couldn't believe the difference."
Opened in 1942, the El Cortez was one of the major resorts in downtown Las Vegas for many years.  Though it has been expanded considerably from its original 90 rooms, the casino building itself still looks much the same, making it one of the few survivors from the early years of Nevada gaming.
Recently, the El Cortez has been voted "Best Blackjack in Las Vegas" by the Las Vegas Review Journal in 2007 and "Best Keno in Las Vegas" in 2005 and 2006.  For more information about the historic El Cortez, visit www.elcortezhotelcasino.com.
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Drop by and visit us at Booth #1900 at the AHR Expo at McCormick Place in Chicago, January 26-28, 2009.  Booth #1900 is to the left, just inside the main entrance to the North Exhibit Hall.  Stop by to learn how we can help you and your clients on your next project.
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