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October 2008
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Potawatomi Casino Wins with Dynamic
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This month's success story involves adding Dynamic Air Cleaners to a new heat recovery wheel installation in a casino. Many engineers are using heat wheels in casinos to bring in a lot of outside air. In applications where tobacco smoke is present, they can become quite dirty and there is usually a transfer of smoke odors to the incoming air.

Carl Mitchell, Vice-President Sales
Potawatomi Casino Wins with Dynamic
Dynamic Air Cleaners Protect Heat Wheels 
Two years ago, in early 2006, Potawatomi Bingo Casino in Milwaukee, Wisconsin retrofitted Dynamic V-Bank Air Cleaners into six large 40,000 cfm returns for the purpose of protecting heat wheels in the HVAC ventilation system from tobacco smoke. Tars from the tobacco smoke in the exhaust air had the potential of transferring residual smoke odors to the incoming fresh air. Additionally, they were looking at a very costly proposition to clean or replace heat wheels every few years.  
Dave Emmerich, Assistant Director of Facilities at Potawatomi Bingo Casino, was pleased. The Dynamic Air Cleaners did their job. Several months after the first Dynamic Air Cleaners were installed, he did a visual inspection of the heat wheels. Not only did the heat wheels still appear clean, but there was no residual odor on the fresh air side.

The air cleaners worked so well, in fact, that many more Dynamic Air Cleaners were specified on a big $240 million expansion completed in June of this year, giving the casino over 780,000 square feet of gaming space, several new restaurants, bar, and new theater.
The expansion included nine Haakon custom air handlers and SEMCO heat wheels. A new digital Energy Management System constantly monitors energy performance to maintain optimum temperature and air quality throughout the facility Environmental concerns are important to the casino and to Forest County Potawatomi, whose beliefs include respecting the earth and all of its resources. For that reason, an ongoing initiative is underway to reduce carbon footprints and to be as environmentally friendly as possible, as evidenced by:
Automatic light shut-offs are used in all office areas.
Slot machines use LCD technology to generate less heat.
Indoor air quality is constantly monitored and tested.
Dynamic Air Quality Solutions was pleased to help Potawatomi Bingo Casino to meet their environmental objectives. Not only do Dynamic Air Cleaners allow the facility to use less fan horsepower, but the Dynamic Air Cleaner media has a much smaller footprint and longer maintenance intervals than conventional passive filters.
For more information about Potawatomi Bingo Casino, visit
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Casino Upgrades HVAC for Patrons, Staff  
Read about Dynamic Air Cleaners used in another large casino renovation at Sam's Town Resort & Casino in Tunica, Mississippi.  This story was published originally in The NEWS, October 3, 2005.
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