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July 2008
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We are pleased to tell another success story featuring Dynamic Air Cleaners. This month's article involves an application where Dynamic Air Cleaners were used to address issues with tobacco smoke in an existing building. An additional benefit was a reduction in urine odors that are present in this kind of facility. We are proud to have been able to provide the solution. 

Carl Mitchell, Vice-President Sales
Odors are No Problem!
Dynamic V-Bank Air Cleaners installed three years ago in VA Hospital still get high marks
Dave Downing, Facilities Manager with the 700 bed Ohio Veterans Home in Sandusky Ohio is 100% satisfied with the results of an upgrade to their HVAC system, three years and three Dynamic projects later.
The Mack Building at Ohio Veterans Home
The Sandusky Veterans Home, in addition to offering standard care and specialized care in its licensed nursing home, also offers a domiciliary for residents desiring independent living situations. Within the facility are several interior smoking rooms. Three years ago, to reduce smoking odors, Dynamic Super V-Bank Air Cleaners were installed in a Dynamic M-25 Air King blower module and Dynamic 2" Panel Air Cleaners were installed in an existing air handling unit. Results were almost immediate. Smoke was reduced and residual smoke odors disappeared.
The Member's Lounge
In 2007, a second project involving Dynamic Air Cleaners took place at the facility. Two Trane Climate Changers serving approximately 20,000 square feet of resident rooms were fitted with Dynamic V-Bank Air Cleaners. After the air cleaners were installed, the AHUs were balanced in order to provide optimal flow velocity. The installed cost for the air cleaners was approximately $18,000. Then, a few weeks after the project completion, it was noticed that a stubborn urine odor, generated from daily diaper changes in a special care ward, was gone.  "We attribute the odor removal to the Dynamic V-Banks," says Downing.
Air cleaners are serviced regularly. "In the smoking rooms, we replace media about every six months," according to Downing. "In the other areas, we replace media once a year."
Ohio Veterans Home - Sandusky Grounds

And finally, in open wound patient rooms, several Dynamic G375 Germicidal Systems were installed.  The Dynamic G375 is a germicidal product designed primarily for use in medical and food preparation applications. The self-contained metal cabinet is wall-mounted. A fan provides quiet air circulation at a rate of 375 cfm while a germicidal UVC lamp keeps the Dynamic media free of pathogens. "We have been completely satisfied with all of the Dynamic Air Cleaners. They have met our expectations and performed just as promised," says Downing. "And we have several more projects underway."
The Ohio Veterans Home Agency welcomes tours of its facilities. For more information, visit
 Dynamic G375 Germicidal System
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Editorial content in the upcoming August issue of Engineered Systems Magazine will address the topic of HVAC and IAQ in Casinos. When it comes to eliminating smoke in casinos, nobody does it better, or more often, than Dynamic Air Quality Solutions.
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