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  • Types and Uses For Headsails
  • Sailboat Winches
  • Irving and Electa Johnson - Part III
  • Sail Inventory
  • John Kretschmer to Speak December 6, 2006
  • Stainless and Galvanized Steel on the Rise (or, Reardon Metal, Where Are You?)
  • Sunfish, Laser and RS Feva Holiday Special
  • New Book Focuses on Learning from Boating Mishaps

  • Sailing Newsletter
    December 2006


    Welcome to the Torresen Marine e-Newsletter. Each month we will publish seasonally relevant and practical information for sailors. The December issue features articles about sails. We hope to provide something for everyone from the casual dinghy sailor to the serious offshore racer.

    As always, we look forward to your comments and suggestions. We are also interested in what topics you would like to see. Email the Torresen Sailing Newsletter to let us know what you think.

    Types and Uses For Headsails
    by John Schumacher

    Considering the many differing designs of sailboats today we could probably write a dissertation about headsails. For the purpose of this article we will simply consider the cruising sloop as our design of choice. Headsails can be differentiated by their general purposes. While a light #1 genoa is designed to help a boat perform in light air, a #4 jib is designed to help the boat survive to windward in extreme conditions. Let's break these sails into two distinct categories, the genoa and the jib.

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    Sailboat Winches
    by Gordon Torresen

    Most sailboats have winches, from snubbing winches to eight man ?coffee grinders?. Some are electrically or hydraulically powered. They run from halyard winches to swing keel winches. Small boats with no winches on board often have

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    Irving and Electa Johnson - Part III
    by Kelley Petersen

    "Yankee?s crew would be reluctant to duck below decks to eat or sleep, for what we would miss today, we would never see tomorrow." ?Irving & Electa Johnson

    I had planned on ending my newsletter affair with the Johnson?s, but I procured a May 1965 National Geographic issue covering Yankee?s Nile voyage. This sent out one last Yankee inspired spark

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    Sail Inventory
    by Peter Blacklock

    When purchasing or selling a used sailboat, an often overlooked feature is the sail inventory. Most coastal cruising boats have two sails while flat out racers might have spinnakers, genoas and a high tech main sail, all of space age material. It is important that the inventory be identified accurately

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    John Kretschmer to Speak December 6, 2006
    by Kelley Petersen

    "It?s extremely hard work, mentally and physically. And it?s unrelenting. It?s certainly not romantic. It?s very, very responsible. And that ultimately is the appeal." John Kretschmer, Sun-Sentinel, May 3, 1999

    Michigan born author John Kretschmer is scheduled to appear at the Kalamazoo Public Library December 6th, 2006. Mr. Kretschmer is an accomplished sailing captain

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    Stainless and Galvanized Steel on the Rise (or, Reardon Metal, Where Are You?)
    by Kelley Petersen

    Twice in the past week the trade papers have yelped the rising cost of raw materials. This can be expected, as it is the way of the world. Unfortunately both raw materials mentioned directly affect our industry and your pastime. The materials in question

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    Sunfish, Laser and RS Feva Holiday Special
    Take delivery on your new boat before Dec 31 and get free gear

    If you have been waiting to buy your new Sunfish, Laser or RS Feva, don't wait any longer. Boats delivered before December 31 will qualify for up to $400.00 in free gear. You can choose from a new dolly, hull and deck covers and Magic Marine brand sailing gear.

    In addition to the Sunfish, Laser and RS Feva we are also offering this special for the Laser 2, Nomad, Pico, Zuma, V15 and Vector.

    To take advantage of this great deal call us at 231-759-8596.

    If you are interested in a Sunfish sailboat delivered to your door, you can custom configure your boat on our web site: www.sunfishdirect.com.

    New Book Focuses on Learning from Boating Mishaps

    It took Coast Guardman Tom Rau more than 20 years to compile the amazing stories in his new book, Boat Smart Chronicles. During this time he has served in the US Coast Guard and written a syndicated newspaper column.

    The stories will amaze you and leave you wondering "What were they thinking?"

    The book, subtitled Lake Michigan Devours its Wounded is a one-of-a kind boating safety guide. Experts from the Coast Guard, boating associations and educational groups agree this is a must read for both the beginner and experienced boater.

    You will be entertained and educated.

    Visit our online store to read reviews and purchase the book
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