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  • Sailing Newsletter
    May 2006


    Welcome to the Torresen Marine e-Newsletter. Each month we will publish seasonally relevant and practical information for sailors. The May issue features articles regarding safety. We hope to provide something for everyone from the casual dinghy sailor to the serious offshore racer.

    As always, we look forward to your comments and suggestions. We are also interested in what topics you would like to see. Email the Torresen Sailing Newsletter to let us know what you think.

    Safety Aboard
    by Gordon Torresen

    Most thoughts of safety while on a boat cover means to keep from inhaling too much water. Inhaling carbon monoxide can be just as dangerous and your PFD won’t help. If your boat has an engine, the piping used to get the CO it generates overboard must be, and stay, in good shape. An overall black soot collecting on the inside of the

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    2006 Safety Gear Review
    by Peter Blacklock

    The recent changes in the 2006 Chicago Mackinac Safety regulations have created a much safer nighttime sailing environment. The new rules mandate that lifejackets (PFD’s) must be worn from dusk to dawn by all participants. The new safety regulations say that all PFD’s must be a Category One. If the PFD is inflatable, which is acceptable, the PFD must have a minimum

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    by John Schumacher

    It has become a habit of mine to keep my eyes open when cruising the boat yard. I see many things. Specifically, I am looking for all things improper or unsafe. It didn’t take long to make a large list of possible lifeline projects. As a key safety device, a lifeline configuration on a boat needs to be inspected often. Frayed wires, loose fittings, bent

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    by Lew VanKuiken, Guest writer and owner of "Brassy"

    Two weeks ago a friend of mine was playing doubles at East Hills tennis club and one of his partners fell face first with a heart attack, SCA (Sudden Cardiac arrest). They did CPR, got the club defibrillator and zapped him within five minutes. The E unit got there in 11 minutes, but it probably would have been too late. The guy is doing fine.

    According to the literature, for the best chance of survival, a defibrillator should be applied within five minutes. Here are the time vs. survival

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    Look Before You Turn
    by Jim Thompson, Torresen Marine - American Sailing Association Instructor

    I have been an instructor teaching people to sail on boats in the 25-40 ft. range since 1983. I have also taught sailors to be sailing instructors for the past decade. Over the years safety around and on boats has been my primary concern. Without a doubt, one of the hardest things to instill in sailors,

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    Do I Hear $1500?
    by Kelley Petersen

    Fifteen hundred once, fifteen hundred twice, and sold--to the gentleman in sailor suit for one thousand five hundred dollars.

    There’s quite a line up at the Torresen Marine Auction Block. We have 13 boats available, from 21 to 28 feet in length. Manufacturers include: Catalina, Ranger, Grampian, Irwin, Ericson, Hunter, Luna, Islander, Hughes and

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