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  • Pre-Launch Preparation
  • Applying VC-17 Bottom Paint
  • The Broker's Role In Purchasing A Sailboat
  • Product Innovations
  • Right Now Is The Perfect Time To Change Your Sail's Oil?

  • Sailing Newsletter
    Preparing for Launch
    March 2006


    Welcome to the Torresen Marine e-Newsletter. Each month we will publish seasonally relevant and practical information for sailors. The March issue features articles to help you prepare your boat for launch. We hope to provide something for everyone from the casual dinghy sailor to the serious offshore racer.

    As always, we look forward to your comments and suggestions. We are also interested in what topics you would like to see. Email the Torresen Sailing Newsletter to let us know what you think.

    Pre-Launch Preparation
    by Kelley Petersen

    “The pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist expects it to change, the realist adjusts the sails.” William Arthur Ward

    March is a month of transition. It “comes in like a lion” and eventually “leaves like a lamb”. From pessimistic gray days we can feel the optimism of spring’s inception and anticipate that final break in the weather. This anticipation makes March the perfect month to ready your mind and vessel for the pending launch season. The following article will attempt to address

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    Applying VC-17 Bottom Paint
    by Pete Mathews - Retired Great Lakes Interlux Representative

    VC-17 is one of the easiest antifouling paints to apply, and to maintain. But like any other antifouling system, there are some things that have to be done both at the initial application and as part of an annual maintenance program. There are three basic application situations that will be encountered. I'll take them one at a time.

    First is the new application. This means applying VC- 17 to a new boat or a boat that has recently had a different antifouling system on it that has been removed. Essentially a clean fiberglass hull. If it's a new hull, it must be dewaxed completely to remove any residual mold release wax. This should be done with the Interlux 202

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    The Broker's Role In Purchasing A Sailboat
    by Peter Blacklock

    Last month we examined the role of the broker when assisting in the sale of your sailboat.

    What kind of help can a broker offer to the sailboat buyer?

    Whether a first time boat buyer, or a buyer with changing interests, you may have difficulty pinning down your specific needs. With knowledge and experience, the Torresen Marine Sailboat Brokerage Department is qualified to assist you in determining what will meet your requirements and the best time to buy. Listed below

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    Product Innovations
    by John Schumacher

    This month let’s look at the issue of headsail furling systems. In the beginning a furler was a solution to the handling of the headsail. I suppose dragging out a genoa and hanking it onto the headstay is no longer part of sailing, but merely an inconvenience. Like anything else there is bound to be an evolution. Let’s start with the term furler. The furling system allows us to use and store the headsail all in a moments effort. Though the first furling models did solve the sail handling issue they also limited the headsail selection. (Remember that headsails come in various sizes to be used in various

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    Right Now Is The Perfect Time To Change Your Sail's Oil?
    by Joseph K. Richter - Service Manager for Quantum Sail Design Group

    With your vehicle, the rule of thumb is to have your motor oil changed every 3000 miles to ensure top performance. This same philosophy works with your sail inventory. Right now is the perfect time to bring your sail inventory to the sail loft to have your sail's oil changed!

    An off season "Check and Repair" is a perfect way to ensure a headache free fit out and sailing season with your current sails. Qualified sail technicians will painstakingly "check" over your sails, report their findings, and "repair" any

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