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  • "Who is staring at the sea is already sailing a little."-Paul Carvel
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    Winter Improvements
    November 2005


    Welcome to the Torresen Marine e-Newsletter. Each month we will publish seasonally relevant and practical information for sailors. The November issue is about winter improvements. We hope to provide something for everyone from the casual dinghy sailor to the serious offshore racer.

    As always, we look forward to your comments and suggestions. We are also interested in what topics you would like to see. Email theTorresen Sailing Newsletter to let us know what you think.

    Winter Cometh
    by Gordon Torresen

    Winter cometh. Pretty soon the northern waters get too hard for anything but iceboats. What will you be doing? This is the best time to get those projects out of the way that would otherwise cut into your time on the water after the thaw. What there is to do depends on the size and location of the boat.

    All boats can have that needed cosmetic repair done in the off-season. Bright work always needs another coat of varnish, at a minimum, and if you got behind, restoration of the wood might be in order. Gelcoat scratches and gouges should be repaired. Gelcoat that has lost its gloss can often be sanded and buffed to get it looking near new. If the boat is of a size to have an engine, thorough preventive maintenance can be done up to and including the installation of a new engine. Fuel tanks should be checked for contamination and have any water removed (must be when the water in the tank is liquid).

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    Preparations For Brokering Your Sailboat
    by Peter Blacklock

    If you plan to have Torresen Marine broker your sailboat, there are several ways to improve the salability of the boat. Competition is keen for the used boat customer, and anything you can do to improve the “Curb Appeal” of your boat, will assist you in a more timely and profitable sale.

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    "Who is staring at the sea is already sailing a little."-Paul Carvel
    by Kelley Jo Petersen

    In the shadow of haul out season most of us will be left ‘staring at the sea.’ Some folks may travel to fairer weather to sail, but the rest of us are land locked. Stuck where it is cold, wet, often miserable, and inside. So, in lieu of this I am here to suggest some winter activities to fill the days.

    Let me start with the obvious fun way to spend your time: shopping! Ooh! Don’t stop reading just yet. This is actually some very constructive advice from a parts and service salesgirl. You see, spring sets in and customers frantically begin the hunt for parts and gear.

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    Rig Inspection
    by John Schumacher

    The seasons have changed and what a summer it was. The boats are mostly all here for the winter and we have quite a collection at Torresen Marine. I can’t help but to consider each boat it's own “Pandora’s box”. How does one consider the condition of these fine yachts? As a boat owner do you ever think of the status of each system on your boat? How do we organize that train of thought? Well I have the answer. Now is the time to request a rig inspection.

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    Torresen Marine Library
    by Brenda Meyer

    Did you know that Torresen Marine has a library for your reading pleasure? We do! Here is how it works. Drop off your gently used books, any (clean) subject matter is welcome. The books do not have to pertain to boating, however any magazines must be SAILING related.

    While you are here check out the selection on hand. It changes all the time. If you find anything of interest you simply take the book with you. You don’t even need to bring a book in for trade. Stop in and pick up a book anyway.

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