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Aug 24 - 26: Eugene Celebration
Sept 4: New Regional Health & Education Center opens!
Sept: Garden Party Ashland
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Have you always dreamed of being part of the Eugene Celebration Parade?!  Now's your chance!  We are looking for our enthusiastic supporters to join us in the parade on Saturday, August 25th. 

If you would like to join the fun, please email sarah.moseley@ppsworegon.org before August 9th.

Eugene Celebration!

Time to Celebrate!!

Oregon continues to be one of the most pro-choice states in the nation!  Anti-choice organizations that were trying to get a so-called "Personhood" amendment on this fall's ballot failed to garner enough signatures.  They also didn't get enough signatures for Initiative Petition 25 which would have amended the state constitution to prevent public funds for any and all abortion coverage. 

Oregonians reaffirmed that we value healthy women and families, and support every woman's right to make her own choices about her body.  Big thanks to the ProChoice Coalition of Oregon that has been working hard for months to keep these initiatives off the ballot.   
Exciting news! 

We are delighted to announce that our new Regional Health & Education Center will be opening on September 4th!  Construction has gone ahead of schedule, allowing us to make the move earlier than anticipated.  We will be closing the Springfield Health Center and the Eugene Health Center (on High Street), and consolidating them into this new, state-of-the-art headquarters.  All of our six other Health Centers, including the West Eugene Health Center on Danebo, will remain open.   
Staff, clients, students/trainees, and supporters will love this ne
w light-filled, eco-friendly Center.  We are opening the new Center, funded thanks to donor generosity and PPSO reserves.  Your contributions are needed now more than ever for ongoing education and health care.  Naming recognition in the building is still available, so please give Jane Scheidecker a call at 541-344-2632 x12 and come see what all the excitement is about and how you can be part of it.       
Sex Ed Bootcamp 
PPSO held its 5th annual summer Sex Ed Boot Camp at Lane Community College in June. SEBC is a two-day intensive training that helps professionals gain skills and Sex Ed bootcamp stars confidence in addressing sexuality issues with youth.  This year's 20 participants work in education, public health, mental health, and positive youth development.  Each of them has that important opportunity to be a trusted, approachable and reliable resource for young people.  They came to Sex Ed Boot Camp to strengthen their ability to do so.

Participants examined how their personal values and experiences influence their conversations with youth about sexuality.  They practiced strategies that promote inclusive sexual health learning that is accurate, youth-centered, and affirming.  Sex Ed Bootcamp group Boot Camp trainers included PPSO's education staff; Elizabeth Reis, Professor of Women's and Gender Studies at University of Oregon and author of Bodies in Doubt: An American History of Intersex; and several wonderful, courageous young people who helped participants become more mindful of the experiences and needs of LGBTQI youth.

Would they recommend this training to others?  Every participant responded with an enthusiastic "yes!"

"Such variety and great teaching styles.  Knowledgeable people who could answer many questions. Very practical in many ways.  I learned a ton, met great people, and have new material to use in my classroom." Deon Saraceno, high school teacher
"Fascinating and time well-used!" Sharon Dursi, educator
"This workshop was informative, welcoming, inspiring, and helped me to challenge my assumptions about sexuality."  Emily Swenson, teacher, The Village School

For information about future Sex Ed Boot Camps, email joanne.alba@ppsworegon.org
Why I Volunteer
Why I Volunteer-  Whitney Waterbury

When I began my senior year at the University of Oregon last fall I was given the task of fulfilling a certain amount of volunteer hours.  
Immediately I thought of Planned Parenthood and how much I would love to volunteer here.  Having the opportunity to support an organization that I care so much about made it easy to get all of my required hours for school and I enjoyed my time so much that it's nine months later and I'm still here!

My memories of sex education growing up have impacted my own struggles with my sexuality.  I wasn't necessarily taught an abstinence-only philosophy, but what I did learn is what can go wrong when you have sex.  I was shown pictures of the most extreme cases of STD's, learned about how sex can have a negative impact on relationships, and studied the inconvenience of having a baby.  This is all important information to know, but it was not accompanied with adequate contraceptive information or how to develop positive sexual relationships.  As a result, becoming comfortable with my sexuality has been a long and difficult path of fear and guilt.

I fully support Planned Parenthood's comprehensive sex education programs.  I believe that presenting all of the facts about sex without any bias or judgment will help create a generation that can safely and comfortably explore sexuality.  By volunteering for Planned Parenthood I
hope to have a part in making this a reality so that other young adults can overcome insecurities like the ones that have haunted me.

Since I did not receive the sex education I would have liked in high school, I have turned to Planned Parenthood as my primary source of information in college.  It has been a comfort having them to turn to as I make my way into adulthood.  PPSO has had a big impact on my identity.

I volunteer in the hopes that I can give back even a small fraction of what Planned Parenthood has given me.

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