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You can support renewable energy and Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon!  Just mention our name when you gas up at SeQuential and they'll donate to us five cents per gallon of fuel that you purchase, and five percent of any purchases in their market.  Thanks SeQuential!
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The Education team has begun recruiting 15 - 19 year-olds to join REVolution, our teen action council, and AHCCP (the Adolescent Health Care Communication Project). If you know any teens who are looking for a meaningful learning opportunity for the fall, they can contact Jenny.Russell@ppsworegon.org.
PPSO Construction April
Meyer Memorial Trust says Yes!

Great news!  Meyer Memorial Trust has awarded PPSO $300,000 for construction of our Regional Health and Education Center.  This is a tremendous honor.  It shows that the leadership at Meyer Memorial values our work and trusts us to use resources wisely.  We are delighted to have Meyer Memorial's support in taking this significant step forward improving reproductive health access and outcomes in Oregon.   
Initiative Petition 25  

This November, Oregon could be facing an anti-choice ballot measure that would amend the constitution to prohibit any public funds for abortion coverage in the state with very few exceptions.  Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon, along with the ProChoice Coalition of Oregon, has been working hard for months to keep this initiative off the ballot and to be prepared to fight it if it does get on the ballet.  We'll find out after July 7th if Oregonians will be deciding this measure in November. 
Audrey and Vicki
Visionary Society Hero Party
PPSO's June 7th Visionary Society party at the new (under construction!) Center was a huge success and a ton of fun.  The 70 guests got sneak-peek tours of the Center, sipped our signature cocktail-- The Passionate Advocate-- and viewed the premier of PPSO's new video. 

Attendees were moved and inspired by our guest speaker Ann Marie Mehlum, CEO of Summit Bank, who spoke passionately about the personal importance of fighting for reproductive rights. Dr. Deb Dotters motivated guests to give generously to support PPSO's work here in our community.  And everyone posed for hilarious "construction chic" photos.  Click here to view a slideshow!
Abby Welter, volunteer
Why I Volunteer-  Abby Welter

Last summer, I began to do a lot of reading on women's rights and inequality in the United States.  With the War on Women being an ever-present issue in our society, I knew I had to help fight against it; not only does it affect women, but also our culture's ideological perspective of women.  It upsets me when conservative politicians and political groups try to shut down or take away funding for beneficial organizations like Planned Parenthood.

Since beginning my internship at PPSO in October 2011, I have become more aware of the politics against women, misrepresentations of women in film and media, and the urge to silence women's voices.  This issue has struck a major chord inside of me and I desperately want to do all that I can to benefit women's lives.  As I approach my college graduation, I'm now seeking positions within the women's rights and non-profit sector.  I strive to impact others on this issue and teach them about the potential detrimental outcomes that could arise if a woman's right to choose it taken away.  Overall, I volunteer at Planned Parenthood because I enjoy working with people who have values similar to mine and I believe that they are positively impacting our country every single day.

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