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One of the real differences in the Saint Joseph College School of Pharmacy program is the pharmacy practice lab taught by Dr. Sukhvir Kauer. Although are students are in their first year, the 5 day a week, 6 hour a day schedule with few breaks accelerates the learning process.  Students don't have days between classes to forget what they have learned. Instead, every day, the material is presented in such a manner to reach MASTERY level. We are a pass fail program but 84% is required to reach mastery level and to continue to the next session. This is very similar to the graduate programs and that is how we approach our training. MASTERY.


The above photos are an example of what the students are learning this week. In pharmacy practice lab, the students learned how to calculate IV doses, mixed the doses, went into the IV room and learned how to use the hoods, learned proper gowning techniques etc.   As part of the process, they analyzed a prescription order and before processing the computer labels, they had to call the "Doctor" to suggest a dosage change or confirm a misleading order. Our hope is that this "real world" simulation will help them when they are on their IPPE rotations.


The last few weeks, they have learned how to counsel a patient with major disease states such as diabetes, asthma, and psychiatric medicine. They worked in teams and presented their counseling session to a faculty member. The students also demonstrated for a faculty member their patient training techniques for blood glucose monitoring. 




As  a reminder , the second 40 hour IPPE rotation is underway. Although the student pharmacists are in their first year, they have completed 40 hours of internship in their first IPPE rotation so they are not "rookies".  In their classroom work, they have completed HIPPA training and blood borne pathogen training. Also they have completed classes in pharmacy calculations, ethics, communication, compounding and sterile procedure, as well as medicinal chemistry and medical biochemistry, pharmaceutics, medical biostatistics, and pharmacy administration. As our program is accelerated, the students have already amassed 30 credits (5 days per week, 6 hours a day block schedule and just 3 weeks off since August).


Also, we are in the process of scheduling our four week, 5 day a week May rotation. This is a more intensive rotation and the students will bring 80 hours of experiential training to your site. However, their 80 hours will be in the opposite type of pharmacy practice...e.g. if they have 80 hours in institutional pharmacy, this rotation will be in community pharmacy. If you are interested in participating, contact the Office of Experiential Education as soon as possible. We are always looking for additional places for our student pharmacists to train.


Again, thank you for your support. If you know of other pharmacists that would like to be preceptors, please give them my contact information. I would be happy to discuss the appointment with them. 


John Parisi RPh,


Saint Joseph College School of Pharmacy 

Office of Experiential Education 





March 2012




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Topic #2: There's controversy whether ADHD stimulants increase cardiovascular risk...Covers cardiovascular safety of ADHD medications in adults using a retrospective, population-based cohort study design, "healthy-user" bias, and adult specific treatment of ADHD.




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Dispensing ADHD Medications...Covers dispensing ADHD meds, including error prevention. Provides brief overview of ADHD and its treatment. Reviews ADHD medication types (stimulant, nonstimulant, dosage forms), generic substitution, and dosing intervals in the context of error prevention. The stimulant shortage and its implications are discussed. A prescription for Concerta is used to illustrate dispensing considerations, including CII status of stimulants, MedGuide requirement, and need to obtain child's age and weight. ADHD med counseling points are covered.




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